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December 23, 2008


LOVE THE BOOKS - have read all seven. I stumbled upon them at the Starbucks counter in my local Barnes & Noble. Read the the first two books, became hooked, had the Barnes & Noble order me the remaining currently published books at the time and have eagerly awaited the two newest ones as they prepared to be published.

I am a coffee freak - use a french press when I am craving a truly well made cuppa - love African coffees - great flavor and intensity. Reading your books is a double pleasure for me with the coffee house setting and the great mystery writing.

Thank you so much!!!

—Sherry T. 


Cleo's reply:

Thank YOU, Sherry, for making my day! I love that you found my Coffeehouse Mysteries AT a coffee bar counter. That's karma! Keep reading and keep in touch.

Warmest of Java Holiday wishes to you and yours,
—Cleo Coyle


Java P.S. 

In thanks to you for stopping by my *virutal* coffeehouse, I'm serving you a delish plate of sweet *virtual* Italian cannoli to share with your CM-reading friends. Enjoy! And come on back anytime, Sherry!



December 22, 2008

What Champagne tastes like

With great anticipation, I have finally made my first cup of Esmeralda Especial [aka the "champagne of the coffee world"] and took my first taste. I admit I am a total peasant when it comes to wine and am not overly fond of real champagne but I am a big fan of this coffee. Very delicate taste with faint but discernible undertones of a good tea, maybe an oolong. I am not an expert taster but I can tell you that this is a great coffee! I think I'll go make another cup and celebrate, hmmm, today...that's it, I'll celebrate today!

~~Judy Mac


Cleo's reply:

Really happy you're enjoying the coffee I wrote about in Espresso Shot, Nurse Judy! Below is a picture of the man who re-discovered the heirloom geisha tree that produced the coffee you're now drinking.


I met Daniel Peterson when he and his sister came to New York's Cafe Grumpy for a talk and cupping. His family grows the award-winning Esmeralda Especial on their coffee farm in Panama.

(Click here to read more about the Peterson's coffee farm.)

I always find it fascinating to learn about the people who farm the coffee I drink, not to mention the exotic countries and cultures that grow it around the world.


Java Joy to the World!
& Happy Holidays to you and yours!



December 21, 2008

A Greener New Year: Coffee Kids

From Coffee Kids:

"Bill Fishbein, a coffee roaster from Providence, R.I., USA, founded Coffee Kids in 1988. Fishbein has been working in the specialty coffee industry since 1977 when it was just beginning to make an impact in the United States. While traveling to Guatemala in 1988, he witnessed the poverty faced by those producing coffee throughout the world. Over 125 million people around the world are completely dependent on the annual coffee harvest as their only source of income." You can support those that support the cause:



Cleo's reply: A great cause! Thank you for posting! Link is activated so anyone can find out more. Extra special java joy to you!



December 20, 2008

Yummmy, coffee and chocolate!!!

Finally! Finally! Finally! Espresso shot arrived at the library and I have it here waiting to read. also reading a Joanna Carl like I said in an earlier post mmmmm coffee and chocolate what a mix! Literature is yummmmmm!

—Chelle on the snow covered Canadian west coast deep freeze. brrrrrr.


Cleo's reply:

Awesome, Chelle! I agree. Literature IS yum - Enjoy! And stay warm up their in the Canadian north!

Happy Holidays, too!

Signed, your girl in NYC (Who is presently eating her way through her sister's gift o' NY cheesecake!)



December 20, 2008

Help for Christmas gift

Hi Cleo, great website! I need help finding an ibrik and some turkish coffee somewhere in Berlin, Germany. This is for a coffee geek friend of mine. Wondering if you could offer help ...
Thanks and Merry Christmas.


Cleo's reply: OMG. I was in West (and even East) Berlin back in the 1980's - before the Berlin Wall fell! Had GREAT coffee in that town (Germans love good coffee!). But I have no idea where to send you for the ibrik and turkish coffee other than online searches. Good luck and thanks for stopping by! 


Frohe Weihnachten!

(Merry Christmas to you too!)

December 18, 2008

love this series!

I have just finished Espresso Shot and have to say I love this series. Unfortunately Australian bookshops have not discovered this treasure yet so I am reliant on my local libraries. I was fearful when I finished Espresso Shot that you have moved on so it is with great relief that I read here of an upcoming book. Thank you for creating the endearing world and characters of the Village Blend and I hope their adventures continue far into the future




Cleo's reply:

Hi Faye! I'm so excited to hear that you're reading my little coffeehouse books all the way "Down Under." Although I have never been to your beautiful country (and continent), I hope one day to visit  Australia (with side trips to New Zealand and coffee-growing Papua New Guinea while I'm at it)!

No worries on the series continuing -- at least for now, LOL! My next Coffeehouse Mystery (Book #8 -Title Top Secret For Now) will be published in 2009, which is just around the corner. So stay tuned. In the coming months I'll be posting more about next year's book.

In thanks for *virtually* traveling all the way up to New York City to visit my *virtual* coffeehouse, I'm serving you some authentic New York cheesecake from "Junior's" - a bakery in Brooklyn, New York, that makes THE best cheesecake in the world (IMO)!

Happy Java Holidays, Faye!
—Cleo Coyle


December 16, 2008

At last, I can enjoy my champagne

With a song in my heart (and a crick in my neck) I can announce the end of this semester!! Only 5 more to go! I finished my pharmacotherapy final this morning (finished nursing ethics last Thursday) and can heave a sign of relief. I'm off to make myself a cup of the Esmeralda Especiale that I have been saving. I'll let you know what I think of it.

~~Judy Mac


Cleo's reply:

Well, howdy, Nurse Judy! So great to hear from you again. Also nice to hear that you're finally getting a break and treating yourself to a really fine (and well-earned) cuppa Joe. Let me know what you think of the Esmeralda Especial (aka "the champage of the coffee world") - which I wrote about in my latest Coffeehouse Mystery: Espresso Shot.

Warmest holiday wishes to you
and your family, Nurse Judy!

—Cleo Coyle


December 13, 2008

Duke's coffee plant

I just sent Duke towards Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. They know all things vegitation,being an Agriculture school.I hope it helps.



Cleo's reply:

You are most definitely a goddess, Laundrygoddess!

Java cheers to you for helping out Duke!

(For anyone reading this who is new to the site - "Duke" is the name of a gentleman who lives on the volcanic island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean and is striving to bring coffee farming back to his home. He has planted trees for cultivaiton; but, at the same time, he is curious about other coffee trees on the island that he cannot identify. It's a REAL Coffee Mystery and he wrote to me about it. If anyone would like to learn more about this interesting "mystery," I posted about it on the Home Page. You can download our e-mail exchange, which includes photos of his plant and his e-mail address if you'd like to write to him, too.)

Thanks again, Laundrygoddess for extending the helping hand...

Blessing to you and yours for the holidays,

—Cleo Coyle


December 12, 2008

A New York coffee house most like the Village Blend?

Hi Cleo: I'm fairly new to your wonderful series - have read two and have bought the others -and I was wondering what Village coffee house is most like the Blend? I've been to Caffe Reggio and a few others, but wonder if there is one that most inspired you?

—Joe Meyers


Cleo's Reply:

Hi Joe! (You've got to know I love your name! LOL!)

Great question on New York coffeehouse inspirations...

Caffe Reggio is a great example of an historic coffeehouse in Greenwich Village, New York (where my Coffeehouse Mystery series is set). At over 80 years old, this cafe is just one example of the landmark businesses that still exist here - The White Horse Tavern and McSorley's pub (in the East Village) are two other century-old establishments that I'd hate to see go the way of so many of the other beloved old businesses.

From my first book on, that's the main mission of my characters (Clare Cosi, her ex-husband Matt Allegro, and his mother Madame): To keep the ficitonal Village Blend alive and kicking!


of the Coffeehouse Mysteries



While Reggio was an inspiration for longevity, Clare actually runs the Village Blend like a more modern coffeehouse. If you click over to my Home Page and scroll down, you'll see that I recently wrote a short feature article on Joe, The Art of Coffee, a much newer coffeehouse in Greenwich Village that started with a cozy little flagship store on Waverly Place (the store is MUCH smaller than my fictional Village Blend, but it's a beautiful shop and a great location in the heart of the West Village).

This coffeehouse's dedicaiton to the community as well as the art of coffee-making made Joe, The Art of Coffee an important inspiration to my creation of the Blend. Early on, while I was doing research for the books, I took coffee classes from the owner (Jonathan Rubinstein) and his head barista and coffee director (Amanda Byron). Amanda is one of the top barista's in the city - she even appeared on Martha Stewart's televison show to give a demo on latte art. (Joe was also recently named one of the top 10 espresso bars in the country by Food and Wine mag.)

Cafe Grumpy has been an inspiration, as well. This cafe is where I met the man who re-discovered the Geisha coffee tree in Panama - the rare heirloom tree that grows the "champagne of the coffee world," Esmeralda Especial, which I wrote about in my latest Coffeehouse Mystery ESPRSSO SHOT (cover pictured right >>>>).

Counter Culture Coffee, a highly respected boutique roaster in Durham, North Carolina, is one of the suppliers of Cafe Grumpy's beans and they (along with Joe, the Art of Coffee and so many other wonderful coffeehouses around the country) have inspired me as well. They all represent the recent emergence in the USA of coffee as a culinary/artisanal experience (it's been that way in Italy for decades - here in the US it's a more recent trend).

I hope that answers your questions, Joe! There are A LOT of amazing coffeehouses in New York that continue to inspire me. I try to visit as many as I can (not just for research but for fun)! If you read my short article on the Home Page, you'll see I recommend a book called Cafe Life New York: An insider's guide to the city's neighborhood cafes


CLICK HERE to learn more
about this book, written by Sandy Miller w/photography by Juliana Spear

The book is great for scouting out coffeehouses in New York. (At least for now - as anyone who's lived here for years will tell you, the face of NYC is constantly changing.)

Thanks for stopping by my virtual coffeehouse, Joe! Here's a *virtual* cappuccino and biscotti for you! (I wish it could be the real thing - but this is still a *virtual* coffeehouse!)


Warmest java wishes to you and yours,

—Cleo Coyle


December 11, 2008

Love both series

Hi Cleo, Just finished ESPRESSO SHOT and loved it! Looking forward to the next one. Also, looking forward to the new Haunted Bookshop mystery!

Cleo's reply: Thanks sincerely for stopping by to let me know! Every single reader is important to me, and it's really gratifying to hear that you enjoyed my first hardcover. In thanks for stopping by my *virtual* coffeehouse, here's a big *virtual* cookie to go with your next cuppa joe!

Happy holidays!


December 11, 2008

when is the next series of coffehouse mystery

i just finished espresso shot when is the next coffeehouse mystery coming out.


Cleo's reply: Hi Marietta! My next coffeehouse mystery will be published next year (2009). I'll be posting more about it in the coming months (I'm actually penning it now - and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I'm enjoying writing it!)

Warmest java wishes - here's a *virtual* hot cuppa java for you in thanks for stopping by!



December 9, 2008

Love the books

I really enjoy the coffeehouse mysteries and relate to alot of what Clare feels regarding her ex husband. Just want to put in my 2 cents and say that maybe she should give him another chance. Who's to say people can't change, and i for one certainly hope we can.

Cleo's reply: Nicely put! Thanks for stopping by and weighing in - I promise you, Matt's not going anywhere. He's a great character and he and Clare are commited to keeping the Blend alive. Whether that eventually leads to *other* commitments for them, well, we'll have to wait and see!

Warmest java wishes to you and thanks again for your thoughtful post.


December 9, 2008

Hi Cleo!

I read your latest book 'Espresso Shot' and I have to say, I LOVE IT! Can't wait for the next to come out

Cleo's reply: Awesome! Thanks for lifting me up today! May someone do the same for you; and, in thanks for stopping by my *virtual* coffeehouse, I baked you a *virtual* espresso brownie. Enjoy!


December 9, 2008

why must we wait?

So, am I the only one dying to know the title of the new Coffeehouse Mystery Book? And has anyone had any ideas on the subject?

Cleo's reply: LOL! The title is top secret for now (but feel free to guess!) No kidding. My next Coffeehouse Mystery book (#8 in the series) will be published in 2009. 

It's true! Clare Cosi will be snooping again very soon, and I'll be telling you more about the book (including it's catchy title!) early in 2009. So stay tuned!

Thanks for dropping by my *virtual* coffeehouse. Come on back anytime now, y'hear?!


December 8, 2008

Merry Christmas from Canada!

Hi Cleo/Alice Just thought I'd pop in and say hi. I'm almost finished my program at college and will start my Practicum next month.I'm also thinking about signing up for the travel and tourism course next. I'm already prepared and ready (except for baking) for christmas if you can believe it! lol I was ready on the 1st. Starting to feel old now! lol I turn 29 on the 30th of this month!!!!! bye bye twenties, the last year of them is starting.(sticking big fat bottom lip out) lol.

Can't wait till the library finally brings in Espresso Shot, I'm dieing to know what this Fish Squad thing is all about! I'm going to be grabbing my copy of the haunted mansion as soon as it comes out. (here's hoping that Santa heard my request for a Chapters book store gift card for christmas!) I ask every year and he keeps forgetting lol.

At last count I have 137 books on my shelf!! and over 100 more on my wishlist or on the about to be released by author list. Got my sis a starbucks card for christmas so kept the coffee flowing around here lol.

Mom and Sis both love their Starbucks and specialty coffees. I was just wondering, Will "Alice" be putting up Avatars of the Haunted Bookshop Staff, Ghosts and friends too? By the way forget Texas and the Indy 500 lol and come Visit the Beautiful, Mountainous Canadian West Coast! Home of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Coffee Shops and Bookstores all over the place, basically Canada's vesion of Seattle only cleaner and prettier!! :-)

Talk to you later,
—Chelle of Canada's Coffee Coast


Cleo's Reply: Hi, Chelle!! Wonderful to hear from my Canadian girl!! Will type some answers to your questions this week. Come on back!

December 7, 2008


I just want you to know how much I love your coffeehouse books! I can't wait to read the new one. I think I'll put a hint in Santa's ear. Thanks for keeping me entertained.



Cleo's Reply:

Hi Leesa! Thanks for stopping by my *virtual* Village Blend Love the "mocha-vated" headline on your post - and I'm thrilled to hear that you're enjoying my books.

I hope good old St. Nick will help you out by stuffing your stocking with my latest CM. To solve the murder mystery in Espresso Shot, Clare goes through A LOT, and I'm sure you'll enjoy going through the mill with her!

In thanks for dropping by, I'm serving you a *virtual" chocolate tart from Bouchon Bakery (Chocoate tarts: always good for mocha-vation!).

This wonderful bakery of Chef Thomas Keller's also serves one of the specialty coffees that I mention in Espresso Shot - "Bouchon Blend" - which I've made my coffee pick for this month.

Happy Holidays to you and yours, Leesa, and come on back now, y'hear?





December 6, 2008

Thanks for the coffee!

I LOVE this Bouchon blend from Equator Coffees!!! LOVE IT!!

Thank you so much!! java ((hugs))


Cleo's reply: 

You are very welcome!

(For my site visitors: Kimberlee recently won my FREE COFFEE DRAWING. Her prize was a free pound of "Bouchon Blend," which was also one of the coffees that I wrote about in my latest Coffeehouse Mystery: Espresso Shot. If you'd like to learn more about this coffee, just go to my Home Page and scroll down to my "Coffee Pick" article for

Drink with Joy, Kimberlee!


December 4, 2008

Clare and Mike

I just finished reading 'Decaffeinated Corpse' and have to say that I will be very upset if Clare dumps Mike to give Matteo another chance (seems to me it would be more like his 42nd chance). He knows that she doesn't want him back, and if he really loved her like he professes, he would want her to be happy. I don't care if he marries Breanne, I just don't want him getting Clare back!!! He doesn't deserve her!!


Cleo's reply: HA! LOL! Thanks for posting! I always enjoy hearing readers' thoughts about my books and characters.

I don't want to type any spoilers here so I'll just say keep reading! If you liked Decaffeinated Corpse, I honestly think you'll love French Pressed and Espresso Shot (the next two titles in the series)!. Come on back to let me know what you think of what happens next at the Village Blend!

Warmest java wishes,

—Cleo Coyle


December 3, 2008

Easy Turkey Pie

Thanks for the recipe Cleo. It turned out to be a great idea to use up all that left over Thanksgiving Turkey. :0)



Cleo's reply:  Excellent to hear, K.  Thanks for letting me know!

I have great respect for leftovers—and so do most working chefs out there. Their first test of a wannabe line cook is to have them prepare the staff meal using the leftovers from the night before. So we should all feel coolly creative when we pull out those bits and pieces of last night's meal and make them into something at least semi-tasty. Waste not, I say!

Java joy to you and yours for the holidays,

—Cleo Coyle


December 2, 2008

Ono Coffee in Hawai'i

Posting from Maui, where I am spending my children's inheritance. Family owned ONO Organic Farms is certified organic by the Hawaii Organic Farmers Association (HOFA), and a Partner of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

[ Click here to visit them: http://www.onofarms.com/ ]

They are one of many coffee producers here on the island. I still like Medaglia D'Oro the best. *Your mileage may vary*


e-post script: Thanks for a look at Joy! 36 days and counting down to the next Haunted Bookshop book!


Cleo's Reply:

Hi geekette!! So great to hear from you again!!

I activated your link to the ONO farms. You are too funny (spending your children's inheritance. You go, girl!!) And kiss one of those hunky island native dudes for me, will ya?

No kidding though - thanks for posting from our 50th state. I can feel the Pacific breeze and smell the wild island flowers in your post!

Wishing you Kona Joy,

—Cleo Coyle


P.S. So glad you enjoyed the Joy Allegro addition to the Village Blend Staff page...Mike Quinn is now on deck! (Also glad to see you're anticipating the Jan. pub of The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion. It was a BLAST to write the latest HB, and I can't wait until it's in the hands of Jack & Pen's fans. I hope you enjoy it!)


December 2, 2008

Anginetti Cookie Recipe

Hi Cleo -

Just finished Espresso Shot and loved it! I just lent the book to a friend and forgot to copy the cookie recipe which sounds identical to my Mom's. Is it printed anywhere on your site?



Cleo's reply:

Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by my *virtual* coffeehouse. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!

I have always LOVED anginetti cookies - ever since I first tasted them as a little girl at the wedding of a relative. This is one reason I put the recipe in the back of my first hardcover: Espresso Shot. It's one (of many foods) that has emotional meaning for me.

For those of you who aren't familiar with "anginetti", they are a buttery soft Italian cookie with a slight lemon flavor and brushed with a white sugar glaze.

The sweetness of the glaze beautifully complements the slight tartness of the lemon in the cookie. The contrast of textures is fantastic, too: As you bite into the anginetti, you can feel that delightful little snap of hard glaze giving way to the buttery-soft texture of the sweet, cake-like cookie beyond.


It makes for a super satisfying eating experience, especially when paired with coffee. And if you're wondering why I think lemon and coffee go well together...

Espressos are often served with a lemon twist - and the best African coffee beans have a slight hint of lemon to them. And that's why the anginetti are wonderful cookies to enjoy with coffee.

My recipe at the back of Espresso Shot is well tested and really delicious - it came from my late aunt, but I've tweaked it.

ALSO at the back of Espresso Shot is my own version of the Italian cookie known as "baci di romeo" (translation: Romeo's Kisses).

See my photo at the right  for my version of Romeo's Kisses - two delicate almond cookies sandwiched together with a filling of rich, chocolate ganache. (While still warm this ganache also doubles as a great chocolate glaze for a cake...)

So, anyway, Lisa, I hope you're able to borrow back my book from you friend and get these tested recipes because they are not on my web site!  They are only available in the recipe section of Espresso Shot, which was just published in October.

There are other "bonus" recipes here on my web site that I've provided as a thank you to my readers. I hope you can take advantage of them. And I appreciate your giving me the chance to talk about the anginetti!! (It sounds like you have fond memories of them, too!)

Warmest java wishes to you for the holidays,

Cleo Coyle



December 1, 2008

Reply From Needs Help in SC


Thank you so much for your reply. It really means a lot. I do believe that I am worth a lot more than this job represents and I know that God is in control of my life. I will start taking those walks. I listen to WMHK (a Christian radio station) everyday, when I'm getting ready for work, traveling and sometimes at work. This station is uplifting. Thanks for your prayers and I will let you know what happens.

—V Wooten


Cleo's reply:

Cheers to you, V! You will remain in my thoughts and prayers (and I hope my readers will include you in theirs, as well).

May the true meaning of Christmas keep your spirit strong through the New Year.

Keep in touch for sure! 

- Cleo

November 29, 2008

Needs Help - A note from SC


I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your Coffeehouse Mystery Books and I have received Espresso Shot. I haven't read it yet, because I'm having a difficult time at work right now. I have worked for this company 22 1/2 years and received good reviews. My boss has decided that I've made some errors this year and has put me on probation and can fire me at will for anything he considers as messing up. I don't know what the outcome of this situation will be because it will be ongoing for as long as he wants it to be or decides to fire me.

I believe I could be close to a breakdown because of the stress. I am 58 and it would certainly not be easy to find work at my age anyway and it will be much harder with the economic situation as it is. I am asking all of your readers out there that are praying people to add me to their prayer list. I would so appreciate it. Maybe my mood will improve and I can sit down and read again.

Thanks from South Carolina,
—V Wooten


Cleo's Reply:

Hi "V" -- I will certainly keep you in my prayers and I ask my readers to keep you in their thoughts and prayers, too. There's a mock Latin saying that applies in this situation:

Non Illegitimus Carborundum

"Don't let the bastards
grind you down."

I know from experience that "WORK" can be a four letter word, especially when those above you fear for their own jobs -- and there are plenty of companies and industries that are feeling the need to "downsize" or prune staff so I know there's an epidemic of hellish offices out there right now.

One of the ways companies attempt to prune staff is to "discourage" employees by making their lives so miserable that the emplohyees will quit or find another job, which frees the company from the responsibility of paying severance upon termination. It also frees the company of committing a crime by firing or forcing out someone because of age.

So DO NOT let the bastards (or in this case, the bastard) grind you down. You hang in there, V. Get tough. Dig for your grit (my favorite word these days): noun, Middle English: firmness of mind or spirit; unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger.

A-Number 1 - Take care of your health. Get fresh air. Take walks to clear your mind. Make sure you eat a balanced diet. Keep up your strength and health. And start looking for another job. The process alone will empower you - help you feel more in control, give the choice to YOU to stay or go.

This economic downturn is only temporary. Remember that. This country will NOT stay down for long. It never does. Think about a worse case scenario; think it through. Okay, I get fired. And then what? For one thing: I'll be getting severance pay. I'll also get unemployment checks for many months.

Do you relaize that state unemployment offices have very good resources these days for helping the unemployed find new jobs? I know this because I've been laid off and downsized and fired and shoved aside and gotten rid of.

(Being a writer, I'm the sort of person who isn't very good at, shall we say, "managing up." Problems with authority? CHECK. Can't keep her jokes about the boss to herself? CHECK.  - I never was a model corporate employee. Oh, well. I think I can live with that.)

Anyway, it totally sucks to be fired. It's devastating, knocks you out like a Rocky punch, but it  does NOT have to keep you down. And it is not the end of your life - it's the beginning of a new one. Yes, even at the YOUNG age of 58. Screw the people who don't want to hire people over 40 or 50 - it's against the law for them to ask your age, by the way!

Anyway, I actually met some great people at the unemployment office. I am NOT kidding. Getting fired or laid off is NOT the end of the world. It's a part of life in America these days. Don't let THE THREAT of it hurt your health or sanity.

Worst case scenario survivable? YES! And that worse case may NEVER happen. You could find another job. Or things at work could get better in the next few months.

It's important not to let dread eat you alive. "Fear is the little death." Don't die that way. Remind yourself to stay strong and stay healthy - physically and mentally. Ask God to help you do this - ask him daily - and he will.

And listen to some really upbeat, spirit-building music on a regular basis. Listen to it before you go into work and after you leave. (If you have a Walkman, listen to it on your breaks.)

I cannot stress this enough. And the brisk walking! The fresh air! You'd be surprised how strengthening it is just to listen to some music on a brisk walk. Your entire way of looking at the world can change.

One of my favorite tunes is Chumbawumba: "I get knocked down, but I get up again. You're never gonna keep me down." That's the whole of life for everyone, as you know, V - we all get knocked down. It's what we DO when we're down that makes the difference. It's getting UP AGAIN that matters. And YOUR WORTH as a human being does NOT depend on the job you are doing or not doing for some bottom-line oriented boss or company.

What your boss says you are - that's not real. That's not the whole of you. What your job is - that's an artificial construct. It's not a measure of your worth. It's a measure of some owner's need to have an employee do a task to earn him money. So keep it all in perspective, and...

Non Illegitimus Carborundum!

Signed, your once-fired, laid off, and shoved aside friend,

—Cleo Coyle

(Who surived to write bestselling fiction - so who's laughing now?!)


November 29, 2008

coffeehouse mysteries

Hey Cleo,

This is Dawn. I have long since finished Espresso Shot, and I CAN'T wait for the next one. It is killing me to have to wait until January for the next haunted bookshop mystery too. My sister and I have read them all and love them all. We talk about them after we have read them. She is anxiously waiting the next ones too. I really love the receipe section in your books. I agree that a book signing would be great. But instead of the Indy 500 in May, I'm thinking Wichita Falls,TX in April. It is beautiful in Texas in the spring.


Cleo's Reply:

Hi Dawn! Thank you for posting! I LOVE to hear that friends or family members are able to share their enjoyment of my books with each other. It's AWESOME that you AND your sister are reading my books. Thank you for letting me know. And thank you for the invite to your beloved Lone Star State. I LOVE Texas!!

My sister lived in Houston for a time, my husband's a Robert E. Howard scholar - Howard grew up in Cross Plains - and I still have very fond memories of visiting some writer friends who live just outside of the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex (probably not so very far from you).

So it would NOT be a hardship to visit y'all in Wichita Falls. I'll keep in mind that spring's a good time to head on down there (and get some decent Tex-Mex at last!  Trust me on this: New York's attempt at Tex-Mex is god-awful).

Warmest java wishes,

Cleo Coyle

November 29, 2008

Jim Rand

A little late, I know. Yet, I wanted to congradulate you on ESPRESSO SHOT. The book was wonderful. I loved the return of Mike (as always) and the Fish Squad. My feelings for Breanna even took a turn. I really got to see a grudging respect between her and Claire, one that definitely felt right for the series as written so far. My main reason for the post, however, is...

Will Jim Rand [from Murder Most Frothy] ever return??

You see, I've recently re-read all seven of the Coffee House books, and I've found that a great mystery could come from Rand's return. His character even has a potential to shake up Claire and Mike's world. (Not that I don't want Claire and the detective together... I do. I just also like Rand, and I want to see him return. I've always felt like his story was yet to be completed.) As always...

Java Junkie and Rapid Reader, 


Cleo's Reply:

Hi Christie! Great post! I'm very glad to hear that you enjoyed Espresso Shot!

As to Jim Rand - I'm so glad you asked about the mystery man from Murder Most Frothy!

I really like that character - and, you are not wrong, Jim is going to make another appearance in the series down the line. The scenario is clear to me and if it all comes together, it should be a rip-roaring time for a few of the main characters in the series. So stay tuned. Jim Rand, ex-navy seal and part-time celeb photographer, is coming back for sure.

Thanks for posting, Christie. Come on back and post again anytime!

Cleo Coyle


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