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September 15, 2009

I'm a library manager...I have just read Decaffeinated Corpse


Dear Alice (aka Cleo Coyle),

I have just read Decaffeinated Corpse; my first coffee shop mystery. It's very different from the Haunted Bookshop novels, but I really enjoyed it. I've just ordered the first 3 of the series over the internet and can't wait for them to arrive. I'm a library manager, who loves her crime books! (I'm also studying the American Civil War and have over 200 books on the subject, but that's another story!) I read the excerpt from your new book and enjoyed it very much. Keep writing!!!

Harefield, England


September 14, 2009

You have a new reader :-)

hi Cleo

Chelle here again, just got back from going to the beach for the last time this summer and my sis wanted someting new to read so I gave her the first coffeehouse book to read as she's a coffee addict herself, (every Christmas she seems to get at least 3 Starbucks gift cards lol) and she was already on Chapter 4 when we left the beach, I think you have a new reader

:-) Chelle

September 12, 2009

Coffee helps lose weight?

I got my Canadian Living Magazine yesterday and in it there's an article that says drinking coffee helps you lose weight because it gives you an energy boost that gets you moving, there is a catch however, you have to drink it black (yech!) as the cream and sugar defeat the purpose.

This issue also had a section with lots of delicious looking Italian recipes with names I can't pronounce, so they must have been transmitting the essence of Cleo when they were putting this issue together :-)

To you and your fellow New Yorkers God Bless you all on this anniversary.

in Canada

September 12, 2009

a lovely tribute!

Just watched the video tribute to the firefighters and police! wonderful. Also enjoyed the cookoff they did. I have a nephew who is a firefighter, and I am so proud of him.

Several years ago he rescued two twin boys from a fire..and he is still in contact with them.

~Mary T
Appleton, WI

September 11, 2009

I have already preordered Holiday Grind


I received your Holiday Grind excerpt but I am way ahead of you as I have already preorder for your next book, and then will probably order another one for Christmas, for a stocking filler for my daughter. Loves mysteries so I have read all of your coffee mysteries and all of your Alice Kimberly books. Your books are better than television so you see, I am a bookworm. My son-in-law likes some of the tips I slip to him when I read them from your books. I love your mysteries. Grin. Bear hugs,

~Shirley F.

September 11, 2009


I have never written to an author before, but you are so talented. I read lots of mysteries and usually know the killer by the end. I never really guess correctly with your books. Almost everyone is a suspect.

Just love it.
Thank you.

September 10, 2009



      I thought that was so sweet that a fan of yours (MASAKO the coffee shop owner in Japan), contacted you!

       I was wondering if Japan has their OWN brand of coffee? I see you listed several PICKS, so would MASAKO have any suggestions?

in Keyport NJ

September 10, 2009

Casting Matteo


On Casting Matteo:

      Ed Quinn who played Nathan Stark on Eureka. And played on True Blood as vampire in Dallas.


September 10, 2009

Coffeehouse Writing?

Hi Cleo!

I was wondering if you ever write in coffeehouses. Are they too noisy for you to concentrate, or does the activity (and delicious aromas) there inspire you?

~Elizabeth Craig


Cleo's reply:

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for dropping by my little *virtual* coffeehouse!

     Before I answer your quesitons, I'd just like everyone to know that Elizabeth Spann Craig is one of my fellow Mystery Writing Cooks at the Mystery Lovers' Kitchen group blog.

      She's also a fantastic writer and has a wonderful new mystery out right now: PRETTY IS AS PRETTY DIES, the first in a series introducing the lovably feisty amateur sleuth Myrtle Clover. I've put up a link to the book's Amazon page so you can see the hilarious garden gnome cover and read more about the book by clicking the link below.

     If you have any interest in writing mysteries yourself, I think you'll find Elizabeth's blog about writing fun and fascinating. Many published writers often stop by to comment (me included)! Elizabeth's blog is Mystery Writing is Murder.

     As for E's question about writing in coffee shops. Yes, I do. Considering the theme of one of my mystery series, they are an inspiring place to work.

     Thanks for dropping by, Elizabeth. "See you" at your own blog soon.


September 9, 2009

Dang it! I just shorted out my keyboard!

Just got done watching the clip on Antonio for the role of Matt and ten thumbs up! He'd be perfect, so perfect I can't stop drooling and s*liva.. isn*t goo` for..keybo#rd*

~Nu$s@ Jud&Ma!


Cleo's reply:

Well, you've got me rolling on the floor laughing, Nurse Judy! Anyone who missed what Nurse Judy Mac is talking about, see below. A fellow CM reader (Janet from PGH) suggested a Casting Choice for my character Matteo Allegro. Click it to see...if you want to risk shorting out your keyboard, too!

Casting Matteo Encore 

CLICK HERE  to jump to YouTube to 
see Janet's hot "pick" for my 
Coffeehouse Mystery character Matteo Allegro

 *Disclaimer: This video is posted by YouTube.
Any questions or problems you may have with
his content should be addressed to YouTube, which
posts videos under its own licenses and
legal terms of service. 
Thank you!



September 8, 2009

Breanne Casting?


You know, I can see Tilda Swinton as Breanne (as a blonde, with makeup on and swanky clothes, of course) or even--maybe--Gwyneth Paltrow. Whaddya think?


Cleo's reply:

Love, love, love Gwyneth Paltrow. Great pick! 

CLICK HERE to see more about Gwyneth Paltrow.




September 8, 2009



 Hi homegirl!

Ohhhh, that's right! I wonder if Matt's stint as Zorro at the Halloween party (in Decaffeinated Corpse) colored my perception. But you know, maybe not. I think I've envisioned Matt as an Antonio-type since the beginning. :o)

(from Pittsburgh, PA)

September 8, 2009

I run a small coffee shop in Hiroshima, Japan, I read the Coffeehouse Mysteries in Japanese.


Re-posted from Cleo's e-mail box
at VillageBlend@aol.com


Hello Village Blend staff,

I am running a small coffee shop in Hiroshima, Japan. I read the Coffeehouse Mysteries in Japanese.They were fun to know about coffee...

from far Japan

Cleo's reply:  


Hello, Masako!

I am so happy that you wrote to me "from far Japan," and I am even more excited to learn that you are running your own coffeehouse, just like my Clare Cosi.
For my readers here in America, I have posted some of the Japanese versions of my books that you are reading and enjoying. I am so proud of these beautiful, little Japanese editions of my books. The interiors are fantastic, too, and even include illustrations.
Thank you again for writing, Masako. Please keep in touch. Send a photo of you and your coffee shop and I will post it for everyone to see.

Warmest java wishes,
~Cleo Coyle
from far New York City


Japanese cover for...

 Coffeehouse Mystery #1:

On What Grounds
by Cleo Coyle

Published in Japan by Random House Kodansha

cover for...

Coffeehouse Mystery #2:

Through the Grinder
by Cleo Coyle

Published in Japan by Random House Kodansha



cover for...

Coffeehouse Mystery #3:

Latte Trouble
by Cleo Coyle

Published in Japan by Random House Kodansha





September 8, 2009

Big fan from Texas



I am a big fan of both your Coffee House Mysteries and your Bookshop Mysteries. I just discovered your website too and want in on the recipes (I am especially looking forward to trying the Italian stew as I am 2nd generation Italian) Thanks for the great stories. Keep them coming!

Katy, Texas


September 8, 2009

What a pleasant surprise!


Thanks for the excerpt of Holiday Grind! It was such a lovely treat after sleeping in this morning (waking up naturally at 6:30 a.m. instead of the alarm clicking on 5:20 a.m.!), flipping on my laptop and discovering the special Labor Day e-mail.

After settling down with my mocha latte I dug into the chapters you provided. The excerpt was just enough to whet my appetite for November 3 – I found especially hilarious your description at the very end of Matt’s annual investigation of the holiday lingerie catalogs – it was nice to know that Breanne hasn’t been able to tame him!

I was disappointed that your excerpt did not contain any reference to the Fish Squad. Please tell me they are in the book? Also, I’ve noticed people suggesting actors for Matt.

When I read the books I’ve always pictured Mark Consuelos as Matt. And I’d like to make my suggestion for Mike: William Fichtner. He’s got that cool, tough guy attitude down, the icy blue eyes and I can just picture him comforting Clare through all of their investigations …. Thank you, again, for sharing the excerpt. And I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day and an excellent autumn!

(from Michigan)




September 7, 2009

Pass me a Venti iced something!




Somebody pass me a Venti iced something! After watching that video clip I am convinced that Antonio Banderas is THE man to be Matt! Great choice!

~Annette, the RN (and former barista)
Chicago area



September 6, 2009

Jack and Penelope

Reply to : Chelle

I can definitely see the resemblance between Tom and the "picture" of Jack but I think there's a fair amount of resemblance between Philip and "Jack" plus he's got the shoulders (sigh, I love great shoulders on a man!). Coming up with a Penelope is harder. Gotta think on it...

~~Nurse JudyMac


September 4, 2009

Antonio Banderas as Matt!


I "see" an Antonio-type guy as Matteo whenever I read the Coffehouse books!

(your new Pgh-area writer friend)

 Cleo's reply: Hey, Homegirl! I found a little Video Clip to illustrate your great suggestion.

 *CLICK HERE  to see Janet's hot "pick" for my
Coffeehouse Mystery character Matteo Allegro.

*Disclaimer: This is a link for a video posted at YouTube.com. If you have any questions or problems with this YouTube content, please contact YouTube, which posts videos under it's own licenses and legal terms of service. Thank you.


Hmmmm...You know, I just remembered something... At the end of Decaffeinated Corpse, Matt wears a costume to an exclusive Halloween party. The costume depicted the legendary pulp character ZORRO, who was played in the movies by Antonio Banderas. LOL!




September 4, 2009

Tom Hanks as Jack

Hi Judy,

Your certainly right about Tom's Shoulders and Age, I was seeing Tom's facial features in the pic Cleo posts as what she pictures Jack as looking like. Btw, my mom's name is Judy and her neighbour kids can't pronounce her name so they call her Julie, they sent her a card one time and it was even addressed to Julie lol.

in Canada

September 3, 2009

Coffee Quote

Hello! I came across the best quote just now and wanted to pass it along.

"Actually, this seems to be the basic need of the human heart in nearly every great crisis—a good hot cup of coffee"               

~Alexander King.

(I say, who needs a crisis?) Isn't a great quote though? Have a great day!

Annette the RN

September 1, 2009

My pick for Jack

I love Tom Hanks as an actor but I think he's too old to play Jack and he definitely does not have the shoulders! I think that Phillip Winchester (the actor that plays on "Crusoe") would make a good Jack. Great build and great chin! I'll interview him for the role, if you insist.

~~Nurse JudyMac


August 29, 2009

Tale of a Texas

Re-posted from Cleo's e-mail box at VillageBlend@aol.com...

Hi Cleo,

I'm a big fan of your books and your Web site. My aunt sent me this picture of a rattler! I don't know if you are from Texas, but those rattlers (rattlebugs, that's my grandmother and I call them) get huge!
     This picture reminded me...
      I once stepped on one by accident! My grandparents had a house out of the city and all of the family was visiting that day! Well, thank goodness my husband told me to wear my boots that day! It was dark and I was loading my son up in the car, I hear something rattle by my foot! Let me tell you it was a rattlesnake!
Luckily, I had stepped on it's head. Then, my little cousin came around the corner, and I was holding her away from it so my uncle could pick it up with a shovel and throw it in the pasture! That whole time I never lifted my foot until my uncle came! I was terrified!
When we got home I looked at my boots, and sure enough there was an imprint of where it tried to take a bite of me! Thank you to my husband, uncle, and my thick boots! This is not the picture of my rattler! This one is from my aunt!

Take care,
Abilene, Texas

Cleo's reply: Hi, Tiffney. I love that picture and your story, too. I hope your aunt doesn't let that delicious rattlesnake go to waste. Because... although I'm not from Texas (I grew up in Western, Pennsylvania), even I know that rattlesnake is good eatin'!



for Rattlesnake Recipes!


Wishing you java joy,
~Cleo Coyle

August 29, 2009

How about Tom Hanks as Jack

Hi -
 I like that Sandra Bullock Idea for Clare. :-)
I have another one, I keep thinking of Tom Hanks as Jack. the pic Cleo posts of what Jack looks like reminds me of Tom Hanks. Finally!...
     September is here I love Autumn, the kaleidoscope of bright coloured leaves, the golden lights shining on the rain soaked pavement to welcome you into homes and shops and best of all, the new books will be getting released including Holiday Grind!
     I requested it at the library and I'm number 1 on the list, there's 3 books ordered by them and at last look 3 or 4 people waiting on the list already :-) ty for the anticipation Cleo.

Chelle in Canada

Cleo's reply: Thanks, Chelle! I love your description of the coming fall...so glad to hear you're anticipating HG, too. As always, great to hear from my girlfriend up north.


August 28, 2009

Loved Espresso Shot - and Sandra Bullock as Clare Cosi!


Miss Congeniality
click to see...

Starbucks meets the FBI
Starring Sandra Bullock

Re-posted from Cleo's
e-mail box

Hello Cleo,

I was just enjoying your Web site (again!) and I had to respond to something you posted. I think Sandra Bullock would make a GREAT Clare Cosi! In fact I often think of actors to portray characters in my favorite books, especially ones with recurring (and beloved) characters.
     I think it would be awesome if your books made it to the big screen! I also loved the quote about addicts waiting in line. I sincerely believe there should be a line for people who NEED coffee and another line for everyone else (ie: tea drinkers, people who don't know what they want and those odd people who actually order decaf aka "why bother").
     I just finished ESPRESSO SHOT and loved it!...
I had to laugh when I read Clare talking about macchiatos. At Starbucks I was taught to "mark the foam" the opposite way that the Blend does. Now I know better! Thanks for several weeks of great reading! I SO look forward to HOLIDAY GRIND!

~Annette, RN
(and former barista) Chicago area

Cleo's reply:  "Casting" my books is an awful lot of fun. I guess next we have to figure out who should play "Matt"-- maybe a reader poll on the site in the near future?! Nice to hear from you again and thanks for your nice words about ESPRESSO SHOT!


August 24, 2009

In Defense of Food...blog review

Re-posted from Cleo's e-mail at VillageBlend@aol.com...


Hi there. This is Cleo Coyle posting today. A woman named Tina signed up for my newsletter with a signature that included a link to her blog (see the link below). I noticed that she had reviewed Michael Pollan's bestselling book In Defense of Food...

Tina's lively, personal review brought back many of my own memories of growing up with Italian immigrant parents and grandparents in Western Pennsyvlania, including my dad bringing in dandelions from the yard for dandelion salad and making homemade wine from the grapes he grew in our suburban back yard.

(The piping of an old swing set served as a makeshift but ingenious framework for his grape arbor.)    

   I hope you'll enjoy Tina's review as much as I did. You can read it by clicking here...

 ~Cleo Coyle

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