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July 11, 2009

Love the Coffeehouse and Haunted Bookshop stories

I love your books the Coffeehouse Mysteries with Clare and the other characters as they interplay with each other and off of each other thanks for an excellent read, and I also enjoy the Haunted Bookshop stories as well I have read all of the books in the series keep them coming


ken kirk



Cleo's reply: Hi, Ken Kirk! You aren't by any chance related to this guy, are you?

 Sorry. Had to ask. (I'll be you get that all the time.) Thank you for letting me know that you're enjoying the books. I'm always, always thrilled to hear from readers.

I hope you'll make this the first of many return visits to my *virtual* Village Blend Coffeehouse. And in thanks for dropping by, I've whipped you up a *virtual* plate of Italian cannoli.


"Leave the gun. Take the cannoli." remains one of my all-time favorite FOODIE movie lines!

Warmest java wishes,

Cleo Coyle


July 11, 2009

Love your Ghost & Mrs. McClure books

I've been glued to your books for the last week. I haven't read such a fun and witty murder mysteries since Agatha Christie. I'm on your last book The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion. Needless to say I won't be doing anything today either. Can't wait to the next book!


Denelle Manick


Cleo's reply: Hi, Denelle! What a lovely post. You absolutely made my night even mentioning me in the same sentence as the late, great Agatha.

Ms. Christie remains a steadfast role model for any woman who sets out to make her living by the pen—and speaking of "Pen," I'm thrilled to hear that you're a fan of my Jack and Pen "Haunted Bookshop" series . . . Wait, one second . . . I have Jack in my ear (just like Pen he tends to haunt me at unexpected times.)

What's that, Jack? He wants me to type you a message...


"Tell that dame she's aces in my book.
And let her know she can drop by our
joint anytime. Okay, baby, got that typed? 


And there he goes!

Well, Denelle, you heard Jack. Drop on by anytime. 


Spirited wishes to you,

Cleo Coyle

aka Alice Kimberly
(aka Jack's typist)



July 9, 2009


Hi Cleo any news on the new Jack book yet? I'm going through spook withdrawl :-)

Vancouver, B.C., Canada



BOO 2 U 2!!!

Cleo's reply: HI, Chelle! Houston, we have a title!  But I can't share it yet. Sorry!! In the coming months, I promise to tell you more about my new Haunted Bookshop  Mystery (aka the sleuthing adventures of Penelope, independent bookstore owner, and the ghost that haunts her shop: hard-boiled P.I., Jack Shepard)...just can't do it yet!

I must say, however, that just knowing you're out there waiting for it makes it all the more inspriing for me to write it!


P.S. Privately: no worries on the bookmark story. I knew exactly who you were talking about - very nice that you did that. Cheers!



July 8, 2009

Espresso Shot as Paperback

Thanks, Cleo, for hearing me beg for a paperback. It will look that good in my collection. :-)


Cleo's reply: LOL!


July 6, 2009

Book Signings

Are you going to be at any book signing events within the next year? Does Espresso Shot come in paperback? I have all in paperback and would like to have them all match.

Thanks you,



Cleo's reply: Great question, LAS. My most recently published Coffeehouse Mystery, ESPRESSO SHOT (which is now available in hardcover) is going to be published in a mass market paperback edition this October—the exact date for in-store sale is October 6.

     If you're an online shopper, you can pre-order it now on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.com. Here's a quick link for anyone who wants to check it out...





FYI: The paperback edition will include a teaser for HOLIDAY GRIND...


As far as Book Signings: I am determined to throw coffee-tasting parties across the country for all of my readers one day. Right now, however, my writing schedule just won't allow the time away...

      In the meantime, I'm honestly having the greatest time right here online, getting to know the people who are reading my books, and I hold out hope that I'll be able to meet my readers face-to-face, too, at the aforementioned coffee parties!

     (If I do plan any signings or public coffee tastings at coffeehouses or book stores, I'll announce them here on the Web site and in my seasonal newsletter: My Summer newsletter is going out very soon.)

     I'm also very excited about launcing a Twitter account to stay in closer touch with readers of my series, and I'll be blogging once a week at a group "foodie" blog, where I can share more Coffeehouse Mystery-inspired recipes. More to come on all of that...

     So stay tuned, LAS! Lots of exciting things coming in the next few weeks and month. 

     Thank you for your patience awaiting the paperback release of Espresso Shot, and thanks most of all for reading my books!

     Here's a *virtual* latte art pour just for stopping by my *virtual* coffeehouse. Come on back anytime...


Warmest java wishes,

—Cleo Coyle


July 5, 2009

Books, books, and more books

I've pre-ordered Holiday Grind and picked up Laurie R. King's "The Language of Bees" and inhaled it, arriving at the end of the book in a frenzy of anticipation for the next book. I'm not impatient, no sirree bob, not in the least (hey, why are you reading this? Shouldn't you be chained to your computer, writing new books for me to inhale???).

I am delighted to announce that I have a pair of hummingbirds nesting near my house. They come check out the feeder and the hanging baskets every evening. Hopefully they'll hatch some babies that come back with them next year.

~Nurse Judy


Cleo's reply: Howdy, Nurse Judy! Happy Fourth! Your message and this reply will post on July 5th, but I'm writing it on the 4th - the day of my Queens' neighborhood's annual street fair. (Just love the Fourth in America.)

      I hope you are enjoying the weekend—much deserved for someone who works as hard as you do. 


Bless you for pre-ordering!!

And, baby, I mean it! Every one of my books sold new is another chance for a struggling writer (like moi) to continue writing. Like the good checkout people say (as opposed to the ones who take your money and grunt): Thank you for your purchase!!!

      Re: the hummingbirds: I also love the little animals! My fellow New Yorkers do, too. I'm constantly encounting animal lovers who put out food for the stray cats or adopt needy dogs out of the city shelters. There are many winged watchers and feeders here in the city, as well.

     My husband and I have a feeder on the tree in front of our rowhouse for the wild birds in our area, and despite living in the big, bag concrete jungle, we see so many beauties here—red cardinals, bluebirds, sweetly cooing morning doves, even cawing crows, and the occassional white gulls who wing their way in from the Atlantic. (Sappy me: I always think of Jonathan Livingston Seagull when I see their regal white wingspans.)

     Thank you for bringing me the reminder of the beauty of birds today! And thanks especially for your support of my mystery series. I can't wait for you to read Holiday Grind and hear your thoughts!

Yer fellow feathery
friend lover,




July 4, 2009

Re: The 3Lanes

Your idea is great! Will Get back soon with more info via email.


Cleo's reply: Glad to hear it! No rush and Happy Fourth!


July 2, 2009

Love the dancing ghost!

Howdy Cleo, The 3Lanes think your "Frightening" ghost on the June 24th posting...Love Jack Too! (and the rest of the Haunted Bookshop Series).

I had to stop in my post to fix some zucchini for Crystal, she realized she is hungry (and she is writing!)

Cleo's reply:  Howdy back to my favorite Texas family - the Lanes! 



So happy to hear Cyrstal is writing. Awesome! Thanks for dropping me the e-mail about the typo on my home page! All fixed now. Proofreading is so important. I'm horrified when I see typos in my books, and I don't mind a bit when readers let me know.

        There was a terrible typo in my latest Coffeehouse Mystery: Espresso Shot. (I'm referring to the hardcover edition of the book. The paperback edition is coming out this October.)

          Anyway, at one point in the book, the word "public" was not printed as "public." The "L" in the word went missing, which made it a MOST unfortunate typo! (Also sort of hilarious.) Fellow CM reader, Mary T., let me know about that one!

      In any event, it WILL be fixed in the paperback version of the book when it comes out this October (at least I hope so)! Thanks again and...


Java joy to you, Catherine &
Bob, Crystal and
your furry friend Smokie, too,

—Cleo Coyle








Paperback edition
cover of


To pub: OCTOBER 6, 2009

Will include an exclusive
teaser for
and fixed typos!  (LOL!)




July 1, 2009

can't wait for holiday grind (and the rest of the books)

Hi, Cleo!

I'm new to the series and enjoying it very much. I'm currently reading French Pressed (my third, actually). Too bad that the local bookstores here in Cebu (in the Philippines) don't carry the series though I was very lucky to have found Latte Trouble, Murder Most Frothy and book #6 in a bargain bookshop. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the books.

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here but I was thinking that it would be cute if in the future books, Matteo could ask Clare to... [spoiler deleted - see Cleo's note below...]

Or have they done that already? Haha - Haven't read books #1, #2, #5 and #7 as I'm still trying to locate copies here. But really, I'm enjoying your books (except for Joy sometimes..haha). Keep it up!

--Pachuvachuva, Cebu


Cleo's reply: Hi, Pachuvachuva! I am absolutely thrilled to hear that you are posting all the way from Cebu. Here is my "shout-out" to your beautiful island...




I am also very happy to hear that you are enjoying my Coffeehouse Mystery series, with the exception of Joy's behavior! "Haha" is right. That girl just doesn't make very good choices when it comes to men!

     I apologize for deleting a few lines of your post, but that's a compliment to you. The suggestion you made for Matteo and Clare is close to something I have planned for a future book and that's why I deleted it. I want it to be a surprise for the readers!

     I'm so happy that you stopped by to visit me today and to tell me how you're liking my books. I hope you continue to enjoy Clare Cosi's sleuthing adventures. Come on back and post again anytime.

     In thanks for stopping by my *virtual* coffeehouse, I'm serving you a *virtual* slice of authentic New York Cheesecake to enjoy with your next cup of coffee.


Sending java joy
to you across the big, blue Pacific!


—Cleo Coyle



For my armchair travelers out there:

"Cebu is one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines, with Cebu City as the main center of commerce, trade, education, and industry in the central, and southern islands of the Visayas. It has five-star hotels, casinos, white sand beaches, world-class golf courses, convention centers, and shopping malls. The UK-based Condé Nast Traveler Magazine named Cebu the seventh best island destination in the Indian Ocean-Asia region in 2007, eighth best Asian-Pacific island destination in 2005, and seventh in 2004."

—Quoted from the Wiki entry on Cebu.
To read more about you fellow
Coffeehouse Mystery reader's
Click here.



June 29, 2009

Christmas Reminisced

Hi Cleo,

[Re: Your new Coffeehouse Mystery: HOLIDAY GRIND...]

...Christmas in Vancouver BC, (I'm told) used to be the way you described New York City. Unfortunatly though lately we've been getting labled the "No Fun Coast" because they keep cancelling all the fun events due to the few people who make a nuisance of themselves and pick fights or get drunk ruining it for the rest of us. One of my dreams is to see New York one day and especially at Christmas, because of how I've seen it portrayed in books, on TV and in movies...

I remember Christmas in the country when I was a little girl. Crisp cold days spent walking in the woods looking for the perfect tree, flying down the tobaggon hill lined with prickle bushes full throttle wooping "WOOHOOO!" all the way down. Sipping on a big mug of hot chocolate afterward. Stringing pieces of popcorn onto long strings for the tree in our playroom and joining bright loops of construction paper to form more chains for the tree. Making Christmas cookies with Mom and getting icing all over ourselves in the process. (Mom to this day maintains that it's a miracle that there was enough icing for all of the cookies with all the finger licking going on)...

Driving around town looking at everyone's festive yard displays with the lights glittering on the snow. Going to see the Manger Scene infront of a church around the corner from us. Mr Harper singing Oh Holy Night at church with such chrystal clarity that not a single person (Children included) made a sound while he performed. Dad reading the christmas story and mom playing the carols on the church's old piano (we were the pastor's family) Singing Carols Christmas Eve around the family piano. Joining the Catholics for the Christmas Eve Service. Playing the part of a christmas gift and singing happy birthday to Jesus in the christmas pageant, I think I was a snowflake one year too.

After the Pageants Santa came and gave out goodie bags with candycanes, oranges, gingerbread men and Christmas coloured popcorn balls. I remember Christmas Dinners with our now lifelong friends as we didn't live near family. Building Gingerbread houses and making a mess of them too lol. Most important (to me anyway) was that final Eggnog with a Christmas Orange for bedtime snack Christmas Eve. (my version of milk and cookies) I always made sure I did that every year (I've never told anyone that before not even my mom) I never did believe in Santa, at least not in a physical sense anyway,) I believed and still believe that Santa is in all of us and we make him real by giving to people in need rather than taking.

Mom never taught us anything to do with Santa so I guess I came up with that on my own...Someday I hope to move back to the country again, and while I know it will never be the same as I remember it being as a kid, I'm going to do the best I can to make it as close to as good for any kids I might oneday have.



Cleo's reply: Hi Chelle! What a wonderful account of your Christmas memories! Thank you!

It's amazing how many of your memories are like my own--the sledding on the snowy hill, the decorating, baking, wrapping of presents. As we get older, the magic is often lost in the hectic pressure of tasks, trying to fulfill or take part in the *perfect* Christmas for our families and friends. Those ideas are part of my theme in HOLIDAY GRIND (to pub this November), Clare struggles to solve the slaying of a charity Santa who became her friend—and in the process she searches and eventually reaffirms within herself the reason for the season...

Thanks for sharing those wonderful memories - and I hope you enjoy the new book!

Warmest java wishes to my girlfriend up North,

Cleo Coyle



June 24, 2009

Note to Cleo






Cleo's reply: Hi, Arleen! I'm so happy to hear that you're enjoying the Coffeehouse Mysteries. (I know that sounds like a totally canned response, but believe me it's not. I'm always, always thrilled to hear from readers.)

      French Pressed was a very special entry in the series, given everything that happens to my characters in that book (!): from Joy's being charged with murder to Clare's making a significant decision in the direction of her personal life. I also had a great deal of fun researching the background for French Pressed.

Pictured Left is
Executive Chef
Andrew Bales...


Chef Bales was a great help to me in my research. He gave me a tour of his kitchen, including the walk-in fridge, which you see pictured--and he answered countless questions for me, which gave me great insight into the life of a professional chef. (I posted an interview with Chef Bales on my Home Page. Just click over to the main page of this site and scroll all the way down. My Q & A with Chef Bales is close to the last post on the scroll...)

     I'm so happy that you stopped by my *virtual* coffeehouse, Arlene. In thanks for posting, I baked you a *virtual* box of delish biscotti to enjoy with your next cuppa joe! Come on back now, y'hear?      


Wishing you java joy,

Cleo Coyle

June 24, 2009

Jack and Pen's next adventure!

What is the release date and title of Haunted Bookshop #6. Please tell me!


Cleo's reply: Never fear, my Jack and Pen fan, you will hear more about the next Haunted Bookshop (#6) later this year! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so I can let you know more in the coming months...

      For anyone wondering what this discussion is about: I write a 2nd mystery series under the pen name Alice Kimberly. The Haunted Bookshop series seems to have charmed a lot of readers - and for that I'm thrilled and grateful.

Here are the books in order:


#1 The Ghost and
Mrs. McClure

#2 The Ghost and
the Dead Deb

#3 The Ghost and
the Dead Man's Library

#4 The Ghost and
the Femme

#5 The Ghost and the Haunted Bookshop


(Click here to go to my Haunted Bookshop page and learn more about the characters and storylines...)




Thanks for posting...
and for caring!

Warmest haunted wishes to you,

—Cleo Coyle/Alice Kimberly


June 24, 2009

gift of coffee !

For Mother's Day my daughter gave me a great gift....coffee. She found this place online..great coffee..and site too. and I love the coffee cup she gave me. Very different shape.


mary t 
Appleton WI


Cleo's reply: Hi Mary T.! So happy to hear from my baseball-loving girfriend: Shout-out for you:





Also grinning about your Mother's Day gift of coffee. Happy (belated) Mother's Day to you, by the way. And thank you for the link to GimmeCoffee.com - good site for ordering coffee and coffee-themed goodies like the cup you received as a gift (click here to see this cup in Gimme Coffee's online store).

Of course, this is
my motto every
day, too:

Gimme Coffee!

Warmest java wishes 
and great to hear from you again,



June 24, 2009

Hi Cleo

Hi Cleo,

Just popping in to say hi and see how you're doing, can't wait for Holiday Grind I love books that take place at the holidays, somehow they seem more colourful than others do.

Question, why is it that coffee smells sooooo good but the taste is so different and bitter! Wish it tastes the same as it smells, that would be yum!

—Chelle from Canada


Cleo's reply:

Shout-out to my fave Canadian CM Reader! Hi Chelle! I'm glad you're looking forward to the holiday-themed entry in the series. 

Here in New York the holidays create real changes on the city streets - ringing bells on every corner from the Salvation Army kettles, ice skating rinks filled with bundled up kids, twinkling lights everywhere you look, big Christmas trees and Chanukah lights, department store windows all fancied up, office workers dressed up for parties, street vendors selling warm chesnuts, and food, food, food - so many different ethnic groups here make special foods for the holidays.

I try to capture some of that feeling in HOLIDAY GRIND and Clare Cosi goes through the grinder in trying to solve a murder at that time of year. It was great fun to write her adventures and I had a delish time creating and baking the holiday recipes for the book - muffins, cake, cookies as well as the tips on making your own coffeehouse syrups and espressos and lattes at home.

Per your question about coffee - I love the taste of GOOD coffee. Like anything else when a product is fresh and of good quality it's delish. If cheap, old, or stale (pre-ground in tins, roasted badly, left too long before making) or handled wrong in the making - yuck - which is why Clare's job as a professional barista is a tough one. She has demanding customers and any one link in the chain of roasting, grinding, brewing, and serving the coffee could destroy the positive experience in her coffeehouse.

And then there are the delish coffee drinks made from espresso - mochaccinos and caramel lattes and, at holiday time, ginberbread and eggnog lattes - I could drink them all day (if they were zero calories, which of course they're not - which is why I'm a purist with espresso and drip coffee - a splash of half-and-half and I'm good to go).

Big news for you, Chelle! I recently gave an endorsement blurb to JoAnna Carl to use for the next book in her Chocoholic Mystery series! I'll post more about her book as we get closer to her release date. On a previous post, you mentioned that you were a big fan of her series and I thought you'd like to know!

Warmest java wishes to my girlfriend up North,




June 23, 2009

MoonDoggie coffee

Does anyone know how Moon Doggie Coffees are doing? I have not seen any updates. Hope they're still in business.


Cleo's reply:

Click here or on the link on my site to Moon Doggie Coffee (scroll down the right column and you'll see it) and you can see that they are still going strong--at least on the Internet.

I don't live near the physical coffeehouse in Northern New Jersey, but if anyone wants to give us an update on Moon Doggie, that would be great...

Their coffee looks awesome - they micro-roast their own - and they're on my list of coffees to sample soon...

Thanks for posting!

Java joy to you,

Cleo Coyle

June 21, 2009

An excerpt next month?! Holla!!

Thanks for the reply! I’m looking forward to the excerpt. Just one question: Are the Fish Squad in this book? You don't have to give anything away, just yes or no. Pretty, pretty please?

—Nicole PS—I totally agree with Nurse Judy’s post—nothing beats Café Du Monde's café au lait and beignets—yum.


Cleo's reply: Hey, Nicole! Holla back! Thanks for posting. I am thrilled you like the Fish Squad. How can you not love giant lady cops who pack firearms and attitude? Can't give any details away about Holiday Grind just yet...but, I'm truly grinning from ear-to-ear that you find the FS as much fun as I do.

Lock and load, ladies,


P.S. For anyone not familiar with the Coffeehouse Mystery series, the "Fish Squad" first appears in Coffeehouse Mystery #6: FRENCH PRESSED and they appear again in CM #7: ESPRESSO SHOT...





June 19, 2009

Just finished espresso shot


* Spoiler deleted...*

I will be waiting for the next one to see what happens to my friend Clare. I have even thought about drinking coffee the way it is described in these books makes your mouth water!



Cleo's reply:

Hi anw! Thank you for posting! I read your entire post, but I did have to delete part of it to avoid giving away the ending of Espresso Shot - LOL!

The next book in my series is coming out this November (Coffeehouse Mystery #8 HOLIDAY GRIND), but many new readers are still catching up with the later books and will be reading #7 ESPRESSO SHOT (pictured) over the summer. I don't want anyone to fear coming to the message board and by accident reading a spoiler-- and I'm sure you understand this so I hope you're not upset...

Thank you for posting, I truly appreicate that you took the time and trouble, not only to let me know that you're enjoying my books but that you have an opinion about the characters.

I hope you enjoy the new book, too! Come on back again to my *virtual* Village Blend anytime! In thanks for stopping by, I baked you a *virtual* chocolate croissant to enjoy with your next cuppa joe!

Warmest java wishes,
—Cleo Coyle


June 18, 2009

There and back again

I had the joy to visit New Orleans in May for the NTI nurses conference and, even greater joy, took my husband with me. Hey, when the hospital isn't paying and I am, I'll take who I want!

I enjoyed every minute at the conference (it's like a huge hit of triple espresso to my professional intellect) and enjoyed every minute away from the conference. Ate at Mother's, Landry's, Maspero's, Cafe du Monde, Jimmy Buffett's, and Johnny's Po-boy.

Took a jazz dinner cruise on the Mississippi in absolutely evening weather. Oh, and fell off my new wedge sandals. I had walked a mile in them without problems and fell over at the entrance of the hotel. I guess there's a reason my mother didn't name me Grace.


Coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde
Nurse Judy let's the good java times roll in NOLA!


I am now able to drink regular leaded coffee and loved every cup full I had in NOLA. My husband, who doesn't like coffee,(darn good thing he's good looking) watched the waitress at the Cafe du Monde make my cafe au lait and stated that the coffee coming out of the urn wasn't coffee, it was syrup (uh huh, you betcha!).

And, our household is no longer cat-less. We have a (very energetic) Siamese kitten named Cleocatra (aka Schizo Cat) and a very laid back Mau named Bastet. Her best trick is disappearing into thin air when the grandkids come over. Now all I have to do is count the days until our Mediterranean cruise in October (3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days, but who's counting).


Cleo's reply: GREAT POST! Hi, Nurse Judy! Very glad to see that you're having a bit of fun after all your hard work...(shout-out to hubby and the two furry friends)!

Your post is amazing. It's basically a foodie's tour of New Orleans, which is why I've created links for some of the great places you mentioned. (I love NOLA, too. Not only for the food but for the people--and the ghost stories! LOL!)

Looking forward to reports from the Atlantic in the fall--including food on the cruise and special places visited (including, of course, restaurants)!

Eat with joy!

Warmest java wishes,


P.S. My new favorite show is HBO's Nurse Jackie--although I suspect real RNs, like yourself, may not think so! If you catch it, let me know what you think. Cheers!


June 18, 2009

I Won Coffee - Yah!

For me nothing beats a good cup of coffee and a good book, so I am excited to win a bag of Bishops Blend coffee.

Vannie (~.~)


Cleo's reply:

Congrats, Vannie! Thanks for signing up for my newsletter and free coffee drawings. Your free coffee is on its way! I hope you enjoy the Bishop's Blend - I love it!

Drink with joy always,






June 9, 2009

Just opened small coffee espresso shop, Great Awakenings!!

Hey, to all you coffee lovers out there.

Stop by my little espresso trailer GREAT AWAKENINGS - off Highway 22 at the Sanntiam Golf Course. Great coffe/espresso from Caravan Coffee Roasters. Simply the Best in the area!!

Stayton, Oregon

Come on by....





June 7, 2009

Holiday Grind sounds wonderful!!!

I just read the description of "Holiday Grind" and I am really looking forward to November (living in Michigan that is saying something—anything that brings winter closer should be discouraged!) I don't know which is more exciting: the story, the recipes, or the coffee making tips. Thanks for the preview!



Cleo's reply: Thanks, Nicole! LOL on your Michigan winters!

Clare really goes through the grinder in this entry--it's a real roller coaster ride, and I hope you enjoy it! The recipe and coffee tips section is a true holiday gift to my readers--it's the biggest recipe section I've ever written and includes some really delcious coffee syrups: dark and milk chocolate, caramel, and holiday flavors like gingersnap.

Looking forward to posting an excerpt next month!

Warmest java wishes and thank you for stopping by and posting! Come on back now, y'hear?

—Cleo Coyle

June 4, 2009

HELP!! Need a decent coffee spot In Tampa, FL.

I have been a fan of the series since the first book. I love learning new things about coffee and trying out the recipes. On to the question at hand. I have moved to Tampa and I have found one coffee place I enjoy, however it is about 20 miles away in Clearwater. I am looking for somewhere I can go by frequently to purchase drinks instead of Starbucks. As I am not happy with my current espresso home at machine. Also any suggests for a good machine to use at home that doesn't hundreds of dollars? If anyone knows a decent place for coffee here in Tampa, please let me know. Really love the books.
June 1, 2009

"God in a Cup"

Hi Cleo,

I'm reading a fascinating book called "God in a Cup" by Michaele Weissman. The author is a journalist who travels with coffee people to Africa, Nicaragua and Panama. She relates in a very readable way the politics of the coffee business. She also does a beautiful job explaining cupping, grading and marketing of coffee. Several of the coffees you mention in the mysteries are touted. I'm dying to find someone who sells Esmerelda Special from Panama. The book is highly recommended for anyone who loves you books and coffee!

Marlene Kuhl

May 31, 2009

How about a virtual tour of the CoffeeHouse with people in it?

It would be neat to be able to see the Coffe House and the Baristas ,people from the novels etc populating the scene. With the Harry Potter films an extra was being able to navigate the various places, like the candy shop, from any angle. what do you think?

love the books!

S Griffin

May 31, 2009

new release

when is new release for the coffee house mystery coming out
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November 15, 2017
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November 14, 2017
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