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May 11, 2012

Note to Cleo

I'm waiting for A Brew to Kill to become available for pre-order on my nook ereader. Do you have any idea when that might be? Just curious.

Cleo's reply - Hang in there. The button will appear before the publication date. Cheers and thanks for reading!

May 3, 2012

just borrowing

hi. it's been awhile since that last time that i've written anything on here. i live in Ohio and it hasn't really been spring yet...until yesterday when it was 80 degrees. FINALLY!!! the spring and warmth i've been waiting for. today, i think it was supposed to be 88, and i think it was. now, i know that you need Jack for work, but i need to borrow Jack for a little bit and then i'll return him safe and sound (and alive-so to speak) ASAP.-Rosa


Cleo's reply - Thank you, Rosa!

April 30, 2012


Absolutely love your books! So when is the cookbook coming out with all the recipes together? :)

in Bozeman, MT.


Cleo's Reply:


Glennda - Lol on the cookbook, so many readers have asked that question, and I thank you for the support. Perhaps one day, I will create a little novelty cookbook. For now, however, my plate is full with writing the fiction that inspires the recipes. :)

Blessings to you, Glennda. Thank you for asking and thank you especially for reading my books. That is the best gift you can give to any author, and I appreciate it!

~ Cleo 

Coffeehouse Mystery #11 
Coming this August


April 23, 2012


Could not find this recipe on your website. Read Murder by Mocha, loved it, but still missing this recipe

Cleo's reply -

That recipe is coming very soon, thanks for asking. (My newsletter will tell you when it goes live, so if you subscribe, don't worry, you won't miss it.) In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy the other recipes on this site.

    Thanks very much for your patience and thank you especially for reading my books!


Wishing you java joy,

~ Cleo



To subscribe to my Coffeehouse Mystery Newsletter, simply send an e-mail that says "Sign me up" to this address: CoffeehouseMystery@gmail.com



April 22, 2012

Love your books

I can't wait til the next book comes out! I hope there are many more Coffeehouse Mystery books in the future! They are my first and favorite cozy mystery books.


Cleo's reply:

Aw, thanks for the very kind comment. I'm happy to say that the next CM title will be published this August. The title is a A BREW TO A KILL. I'm also happy to inform you that there are many more Coffeehouse Mystery books on the way. As I've said for years on this board -- as long as you keep reading, I'll keep writing. :)


Wishing you java joy,

~ Cleo



April 22, 2012


LOVE the official book trailer. This is the best author site around, and it just keeps getting better. Thanks for your work here and in the books.

Cherie Martin

To see the
Coffeehouse Mystery
book trailer, click here.   


Cleo's reply:

Thank you, Cherie, you're very kind to say that, and I truly appreciate it!

~ Cleo



April 17, 2012

coffeehouse trailers

these were excellent, would suggest every one post them on their fb page, cannot wait for next book.


Cleo's reply:

Caffeinated kisses to you.
Thank you!



April 12, 2012




Cleo's reply - Wheeler. Click here to see the Amazon page for the Large Print of Murder by Mocha.


April 7, 2012

Holiday Greetings

I just wanted to wish everybody Happy Easter and Happy Pesach!!!

Cleo's reply - Belated thank you for the lovely note. I hope you enjoyed your holidays, too!


March 21, 2012

Bogus Bookseller

Echo the previous post. Where are Jack and Pen? Miss them so much. Glad to hear it. R Daphne, Massachusetts

Cleo's reply - See my answer to the reader who asked this question in the message below. Thank you, Daphne!


Thanks to Daphne and to everyone who has been purchasing and reading my Haunted Bookshop series.

The books have been
national bestsellers for
8 years (launched in 2004)
and there are many more
to come.

Whether you purchased
Haunted Bookshop Book #1
The Ghost and Mrs. McClure

last week or 8 long years ago, I send my good karma and best wishes to you for your very kind support .

It truly does mean a lot to me. :)

~ Cleo



Click the covers above to learn more 
about my "Ghost" mysteries...

March 21, 2012

Love Your Books!

I absolutely love your books and have re-read them several times, enjoying them more each time! I can hardly wait for the next one!


Cleo's reply: Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to stop by and let me know that. It means a lot to me. Hearing that you're re-reading the books is especially interesting--and gratifying. :) I've been hearing that lately from readers, and (I think) it's an indication that the characters are like friends. They certainly are to me and my husband, Marc, who writes the books with me, which is why I thank you for sharing that, too!



Warmest java wishes
and keep in touch,

~ Cleo




March 15, 2012

Note to Cleo!

Thanks for the free coffee! I am really enjoying the "Dancing Goats" blend that I won. It's smoooooooth! :) Delicious!


Cleo's reply:

Wonderful to hear that, thank you for letting me know! For anyone who's wondering what we're talking about, I give away a free package of my current "coffee pick" to my readers via a weekly random drawing.

The whole thing started years ago as a way for me to share some of my ongoing coffee research (for my Coffeehouse Mysteries) via this website. "Dancing Goats" was my fall coffee pick. More info below pasted from my main page...


My Coffee Pick

for Fall 2011 was...





Named as a tribute to the legend of how coffee was discovered*, this blend is a beautifully balanced, rich and bold, yet satisfyingly smooth with subtle notes of caramel and spice. To learn more about this coffee, roasted by Batdorf and Bronson coffee company, click here, and...


Drink with joy!
~ Cleo 


*Read the legendary
story of how coffee was 
discovered by turning to page 163 

of Murder by Mocha.




March 13, 2012

Haunted Bookshop Query

Have been trying to find "Bogus Bookseller" ...I'm going through withdrawal!!

Jill, Illinois


Cleo's reply:

Hi, Jill First of all, I'd like to thank you for your support as a reader. It means a lot to me (and Jack and Pen :)). 

      For anyone who is wondering what Jill is asking about, here's the skinny (as Jack would say). Since 2004, I have been writing a series of books for Penguin called The Haunted Bookshop Mysteries, and I am under contract for many more in this series, no worries. :)


This series of murder mysteries is set in a Rhode Island bookshop near the Atlantic Ocean (...you can smell the sea salt in the air. :)) Pen is a widow with a young boy. She moves to New England after the suicide of her husband and joins her Aunt Sadie in the running of a family bookstore.

As soon as Pen arrives, she begins working to revive the dying business and remodel the place. (Please do remember that my series began eight years ago, waaay back in 2004. :)) 

The remodeling in the bookshop rouses the spirit of a hardboiled detective who died on the premises many years ago. The ghost (Jack) and the widow (Mrs. Penelope McClure) have a rocky relationship at first, but they find common ground; and when murders begin to happen in the small town of Quindicott, RI, Pen calls on Jack the friendly ghost PI to help her. After all, murder was Jack's business in life.  Why shouldn't he take it up in his afterlife?

You can find out more about this series of books by clicking this link RIGHT HERE and jumping to the Haunted Bookshop page of this website.

Spirited good wishes,

~ Cleo


P.S.  Jill - My March Newsletter will have an answer to your specific question. For anyone who would like to sign up for my periodic newsletters, simply send an e-mail that says "sign me up" to this address -



Thanks again to Jill and to everyone who has been purchasing and reading
this series.

Whether you started
Haunted Bookshop Book #1
The Ghost and Mrs. McClure

last week or 8 years ago, I send
my good karma and best wishes
to you for your very kind support .

It truly does mean a lot to me. :)

~ Cleo



March 11, 2012

i would love to get your e mails

my e mail is mdaarjam69@yahoo.com .. patricia longley

Send and Email to CoffeehouseMystery@gmail.com - that will get you signed up to my periodic newsletter. Thanks for asking and especially for reading my book. Cheers! ~ Cleo



March 10, 2012

Donut Muffins

I need your recipe for Donut Muffins. I loaned your book to another fan and forgot to copy the recipe. Vi Burg
March 4, 2012

Note to cleo

I LOOOOVEE these books!! I've been wondering though, how did you learn so much about coffee? I've been a coffee drinker my whole life and everytime i read a new book of your I want to jump careers and go into the coffee buisness...for now i guess ill learn and live vicariously through you and your books Thanks you!!
March 1, 2012

Note to Cleo

Hello, I can't seem to bring up your recipe for Chocolate-Chip Cobbler. Could you please help me?

Tilda Heidfwelberg 


Cleo's reply:
Hi Tilda, the link to the free PDF document of my recipe is below, and it does work. I tested it a number of times. 
Hit the link above and wait for the PDF document to load. If it does not load for you, then I am sorry to say that the problem is on your end. The problem could be your firewall preventing a download, or your computer might not have enough memory, or there could be issues with the speed of your Internet connection. Whatever the case, I do hope you can resolve it or find a friend with a computer who can help you. Thanks for dropping by my board and thanks especially for reading my books.
~ Cleo

February 28, 2012

Love it! Love it! Love it!

I absolutely love your coffehouse series and have been hooked since the first book...so excited to see another book! Keep up the amazing job and I'll continue to follow the Coffeehouse Crew!

Cleo's reply: Thank you! (Apologies for the short reply, but I'm under deadline. Just wanted you to know I saw your note and appreciate it!)


February 22, 2012

I am hooked.....

I truly hope you keep writing the Coffeehouse Mysteries. I just finished French Pressed, and absolutely loved it as well as ALL of the others before it. The coffee tips you include prompted me to get my own espresso machine for the house. (lol) You are a very talented writer who keeps me guessing and I love it! I could very easily re-read every one of your books. Keep up the great work; I'm thoroughly enjoying it. :)

Cleo's reply: Thank you! French Pressed is a wonderful title, and one of my favorites in the series -- primarily because of Clare's very important decision (that it took her 5 books to make). I'm very happy to know that you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to drop by my board to let me know. 

Warmest java wishes,

~ Cleo


February 20, 2012

Java's Avatar

How come Java the cat doesn't have her own avatar on this website? After all, she is part of the story even though she is not all of the novels.

Cleo's reply:

LOL! Well, I'm still working on Esther, Tucker, and Gardner, too. Then, of couse, I'll have to do the Fish Squad...and Franco. But you have a good point. So I'lll be adding Java (and Frothy) to the list. Thanks for the cat-lover note! You know I'm one, too. XXOXOX :)


February 19, 2012

Next Coffeehouse Mystery?

When will the next Coffeehouse mystery be published and what is the name?

Cleo's reply: Stay tuned... more in my next newsletter...



February 15, 2012

Oh good!

Glad to know there are more books in the series. I just finished the first one and enjoyed it. Nice to know there are more!


Cleo's reply -

Given your comment, I have to say: I'm very happy you found my website. I can imagine going to a bookstore that does not carry my entire Coffeehouse Mystery or Haunted Bookshop back list of books. In such a case, unless you ask a staff member, I can see where you might not realize there are indeed... 

Six (6) Books in my Haunted Bookshop series.
To read more about each title,
visit my Haunted Bookshop page of this
website by
clicking here.

There are also...

Ten (10) books in my Coffeehouse Mystery
series. To read more about each one,
visit my About the Coffeehouse Mystery Books
page of this site by
clicking here.

Thanks again for dropping
by my *virtual* coffeehouse!



Drink (and read)
with joy!

~ Cleo




February 14, 2012

newsletter question

I've signed up for your newsletter and was wondering when the next one comes out. Do I get it here or through email? Thank you so much.

Cleo's reply - Hi there. Thanks for asking! You will see it via e-mail. The January/February newsletter is delayed due to my writing schedulel (apologies, but I must put the writing first!). A new newsletter will come out before the end of March.

For anyone who'd like to sign up for my newsletter, which also enters you automatically in my weekly drawings for a free package of premium coffee, simply send an e-mail that says "Sign me up" to CoffeehouseMystery (at) gmail.com

Wishing you java joy,
~ Cleo


February 14, 2012

Note to cleo

I would like to go to dinner with Matt. We would go to a Seafood Restrauant and I would order lobster. We then would go dancing. He would treat me like a queen.


Cleo's reply - Thank you for the entry! And if Matteo Allegro were here, I have no doubt that he'd thank you, too -- and then ask you for your phone number. :)

For anyone wondering what we're talking about, read the contest info below and good luck to everyone!


Win the
Mystery Pin!


To learn more about this
adorable handmade pin or purchase it
for yourself, click here.


Would you like to win this
limited edition Coffeehouse Mystery pin, handcrafted by Pattie Tierney Designs?
To find out how...




My March
Contest is On!


My previous winners will be
announced soon. Stay tuned!



February 14, 2012

Note to Cleo

Since reading the last of pen's dilemmas, I have been waiting, waiting, waiting...for her next. Now my wait is over! I am SOooo happy there will even be more...... Still waiting with LOVE


Cleo's reply - Aw, thanks so much for the support. It means a lot to me (and Jack and Pen).  See my reply below. More info in my next newsletter...okay back to writing. :)

~ Cleo (Alice)


The Ghost and the Femme Fatale, Book #4 in the Haunted Bookshop series that Cleo Coyle writes under the name Alice Kimberly. To learn more about this series, click here, and visit the Haunted Bookshop page of this website.



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