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May 27, 2010

Howdy from Catherine

Thanks for the coffee recommendation. Crystal's checking it out. Will e-mail with more info on what we're up to. Crystal writes poetry -- not the roses are red type! She also is writing a series of science fiction books under a pen name. Bob wrote a book also under a pen name & I am currently editing it. More about these in the e-mail. Our web site is up but we are currently working on it also.

Catherine Lane
of Amarillo

Cleo's reply - Nice to hear from you Catherine. Sounds like the Lane family is keeping busy! Write more when you can. :)

Java joy to you always,

~ Cleo

May 26, 2010

Local Coffee Shop

I go to the local coffee shop on at least one of my 2 days off work. I just ordered # 5 & 6 of the Coffee House Mysteries. And #1 of the Haunted Bookshop. So glad I finaly got to your website. Now I have more good mysteries to keep me entertained. Soon I may try some of your coffee also.

(one of your Facebook friends)


Cleo's reply -- Thank you for dropping in, Teri! I'm so glad you found my *virtual* coffeehouse. Grinning about your going to a local coffee shop. That's about the best place there is to read one of the Coffeehouse Mysteries, I guess. :) Come on back here to this message board anytime you like. Otherwise, I'll *see* you on Facebook.

~ Cleo


May 22, 2010

Thanks for the Coffee:

I just love it--thanks

Suzette :)


Cleo's reply - You are most welcome!

(Suzette was a recent Free Coffee Drawing Winner.)

May 22, 2010

Marriages from The New York Times

Did anyone see the wedding of the week in last Sunday's New York Times? The couple met at a coffee house (that the bride owns with her brother) and every wedding guest's favorite type of coffee was included. A blast for you coffee lovers out there!

Cleo's reply - Thanks for this news. Three java cheers to you for stopping by to let us know. :)


May 20, 2010

I am having so much fun...

reading the Haunted Bookshop series!!! Your phrasing is fabulous and after having read 3 I have yet to figure out "whodunnit"!!!

Thanks so very much for both series...I'm now totally caught up with the coffeeshop and now heading back to Pen and Jack for round 4!

Blessings on a great summer,

May 12, 2010

The semester is over!

It is with a huge sigh of relief that I can announce that the Spring semester is over! I have received an "A" in my class and a job offer from the clinic where I did my clinical time. I now have time to devote myself to those things I left undone, like cleaning house, oh, wait, there's the new Laurie King book that just came in the mail! Okay, I'll just read that, then clean house. Oh, look, the new Earlene Fowler book just arrived in the mail! Awesome! I'll just inhale it then definitely clean house, wait, what do you mean the summer semester has started? Oh, well, I guess the house will have to wait until August. Oh, wait, isn't that when Roast Mortem is released? Maybe I'll pencil in cleaning the house for sometime in 2011.

~~Nurse JudyMac


Cleo's reply:

     Nurse Judy!!! Always a pleasure to see you dropping by my virtual coffeehouse. JAVA CHEERS TO YOU on the Spring semester "A" -- and the job offer. Grand slam, girl! 

     Seems to me you really earned a little R&R (relaxing and reading time).

     Below is a teensy little Irish Coffee drink to get you started on that relaxation thing...



 Java joy always,


May 9, 2010

Withdrawal Symptoms

We’re going into withdrawal from “Good Coffee”, Lattes, and Your books! Joe seems not to offer the Vienna Roast anymore!...We are having major withdrawal symptoms which include: Difficulty avoiding Coffee Shops and Book Stores Difficulty sleeping and, thus, difficulty staying awake during normal hours Staring longingly at empty coffee cups. Carrying a lonely bookmark with us everywhere Designing Crochet Lattés. Designing coffee themed bookmarks. Drooling every time we visit your web site. Watching too much TV trying to substitute for our mystery needs. More in e-mail...

Catherine Lane
Amarillo, TX


Cleo's reply -


Grinning at your message,  and I'm so happy to hear from you again, Catherine. I hope the Lane house is in good spirits. And I have your remedy (for "good coffee" withdrawl anyway :-)

Kafe Lespwa "Coffee of Hope" (from Haiti)
is an excellent cup. Maybe you'll win a package this summer. I'll be giving it away every Monday in my weekly drawings. And you can always order some for yourself (and help the coffee farmers who are helping and housing many of Haiti's earthquake refugees). Just
click here to learn more or purchase :)

Sweet java hugs from NYC to you,
your husband and
your lovely daughter,


May 9, 2010

Happy Nurses' Day to all of us nurses!



Here's to us, the masters of the code brown! Fueled by caffeine, we look at hunky guys and think "Wow, great veins!" and discuss body fluids and functions through any meal without a hitch. We will care for you through birth and death and everything in between, and if you bring us cookies, we will love you forever. We are cynical, sarcastic, with extremely warped senses of humor and we will laugh with you and cry with you and we will let you know that, no matter what, we are your advocate and will do whatever is necessary to provide you with the best care we can. We may be crazy but we wouldn't have it any other way!


Cleo's reply -

Happy Nurses' Day to the angels among us. :)


May 8, 2010

It's been awhile

Hi Cleo,

I didn't want you to think that I had dropped off the face of the earth. I am running a new Cafe in Plainfield and that is keeping me busy, busy. Time sure flies unless you are waiting for your favorite author's new books to come out LOL. Any way just wanted to say hi and tell your hubby hi too...

Take care,

Plainfield, IN


Cleo's reply:


Nice to hear from you, Rusty, and thank you for the very kind words. We have a new book coming this summer - Roast Mortem. Stay tuned for an excerpt to be posted soon.

In the meantime, I love hearing that you're running a new Cafe in Plainfield! Pour me a cuppa!! (If you want to post the name and address, or a Web site, I'd be happy to spread the good word. You can post here or send me a NOTE TO CLEO at VillageBlend@aol.com  :)


May 5, 2010

Bla bla BLa

coffie is Great > i am @ school and it's boring<


Cleo's reply: Hang in there. Not every subject is for every student. Want a tip for keeping your adult life from being "boring" too? Find the one thing that makes TIME FLY BY for you and you will find your BLISS.

Once you do that, learn as much as you can about whatever it is; practice it as much as you can, and believe me one day someone will pay you to do it :-) 


May 2, 2010

Enjoying a WONDERFUL iced mocha

Just wanted to let you know I received my coffee and picked it up from my friend Lois. I will share some of the regular with her...This morning I am happlily sitting here knitting and enjoying a most WONDERFUL iced mocha. Thanks so much.

West Des Moines, Iowa

Cleo's reply - Thank you, Nancy! You were very sweet to e-mail me this note and allow me to re-post it here.

Drink with joy,

(Nancy is one of my Free Coffee
Drawing Winners


May 1, 2010

what's for Pen and Jack

I would like to know if you have plans to write another book about the haunted book store. My favorite librarian got me started on your books and I enjoy both.


Cleo's reply:

First of all - thank you for asking. More Jack and Pen adventures are indeed in the works. In fact, I'm writing the next Haunted Bookshop mystery right now with my husband (as most of my readers know, Marc is my partner in crime writing).

The new Haunted Bookshop mystery is titled The Ghost and the Bogus Bestseller and below (for the first time ever), I can show you a picture of an early cover.

You may notice the publisher is playing up the name "Cleo Coyle" now. Although my husband and I began to write this series under "Alice Kimberly," the name Cleo Coyle has become more widely known and now the publisher is going to start releasing the new Alice Kimberly books under the Coyle name. I hope that's not too confusing for "Alice's" readers! :)


THE GHOST and the

Haunted Bookshop #6

When will this new book be released? I don't yet have an exact date. But if you subscribe to my free newsletter, then you will be sure to hear when the next book is available because I always announce this to my subscribers. Again, the newsletter is free. Just send a "Sign me up" e-mail to


Thanks again for stopping by and please do thank your favorite librarian for me. Librarians are the coolest people on the planet as far as I'm concerned -- the keepers of the literary flame. And I'm extremely flattered whenever those very kind individuals recommend my books. :-)

"Spirited' good wishes to you,
(aka Alice Kimberly)

April 28, 2010

Pen and Jack!

Please come back.

It has been so long.


Cleo's reply: 

They hear you :-) 

See my reply above this one for more info on their next book and thank you for your very kind enthusiasm!






April 27, 2010

Need More Books...PLEASE!!!

Okay, I've read all the Coffee House Mysteries and Haunted Bookshop, I had surgery today and I am desperate for a good read.....Help!!! Can either Penelope or Clare come over for coffee and keep me company (Ha Ha). Laid up for a while,

Terre Haute, IN


Cleo's reply: Rebekah! I am so sorry to hear that you are on the post-surgical mend (ouch!). I am sending good thoughts, prayers, and karma your way. I hope you feel better soon. Thank you so much for stopping by. Please read my reply (in the message above this one) to find out more about the next Jack and Pen adventure :-)

I baked you a big, warm plate of *virtual* chocolate brownies to enjoy with your next pot o' joe. (Because, well, chocolate makes all medicine go down easier.)

Feel better soon!

April 25, 2010

Great series!!

Really enjoying your books!! I, like several of your fans, found Holiday Grind first and am now making my way through your other books...wonderful way to wind down after a busy day. Keep them coming!!!

Venice, Florida



April 23, 2010

My New Coffeemaker!


I had to write with my thanks for your advice a few months ago on drip coffeemakers. I purchased one of the Cuisinarts, complete with a gold grounds basket and water filter. It makes great cup of coffee. It is always nice and hot and never gets that bitter, burned taste.

Our book club, "Thrills and Chills Mystery Readers" met this past Monday and we are anxious for the next books in both of your series!

in Nebraska


Cleo's reply:


Dear Pam: I am so happy that you stopped by again. And I'm very pleased to hear that my advice worked out for you. Also grinning over the name of your book club -- "Thrills and Chills" is perfect. :)

Please send my very best java wishes to eveyrone in your club!

Drink with joy,

* To see Pam's original question to Cleo about drip coffeemakers (and read Cleo's answer), scroll down this message board page to January 18, when Pam originally posted her question.

April 14, 2010

Can't read them fast enough!!

I have just finished my second Coffeehouse Mystery and I have to say, I love them almost as much as I love coffee!! :)

Thanks Cleo for writing about what so many of us love . . . Coffee! :)


April 14, 2010

I am hooked

I read Holiday Grind first, but then went to the first book and started. I really love your mystery series. I have a hard time putting them down.

I work for an assited living home and after I finish reading one of your books, I pass them along to the residents at the home who are interested in reading them too.

Needless to say, we have formed a Coffe House Mystery's fan club. Keep up the great work!!!!

Hugs from Minnesota

April 12, 2010

these wonderful books...

hi cleo, i first read holiday grind, as i seem to have a habit of starting a book series at the most recent, but i have gone back to the beginning and am reading them one by one... thank you for this wonderful series....              




On What Ground,
Book #1,
Coffeehouse Mysteries


April 11, 2010

Can hardly wait!

I have just reread the haunted bookstore series and I am on tenterhooks for the next book! I really love all of her books, but Jack and Pens stories are definitely my favorite! They make the year teaching in China pass my quickly...although the waiting makes it seem to go more slowly...LOVE THE BOOKS!

Court. B.

April 9, 2010

Incredibly excited!

Dear Cleo,

Just recently I got hold of a copy of your latest book, Holiday Grind. And let me just express how incredibly wonderful it was. I've read every single one of your books, each one being infused with surpassing skill, and I must say this one was my favorite. I am so grateful that you continue to write these books for your readers; I send you a warm thank you and a delicious cup of coffee :) I can't wait until Roast Mortem comes out!

Best Regards,







March 25, 2010

Inspiration from Pen and Jack


I just wanted to let you know that because of the Haunted Bookshop mysteries I've taken up writing again. Maybe this will come to something, maybe not, but your stories are so rich in character that I couldn't help but be inspired.

Thank you!




March 21, 2010

Have em all!

Ok it's official, I now own all the cleo and Alice books that are out in paperback so far, soooo what's next? Haven't had much time for reading lately as the Olympics and Paralympics were in town and my bf and I were checking everything out, (there was a 5 hour line at the mint pavilion the other day) Can't wait to visit with Jack, Pen, Mike and Clare again, I've missed them all though I think Jack still sneaks a peak in my dreams the odd time lol


March 9, 2010


I just read your books in a matter of a week!!! From the time I picked up the first book, I could not put them down!!!

I have been recommending them to everybody that I talk to! I even ordered Holiday Grind from the internet hoping it would be here by the time I finished Espresso Shot! Unfortunately, it didn't, so I went to the bookstore and they were all sold out! I have even pre-ordered Roast Mortem! Thank you for these wonderful books!!!

March 6, 2010


That's a long countdown; I'm gonna wear out my pencil making those X-marks on the calendar. *Sigh* Still no Jack? His visit to Orlando was so brief. . . . You keep writing: I keep reading.



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