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August 16, 2011

Here in Iowa


Cleo, Here in Iowa we have the State Fair. It's one of the biggest in the country. You can find any type of food on a stick....even fried BUTTER.

In the spring here in Cedar Rapids, we have a rubber
duck race...

all those little yellow ducks that kids play with in bath tubs are put in the river and floated down to the "finish line" and the first one wins.


17,000 rubber duckies are ready to race in Iowa!
To jump to a video of this annual Duck Race,
visit the facebook page of a duck race fan,


ALL the proceeds from buying a duck ($5) goes to children programs here. We also have a cardboard regada sometime during the year...or at least we did before the flood of 2008. Those kids in the video were awsome. Thanks for sharing. :)


Cleo's reply: Thank you for sharing, too! I found a photo of your amazing Duck Race, but you had me at fried butter. :)


August 15, 2011

Finished...your new Coffeehouse Mystery

I finally finished Murder By Mocha...life kept getting in the way so it took longer than I wanted. I have to tell you that my heart was in my throat, my nails are chewed down to nothing and everytime that door opened, my breathing would stop!! Great book...I had the killer figured out all wrong though so that makes it even better ;) Thanks for another great book.

Sue (in Iowa)


Cleo's reply:  

Hellooo IOWA!!!

Sue, thank YOU so much for dropping back to let me know what you thought of my new release. I'm so very glad to hear you weren't disappointed. (That's something that keeps me going daily as I write. I strive *not* to disappoint very kind readers like you.)

Marc and I are already working on the 11th entry in the Coffeehouse Mystery series. We researched one of the settings over this past weekend--the annual Dragon Boat Festival here in Queens, New York.

This event is held every year in Flushing Meadow Park (the sight of a former World's Fair), and 180 teams competed this year. I'll have some photos of the day, but for now I have some fun, raw video footage to share...


In my video clip below
(just uploaded to YouTube!) Shaolin Temple students demonstrate forms of Kung Fu on the main stage of this year's annual Dragon Boat Festival in Queens, New York...


I think Clare and Madame
could handle these guys.
What do you think?!

~ Cleo





August 14, 2011

NOTE TO CLEO - Contest

Hello, I couldn't seem to get a comment to post so here I am! Adore coffee, adore chocolate, adore your books!

Linda Osborn


Cleo's reply - Thank you, Linda! I received your entry and appreciate it.

To everyone: Linda's message is part of a contest entry. The other part involves sending me an answer to a special question...

If you would like to enter my new contest, then click the link below and read my contest post.

The prizes include a $50.00 chocolate tasting (in a single box!) a latte cup (made in Italy) and a signed copy of my latest Coffeehouse Mystery, Murder by Mocha.

CLICK HERE to read my post and scroll down for details on how to enter. Good luck!


August 14, 2011

Note 2 Cleo


The PDF pix are great, but I cannot find the recipe for: no bake chocolate chip cookie dough bites. Please help... Thanks, Barb--bboston44@yahoo.com


Barb - Thank you for your question and that's an easy one to answer! You will find the recipe for my no-bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites published in the recipe section of my new Coffeehouse Mystery, MURDER BY MOCHA.

Let me explain: I created the PDF of food photography (below) for the very kind readers of my new culinary mystery. They say "the eyes eat first," and I wanted this PDF to help my readers "see" what the finished recipes look like.

To learn more about Murder by Mocha: A Coffeehouse Mystery: click here or click here. Or here.


I hope you will consider picking up my mystery and joining us here at the virtual coffeehouse as a CM reader. Thank you for your quesiton, Barb, I hope to see you here again!

Read with joy,
~ Cleo


P.S. Visit the Recipes page of this Web site to get
the free, downloadable bonus recipes, which I also
create for my readers.

To jump to the
Recipes page, click here.

for Cleo's PDF

This link will allow you to
download your very own "keeper"
(PDF) document of my
Murder by Mocha food photography,
including my personal descriptions
of each recipe.

Feel free to save, share, or print
this doc and tuck into your copy
of Murder by Mocha!


This PDF has full-color photos. It may take
a few moments to load, so please be patient.
The eyes eat first. Enjoy!

~ Cleo





August 13, 2011

Cookie Dough Bites


Oh My Goodness! I've just started reading Murder by Mocha and I'm getting distracted with an urge to try the No Bake Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough Bites recipe!


Cleo's reply:

That's hilarious! These Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites are absolutely delicious. You can find the photo and description of these babies in the PDF document below, along with many other photos showing the recipes from MURDER BY MOCHA'S recipe section. I created this to help my very kind Coffeehouse Mystery readers "see" what the published recipes should look like. I hope you enjoy it...



This PDF has full-color photos. It may take
a few moments to load, so please be patient.
The eyes eat first. Enjoy!

~ Cleo



P.S. Visit the Recipes page of this
Web site to get my bonus recipes.
To jump to the Recipes page, click here.



August 10, 2011


Should I mark out a ten for your A/Brownies!!!!!!! Take Care A2


Cleo's reply: Ha ha! Thanks, A2. I'm glad you liked the brownies!

For anyone who missed the recipe, you can get my APHRODISIAC BROWNIES by


This link will take you to my new blog post. Scroll down in the post and you will find a link to a free PDF for this recipe that you can download and keep. This post also tells you about a fun NEW CONTEST for my Coffeehouse readers.

Good luck!




These brownies are one of the many delicious recipes in my new Coffeehouse Mystery: Murder by Mocha.

Eat (and read)
with joy!

~ Cleo





August 9, 2011

Brooklyn Blackout Cake

I have searched the website, but I have not been able to find the PDF recipe for "Clare's Brooklyn Blackout Cake (For Mike)". Can you please tell me which link to open? Thanks. I have every one of your Coffeehouse Mysteries and I preorder them from Amazon to be sure I get them as soon as they come out. I just hate when I've finished one because I will have to wait too long for the next one.


Cleo's reply:

Thank you so much for supporting my mystery series; it means a lot to me! Clare's Brooklyn Blackout Cake will be the subject of a very special blog post later this month, and I will indeed include a PDF that you can download. That cake has been a favorite of New Yorkers for years, and I think you'll enjoy it. (The one you see pictured here is actually the Moist Mocha Cake with Shiny Chocolate Glaze.)

(Truth is...) We had some record heat here in New York City, and it became impossible to spend the day baking, but I plan to get that Blackout Cake on the Web site soon...

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the other free recipes on this site and the new recipe for Aphrodisiac Brownies, which I just posted here:



When you jump over there, you'll also see that I've just launched a fun reader contest, too, just scroll down the post to learn how to enter.

If you haven't signed up for my newsletter, you should! I'll be re-launching it shortly. I plan to inform subscribers of new recipe posts (like the Blackout Cake) as well as contests and ongoing news about both of my series.  


For anyone interested in signing up to my Newsletter, just send a "Sign me up" e-mail to CoffeehouseMystery@gmail.com   

Thanks again for dropping by; and come on back for cake! (Again, you'll see it posted here before the end of August.)

~ Cleo




August 8, 2011

Two Series

I love the Coffeehouse series and have just discovered the Haunted Bookshop series. Any others?

For anyone wondering what
The Haunted Bookshop Mystery
series is, click here, and jump
to Cleo's Haunted Bookshop page
on this site.




Cleo's reply:

Not yet! But you never know! Be sure to sign up for my free e-newsletter, and I'll make sure we keep in touch because if I do start a new series, I'll want you to know about it.

Thank you so much for asking...and for reading.

~ Cleo

P.S. I have not sent a newsletter out for some time, but I'll be re-launching it soon! I think we'll have a good time!


To sign up for my free E-newsletter, simply send an e-mail that says "Sign me up" to CoffeehouseMystery@gmail.com



August 6, 2011

Landon Pigg song

I love it! Is it available to purchase on YouTube? Sounds so much like a song about Mike Quinn!


Cleo's reply:

I am so glad you like the song. (I posted the YouTube link of it below.) You're right. That is exactly what I say about it on this site's home page:

"I've come to think of this as Mike Quinn's theme..."




P.S. To answer your question, you can purchase this song anywhere you would normally purchase music. Landon Pigg is the artist and the name of the song is "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop." Enjoy! ~ Cleo





August 6, 2011




Cleo's reply -- A2, The Large Print edition should be out in a few months!


I have another idea for you, too. You might get a kick out of listening to MURDER BY MOCHA! It will be released as an audio book by AudioGo (BBC Audiobooks America) this month. I'm very excited about this. I spoke with the actress reading the book, and she's terrific! She trained for the stage at university. She's excellent, and I can't wait for you all to hear her!


I'll post more about the audio editions soon. In the meantime, you can now listen to ON WHAT GROUNDS in audio! The book is available via the iTunes store. AND you can easily get it as a digital download at Amazon through Audible.com. Here's how...


Click here to jump to the product page for ON WHAT GROUNDS and look at the different FORMATS that Amazon shows are available. Click on the AUDIBLE format, and you'll see one way to download it if you're interested!

I'll be sure to post the link for MURDER BY MOCHA's audio edition as well as the other books in my Coffeehouse series when they become available.


Warmest java wishes,
~ Cleo



August 5, 2011

Possible crossover?


In, "Murder by Mocha" there is a reference to Quindicott...is it possible that Mrs. McClure and Ms. Cosi will meet???

That would be so cool!

I'm only a little way into the second Mystery Bookshop series, so maybe it's already happened and I haven't gotten there yet...



You are a very observant reader! Bravo! Cleo's reply to come shortly...


(For anyone wondering who Mrs. McClure is, click here to learn more...)








August 5, 2011

Awesome Recipes!!

I just wanted to say the recipes you have on your website are awesome!!! The books you write are too!! Keep up the great work.!!!


Thank you!
Cleo's reply to come shortly...


August 4, 2011



I have to say it is VERY hard to immerse myself in reading a great new book when I keep getting distracted by the food mentioned in the book! I want to cook immediately but I want to read but I want to cook...and so on. BUT now I've finished the book and start cooking! Best of both worlds!


~ Nurse Judy Mac


August 3, 2011

It's Finally Here!

I will be enjoying every word this weekend, hopefully without interruption. I wish it was Fall (the perfect cozy setting to read your books), but I couldn't possibly make it till then!!




August 3, 2011

Murder By Mocha a Great Mystery!!!!



Hi Cleo,

Believe it or not, I just 

finished reading Murder By Mocha!!! It was a book that was extremely difficult for me to put down!!! Wow!!!! A triumph!!! 5 stars and two thumbs way up!!!





August 2, 2011

New Book!

Please hold all my calls, someone else pet the cat (otherwise she bites hands that should be petting her), feed yourselves, I have Murder by Mocha in my hot sweaty hands and I do not wish to be disturbed!


Nurse Judy Mac,
now officially national
board certified nurse practitioner!


August 2, 2011

new countdown begins!!!!

the countdown to when the new Jack and Pen book comes out begins!!! yay-finally. i've been waiting to start this countdown for awhile now. now it begins. can't wait. :)



Thank you, Rosa! You are so sweet. Cleo will reply to you later today...

For anyone wondering who Jack and Pen are. Visit Cleo's Haunted Bookshop here.



August 2, 2011

So excited



I was so excited about the book coming out today I woke up at 4:30 this morning!!! When I checked my email there was a note from Amazon saying that it had been downloaded to my kindle. Now as soon as I get a cup of coffee I plan on reading til my eyes cross and I have to nap for a little while. WOOOO HOOOO Finally it's here :D 


Sue in Iowa


Thank you, Sue! What a fun comment! Cleo will post a reply here later today...


August 2, 2011


Dear Cleo,

I came upon Holiday Grind in the library in 2010. The Cover Art was so good, I could not pass it up. This book was my first mystery in years! I really loved it! I smelled coffee the whole time I read it!

Your books have turned a staunch romance reader & tea drinker into a tea drinker who loves coffee:} and have read all your novels except two. I am working on reading those.

The scenery is described with such clarity that I began to know the New York that my New Yorker husband has described all these years. We have had many conversations about the landmarks and neighborhoods in your books.

When I went to NYC and crossed the Verrazano(?) Bridge, I looked at my hubby's happy face and thought of your books. Thank you so much for turning this Texas girl onto Clare in the Village Blend!

from Texas



Cleo's reply: Charlotte, this is an amazing note. It made my week! I am going to share it on my home page soon. Thank you!



August 1, 2011

Looking for hardcovers

Have been looking for hardcover copies of your coffee house mysteries for my collection. Not much luck!! Any suggestions?



Cleo's reply:

That's a very easy one to answer! If your local indie or chain store can't help you, then I can. Here are the links from my ABOUT THE COFFEEHOUSE MYSTERIES PAGE. That page is found on my Web site by clicking here.

The first in my series initially published in hardcover was #7 Espresso Shot (previous titles were originally published in paper, so note that).

Again: There were never any hardcovers on the market for #1 On What Grounds, #2 Through the Grinder, #3 Latte Trouble, #4 Murder Most Frothy, #5 Decaffeinated Corpse, or #6 French Pressed. You can purchase all of those book in paperback form. Links to purchase those titles can be found here on my About the Coffeehouse Mysteries Page...


As for the titles that were
originally published in hardcover...


Coffeehouse Mystery


If you want to buy Espresso Shot
in its original hardcover
format then click the link below...

Espresso Shot (Coffeehouse Mystery)





Coffeehouse Mystery


You can still buy the
beautiful hardcover edition
by clicking the link below...

Holiday Grind
(Coffeehouse Mystery)






Coffeehouse Mystery


You can still buy the
gorgeous hardcover
by clicking the link below...

Roast Mortem
(Coffeehouse Mystery)







Named as a Reviewer's Pick
"Favorite Book of the Year"
~ Bookreporter.com



Thanks for asking and happy collecting!
I hope I can sign them for you one day soon...

~ Cleo



August 1, 2011

Plans for Tuesday August 2

Tomorrow I plan on staying inside all day. The heat index is going to be between 110 and 115 so I won't want to go out. That's not the main reason I'll be inside all day....No I will be reading MURDER BY MOCHA!!!!! I hope by the time I get up in the morning it will be downloaded onto my kindle (yes, I preordered it) so I can start it along with my first cup of coffee. Hope nothing important happens on the news between tonight and tomorrow morning, because I won't hear about it until I put the book down!!!!!....

Sue in Iowa



Cleo's reply:

Wonderful, Sue! Stop back and let me know how you like the book. (There are plenty of twists and turns. Enjoy the ride!)





July 29, 2011

Tuesday Morning at Blackbird Bakery on Bainbridge Island

This coming Tuesday,
August 2nd I will be at Blackbird Bakery sipping on a wonderful mocha and reading the prologue and chapter one of your new mystery on my nook!!!


Cleo's reply:

Sweet! Here's hoping you'll want to read more than the free sample, lol! :) If you do, drop back and let me know how you liked this entry in the series. Cheers and thanks for dropping by my virtual coffeehouse.








July 27, 2011

Having withdrawal

I sure hope August gets here soon...not just because it's so dang hot here in Iowa, but I'm having Coffehouse Mysteries withdrawal. I've preordered it, but it's still taking a LONG time to get here LOL...I miss Pen and Jack to When will they be making another appearance?

Sue (in Iowa)


Cleo's Reply --

Sue - I'm blowing you chocolate kisses for counting down the days with me on my new release. I hope you have as much fun reading Murder by Mocha as I had writing it. Chocolate and coffee made for some fun "pairings" in this new Coffeehouse Mystery. I think you'll see what I mean as you read it.

     As for Jack and Pen, thank you for asking about them! A new Haunted Bookshop Mystery (aka, my "Ghost and..." series, written under the name Alice Kimberly) will be making an appearance next year, so stay tuned...

     And be sure to check back on the Home Page of this Web site next week for my Virtual Release Party! I'll be linking to contests with fun prizes (like the one below) to celebrate the milestone publication of #10 in the Coffeehouse Mystery series, Murder by Mocha! :)


Enter to win
an autographed
copy of...

by Mocha!



And get Cleo's
recipe for...


Frozen Hot


Get my new recipe and
enter to win a signed copy of
Murder by Mocha

and the
Serendipity Gift Set

by clicking the link below...



See you there!

~ Cleo


July 23, 2011

Note to Cleo

Thank you for this amazing series. I just finished #3 { Latte Trouble } and am starting on #4 { Murdery Most Frothy }. I am recovering from surgery and these mysteries are helping me heal. I loved the description of the London plane trees only to discover an article about them in the Wall Street Journal the very next day. Keep it up. This is THE BEST mystery series I've ever read.



Cleo's reply:

Dear Sharon,

I'm so happy when someone tells me that my books help him or her escape from pain (mental or physical). It's the strongest motivation you could ever give me to continue writing, and I thank you. ( No kidding. You made my day. :))

     I am sending positive thoughts, prayers, and good karma your way for fast, longstanding healing, and I hope anyone who reads this will do the same. In a way, we're all frequent vistiors to a fictional Villgae Blend, and it's nice to raise a cup to each other when we can.


Wishing you java joy,

~ Cleo


P.S. I'm also pleased to know that you appreciated the mention of the London Plane Trees in Latte Trouble

New York City makes for an exciting setting (and place to live). The details of Clare Cosi's world (which also happens to be my real one!) are a pleasure to share. It's an even greater pleasure to know a reader appreciates it. Thank you again, Sharon!

~ CC


July 23, 2011

im new reader

cleo, theres nothing more that i like is jo and cats, so u will probably be my third favorite author.

lynda baker


Cleo's reply:

With so many talented authors publishing today, let alone the number of authors in the known universe, color me thrilled to make your top three, especially if one and two are Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë (kidding, kidding...).


Honestly: Java cheers to you, Lynda, for posting on my board. You are very kind to let me know that you're enjoying my books, and I sincerely appreciate it.

Come on back now, y'hear?! 

~ Cleo


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Click here to learn more about the Coffeehouse Mystery novels.
To purchase the books, click here or here or here.

July 18, 2018
Your books are fantastic
July 7, 2018
July 4th