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March 19, 2009


I am looking for the recipe for the coffee infused beef stew that was on Decaffeinated Corpse, I borrowed the book and forgot to right it down, Would you have it anywhere here?

Cleo's reply: 

YES! Oh, yes! I know the answer!

You can find that delicious recipe for Coffee-infused Beef Stew (aka Carne Con Café or "Matt's Ragout") along with a recipe for Clare's Cappuccino Muffins and more in the recipe section of Decaffeinated Corpse (Coffeehouse Mystery #5).

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March 15, 2009

Maple coffee

Hi Cleo; Have you ever had maple flavored coffee? We have a great restaurant here in N.H.called Parker's Maple Grove and they serve maple flavored coffee. It's a nice, full bodied blend with just a hint of maple. They also sell it by the pound so you can brew it at home. I've read all your Coffeehouse books and I'm starting on the Haunted Bookshop books. Please keep them coming.



Cleo's reply: To come soon...

March 14, 2009

books into movies.

Sydney Poitier is the closest to the book in movies The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and To Sir With Love. One could only hope that your books would get into a screen writer that had only your books in mind. I think of the BBC series As Time Goes By, were one of the stars is a writer whose book becomes a mini series.The whole time it is being produced Linoel keeps lamenting that the movie is NOT LIKE HIS Book. Where ever this turns out I hope it stays your book. Good luck from a teacher of Literature of 40 plus years.


Cleo's reply: To come soon...

March 14, 2009

coffee shop books

hey i just wanted to know what the next book is called and when it is coming out. this is one of the best series out there . when i start to read one of your books i just can't put down. i wish they would come out faster cause i hate iot when they end and i have to wait a while to get to the next one in the series.



Cleo's reply: To come soon...

March 12, 2009

Making these books into a TV series would be all positive!

Hi Cleo,

"Teach" here. Having taught students of all ages for the past few years, I can tell you that a Coffeehouse TV series would only HELP reluctant readers get into your books! I agree with you completly!

Some of these kids are so hesitant to open a book that any kind of exposure (to the characters and themes you're trying to get across as a teacher), especially a visual, aides in your cause. Your idea that any medium will help in this is true.

I cannot tell you how hard it is to get an elementary student interested in any book other than Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia. Why? Because of the movies. They know most of the story and although they may not be exactly as the book's story, it helps them comprehend other issues and events that may have been left out.

So, from a teacher, I say TV series? Movies? Bring it on! It only makes my job as a teacher more versatile.

Love your books and love your thoughts on this topic!

—Teach in Cali

PS: My old stovetop espresso (Sept.08 message) gave its final doppio last month. For now, I'm living off my french press. Going from espresso to "drip" has been difficult. Any hints on how to make the perfect cuppa?


Cleo's reply: To come soon...

March 12, 2009

fig cake

in "murder most frothy" you mentioned a fig cake, do you have a receipe for this?


Cleo's reply: To come soon...

March 11, 2009

Starbuck's Via (Why wait?)

Hi Cleo. You do not have to wait until Via comes to New York to try it. You can go to www.starbucksstore.com and order yours now. You can order just the packets, 6pk, 12pk or 24pk. My suggestion is to get the 6 pack & the tumbler that is special made for the Via for $21.95, It is currently available in Columbia & Italian only. It is as good as most brewed coffees, but does not hold a candle to a french press. It is extremely convenient when you are out late, or in uncharted territory and you can't find a coffeehouse. Hope this helps. BTW I have read all of the coffeehouse books. I will have to give the "Alice Kimberly" books. Let me know what you think after you've tried it.



Cleo's reply: To come soon...

March 11, 2009

Could It Be True...

I've been surfing my online bookstores for information on all the new releases, and I discovered a wonderful treat. According to Amazon.com, the next Coffeehouse Mystery book is called HOLIDAY GRIND and is due for release on November 3rd, 2009. Could it be true? Please confirm. If it is true, my longing for a new Coffeehouse book curbed... for at least a week or so. LOL. Your avid reader and java junkie



Cleo's reply: To come soon...

March 11, 2009

From your devoted fan

Dear Cleo, Oh my gosh, how can I thank you for all the wonderful hours I have spent reading your awesome books???? Please tell me when the next on is coming out...I have also "hooked" my daughter-in-law on the wonderful adventures of Mateo, Joy, and most of all Clare!!! All people I wish I knew in real life. Needless to say, I have all your books, and am anxiously awaiting the latest installment. Thanks again for much happiness.

—Kay Roberts mroberts3696@aol.com


Cleo's reply: To come soon...

March 10, 2009

Thanks for many hours of reading pleasure!

I began reading your work with the Haunted Bookshop mysteries and have now worked my way through the first 6 Coffeehouse mysteries. Thank you for creating such wonderfully likeable characters. Reading your books is one of my very favorite ways to de-stress. :)


Cleo's reply: To come soon...

March 8, 2009

Thanks Cleo!!!

thank you for sharing my story with your readers!...I am such a huge fan of your stuff and this is the biggest compliment I could ever get! Regarding Sheena - I am sorry for your loss...thats huge! To anyone looking for a new kitties I suggest you check and see what sort of older kitties your local SPCA has. We picked up two older siamese brothers (ben and jerry) and the human society was actually giving them away. No fees - because most people want a kitten. But an older cat has an established personality - known history (medical etc) and are ready to love you too.

(super mom and executive herder)


Cleo's reply: To come soon...

March 4, 2009

Cats and Dogs

My sympathies on Sheena's death. We had out own Cleocatra, a Siamese, that ruled our house for 16 years. We haven't gotten another kitty yet but I'm beginning to think it's time. I tried the Moon Doggie coffe, I ordered the decaf Sumatran and I must admit that it's pretty darn good. If I can't have caffeine for another 4 months, at least I can have good coffee!


Cleo's reply: To come soon...

March 3, 2009

Topless Coffeehouse

I cannot believe this could pass the health code. I am not against looking at a healthy young man but not with my coffee, please. I hope this does not become a trend. This okay on a beach or elsewhere but not in a coffee shop or eatery.



Cleo's reply: To come soon...

March 2, 2009

a little confrontation with my coffee

Hey cleo -

Davida here, winner of your 2007 december coffee drawing. That kona ruined me for normal coffee. But I do head in to starbucks daily - because a girl needs her fix. The other day I wrote on my blog about a confrontation I had with someone at starbucks who was treating a barista rudely. I am not sure if you allow links to be posted here, but I would love it if I could share my coffee blurb with your readers.


Love your books as always. I am in your debt for taking my coffee habit from mediocure to a serious problem....And for introducing me to kona and the french press.


Cleo's reply: Hi Davida! I'm so happy hear from you! For sure, I'll link to your blog. You always have something interesting to say - and the way you say it usually makes me laugh outloud (something we can all use, these days). Java joy to you always - and don't be a stranger!

Your fellow bean juice addict,

March 2, 2009

topless coffee house ???? revisited.

I want an all male service for the topless coffee house and I want it in my city! I still could picture it as a mystery novel somewhere.{hint,hint.} ~Laundrygoddess
March 1, 2009

Topless Coffee House

Topless Coffee House in small town Maine "In a town with fewer than 4,500 residents, the topless coffee shop is booming with business. Paul Crabtree, the owner's brother, describes business so far as 'fantastic.'" There's got to be a joke in here somewhere about scalding hot coffee, but I haven't come up with one. Maybe, "It sounds like a spill could be grounds for a birthday suit lawsuit?"



Cleo's reply: THANKS GEEKETTE! You're a geekgoddess! I posted about this on the Home Page! My guess is, given the economy, this topless coffee experiment will be the first of many more in the country. And I suppose there are some who will object, but having spent time in Europe—where young and old women regularly go topless on beaches and the beauty of the God-given naked form is celebrated in masterful works of art, I see this as completely innocent stuff. (I especially liked the comment from the 80-year-old female customer who asked one of the topless barista dudes to consider wearing Spandex! Now that's my kind of octogenarian!)


February 27, 2009

Trouble for Reading

I would get in trouble for reading in class, any class. I always completed the reading assignments before everyone else and boy was I bored. While everyone else in high school couldn't be bothered or was reading romances, I was reading The Russia House, Machiavelli, Sci-Fi, Lord of the Rings, mysteries, and the full version of stories they edited in English class. I enjoy movies and series based on books when they are done right and is respectful to the author's original vision. I remember the Bobbysey Twins, Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Boys. Christie Florida
February 27, 2009

Hello from High Falls

Dear Cleo, Thanks for the slice of Junior's also my favorite cheeser. David Lynch could be awesome on the project. I was so excited to read your response since my excitement is still on an all time high from your books. It truly is fun to fantasy cast and the possibilities for the series and combinations are fun. I keep on trying to put myself in places where I can chat up this series. Let's keep our fingers crossed that a return to fun, campy- intelligently written mysteries can be enjoyed not only on the page but on the screen. Have a wonderful day! And thank you!
February 26, 2009


I noticed your "In Memoriam" to Sheena on the right-side column and I had to express my sympathy. Last spring I had to put my kitty, Scully, to sleep. It was the most heart breaking decision I've ever had to make. You have my condolences. Nicole (in Michigan) PS--I love the picture of your rescue kittens below. I hope you give us occasional updates on their cutenes.
February 26, 2009

Just wondering when the next book will come out...

I have really enjoyed reading both the Haunted Bookshop and Coffeehouse Mysteries, and was just wondering when the next Coffeehouse book will come out. Your website says 2009, but can you hint at a season at least? I can't wait! -Kristin
February 26, 2009

Jack On TV?

I've actually been imagining who'd play the haunted bookshop characters. Only one so far comes to mind. Look wise though not personality wise. I think the pic you posted to show us what Jack looked like has a striking resemblence to Tom Hanks!!! I'm reading the series again and am on Femme Fatal again. LG that's funny what you say about your students, I can remember as a young girl I used to get in trouble all the time for hiding novels in my text books! meanwhile everyone else was in trouble for not reading enough.

In 1st grade I was reading 3rd grade readers or so my report card says. My first "Chapter books" were in I think 3rd or 4th grade they were the Bobbsey twins, anyone remember those? then I graduated to Nancy Drew and Babysitters Club. Now I collect 15 and counting series, four of those series are written by two people who have two series on the go, three guesses who one of those people is, lol.

The other one who wrote two series actually had a made for tv movie made I'm not sure if it was of one of her books or if it was a brand new story, but it was using he characters. I sure wish I could find it, you know how hard those sorts of things are to find?! two of my book series are taken from t.v. series, namely Diagnosis Murder and Murder She Wrote. I have a wall of autographs of my favorite "stars" all authors, Cleo is up there too ;-) but as a little joke I threw a picture of J.B. Fletcher up with the murder she wrote author's pic lol.

I don't see anything wrong with books turning into movie/tv or vice versa but however I do agree with you in one aspect, some movies are way to different from the books for comfort, that's why I think if they do it they should do it with the help of the author because it is their creation and baby, I don't see why it should be mutilated. Lol there's an episode of murder she wrote that deals with that too. Jessica was livid cause the only similarity to her book was the title. Now I know that was tv but I bet it's happened in real life too.

in western canada

February 25, 2009

I've discovered the The Ghost and I've been in love with the CoffeeHouse?

I just read The Ghost and Mrs. McClure. It is quite interesting and I have the second in the series on order. Throughout the book with different characters there was one thought that crossed my mind, even about the Ghost. I'm thinking "My God, I know people who act like this. I've seen them act like this." I found the debate over Anna being anaphalactic humurous. The fact that Mrs. McClure is hearing things that aren't there creepy. It probably helps that The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is one of my favorite movies. (and I'm only 35). You've made another wonderful character that is a real lady above all us else. Thank you for that.


February 24, 2009

How about an opera?

I appreciate the idea of book turned movie turned book, BUT my students don't do that. They think wikipedia is the only reference.They roll their eyes at the words "let's read this book." The wonderful Roll Dahl based movies are not even remotely like the books.This is where my concern lays.Thanks to NCLB legislation I am now beating my head against my desk, because I have juniors and seniors in high school who do not have imagery,and must have pictures. They don't read {or when they do} do not comprehend what they are reading. I'm trying to convince one right now that she needs to be able to read the medicine bottle or the story book to her three year-old. She told me ,"It's okay, I can get the doctor to tell me and as for the book, they'll make a movie .So, why should I waste my time reading." Have no fear Cleo,I'm not put off by your reply.If it had not been for opera several composers would have starved to death. That's it! Turn them into Operas! Have an latte on me,LG
February 21, 2009

No to tv. (CLEO SAYS - YES!)

I teach English and Literature. I have enough problems trying to get the kids to read Now! Don't stoop to any media but print. PLEASE, I beg, the media ALWAYS messes up what the author wrote.

Thanks, LG


Cleo's reply:

Hi, LG. I always appreciate your posts! So please don't be frightened away by my frank debate of your position. (Language is very telling, and the word "stoop" in your post tells me what I must refute here!)    

     I have one word (and link for you): FAUST.

     FAUST is a German story (first printed in chapbook form) that has been the inspiration for writers who have explored its ideas in many forms for hundreds of years.

 Based on the original Faust story, Goethe wrote a hybrid between a play and extended poem. Christopher Marlowe wrote a play (The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus). Franz Lizst wrote a symphony. Thomas Mann wrote a novel (Doctor Faustus). Even Philip K. Dick explored the Faust story in science fiction - The Galactic Pot Healer. Is one of these forms of the story less worthy than another?

    (Obviously, I don't think so...)

     If Shakespear hadn't explored Ovid's story of Pyramis and Thisbe, the play Romeo and Juliet would never have been written.

     I respect your position, but I'm a writer and creative artist. I'd like my work to be explored, celebrated, enjoyed by as many people and in as many mediums as possible! (More on this in my answer to the post below...)

     You see, I don't hold the novel as some sort of sacrosanct form. It's just a story - about human experience, about emotion, about ideas. Like Faust, any tale can be told many ways. That's what the art of storytelling is about to me!

     Face facts, books are NOT primary entertainment in the world any longer. If I were teaching a classic novel to school kids, the first thing I'd probably do is ask them to read it and come back to class with a cast list! I'd want them to identify the traits of the major and minor characters, to process the role of character as it relates to story, to compare the characters in (say) Moby Dick or A Tale of Two Cities or Pride and Prejudice with modern characters the kids may have enjoyed watching in film or on television (you get the idea).

     I know that's unorthodox, but it's also a 21st century jumping off point for getting kids excited about discussing a novel, seeing it come to life for them, showing them how they can interact with it. (What if you were going to film it? What traits in the main character would you want the actor to explore and portray?)

If a reluctant reader sees a Harry Potter movie and then picks up the book, so what? At least he picked up a book! Yes, he's letting a director and set designer create the world for him, but that fact makes it easier for a reluctant reader to process the experience of reading a novel so that he can begin to appreciate the aspects of a novel that are distinct from that of film (allowing him to experience a character's interior life, for instance). From that experience, he may want to read another story featuring "Harry" -- a character with whom he is now connecting!

     And isn't that connection the point? As a writer, I have to tell you, that's what's most important to me.

     I get so emotional about this subject! The need for story in our culture is acute. We're feeling more alienated from each other than ever. Story is a way to connect around the tribal fire again. A tale with universal appeal (no matter its form of expression) can provide a point of connection between a fan in Japan and one in America; a fan in Brazil and one in Germany!

     Getting young people (or people of any age) to appreciate books is admirable, but it does NOT have to be done by making them feel badly about their enjoyment of other forms of storytelling.

     Ranking the expression of story as higher or lower based on some artificial (institutionally created) scale is ridiculous to me, especially given the history of the novel itself!!! At one time, an author had to "stoop" to write such a thing as a novel! 

    (Take the pill. Wake up. See the Matrix!)

    Okay. Rant over. Once again, I hope you are not put off by my reply! I've appreciated your contributions to my site! (My site, by the way, is actually a multimedia extension of my book - it's quite simply another form of story, too!)


Warmest java wishes,

—Cleo Coyle


February 21, 2009

This needs to be a television series

Hi Cleo,

I have been trying to talk up the possiblity of your books being a television series to anyone who will listen. Not since "Murder She Wrote" has there been such a fun and entertaining mystery fun ride. Have you at your end ever thought of this? Just think - there could be wonderful coffee sponsors, designers, etc. Cameo appearances by chefs, designers, etc. What fun. I just love these books so much and would love to see it on the screen! I think someone either like Sarah Jessica Parker or Demi Moore for Clare, Eric Dane or Patrick Demsey for Matt, Emma Roberts for Joy to begin with and Joan Plowright for Madame. I think there would definitely be an audience for it.

Thank you for your time, 

High Falls, NY


Cleo's reply:

Hi, Marian! Great post! Thank you for your enthusiasm. It made my day!

     Your ideas bring up a lot of thoughts so I'll type away. The short answer is YES. Absolutely, I would LOVE to see the Coffeehouse Mysteries adapted for TV. For one thing, it would introduce so many more people to the characters that I love.


     Sadly, books are not primary entertainment in America so until a book or book series reaches TV or film, it's rare (not imposible but rare) that it will become widely known. I hate to say it, but even a bad TV or film adaptation can put a book or series on the radar of the general public and encourage more readership of the book and/or series.

    Quite frankly, writers write to be read. I would like to be read by as many people as possible and if that means a TV or film adaptation, so be it! You should know, however, that there are other reasons I think this would be fabulous...

     I've written poetry and plays and song lyrics and newspaper articles. STORY can take many forms. The novel is not a sacrosanct script. It's just ONE form that a story takes.

     In the theater, collaboration between actors, director, and the playwright, during the rehearsal period, is an essential part of shaping the play into a finished, polished experience for the audience.

     Likewise, I would love to see what another writer (trained in the art of writing for the screen) would bring to my story and characters. Actors can bring a lot of ideas to a script and I'd be curious to see them explore the characters that I've created, making Clare and Madame and Matt come alive with their own ideas of creative expression.

     For those who look down on adaptation of books into film, I can only say that it makes no difference to me whether a poet creates imagery on the page or a screenwriter does the same thing in a script. The content of the expression is what's important to me!

    Sure, I appreciate the "novel" form of storytelling, which allows readers to experience the close, internal thoughts of the characters. Yes, I appreciate a form that allows for the showcasing of brilliant writing and description. But novels should not be treated as some kind of holy papyrus!

    The LIVING parts of any book are the characters and story. The language is only an end to communicating what should be universal - and universally translatable, including other modes of artistic expression. (See my discussion of "FAUST" in my reply above.)

    Do NOT get me wrong here. Anyone who's read my Haunted Bookshop Mysteries knows how much I respect the novel form - especially novelists like Chandler and Hammett and Fitzgerald and Christie - and how much I appreciate the history of book publishing. But the world is turning and authors and book publishers must progress with it or they'll perish. I'm just trying to say that story can take many forms.    

     That's one reason I really enjoyed seeing your post Marian, especially your casting ideas for my little Coffeehouse Mysteries! It's always a lot of fun to "fantasy cast" a book - any book, even books written 70 years ago. (A little like fantasy baseball! LOL!)

     I've thought about this myself, and I also wonder what different (fantasy) directors would do with the material. I don't know how well people remember the Twin Peaks television series these days, but I can just imagine the brilliant director David Lynch (who has the same obsession with coffee that I do!!) getting hold of my books and filming them as surreal soap dramas with murder mystery structures.

     I'm such an admirer of Lynch's movies and (ironically) Blue Velvet is often described as "the Hardy Boys go to hell." Likewise, Mulholland Drive is his version of "Nancy Drew goes to hell." I can just see Lynch seeing the potential in the Coffeehouse Mysteries, maybe using the distinctive details of the coffeehouse setting to great surreal effect (the steam wand's gurgle, the furtive looks of patrons from table to table, the background ambient noise of clinking cups...)

     So anyway, Marian, thanks for writing! I do hope you're right and the series will make it to the big or small screen someday. Whether it does or not won't change my writing of the series (it will only change how many people are aware of it).

     It's a little like a farmer growing a crop of something people enjoy. A chef might turn it into an appetizer or a side dish - the crop might be served to a big or small crowd - but it won't change how the farmer grows the crop. He still goes out there every day, digging his land, planting his acres, watering his work until it's ready for harvest. (Hope I'm not getting too Being There for you!)

     And . . . in thanks for posting in my *virtual* coffeehouse, here's a *virtual* slice of authentic New York cheesecake from Junior's of Brooklyn, New York (my fave!). Come on back now, y'hear?!


Java joy to you,

—Cleo Coyle


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