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October 14, 2009

I don't drink coffee [but] Thanks for giving me a wonderful collection of mysteries

I've never liked coffee except for the delightful aroma. You have taught me more about coffee this summer then I ever knew existed. I am anxiously awaiting the next chapter of Clare Cosi's life. I've gone through a slew of medical tests this summer and Clare has been there with me. If my doctors were as smart as Clare I'd know what's wrong with me by now. Thanks for giving me a wonderful collection of mysteries to keep my mind off me.

~Dee Dee


Cleo's reply: Hi Dee Dee! I'm really touched by your note and pulling for you, girl! I am so happy you posted. Will write more soon...

October 13, 2009

Fav Celebrity Chefs Poll

Cleo, I can't believe Bobby Flay is not listed on the Celebrity Chef poll. He gets my vote.



Cleo's reply: Good point!

October 13, 2009

another Jack suggestion

Thought I'd toss in my choice for an actor to play Jack in a movie - Jon Hamm. He is on "Mad Men" and a complete knock- out. **sigh** Plus we know he looks good in a suit!

Happy Columbus Day!


Cleo's reply: This is a great suggestion. Will write more here soon and put a YouTube link...stay tuned...

October 13, 2009

note to Cleo

Got my write up on you and books in Fresh Fiction.

Looking for Espresso Shot tomorrow and then will be waiting for the next one. But next week got ALL the Haunted Bookshop to look forward to. Keep scribblin girl I just read faster than you write.


October 12, 2009

Coffee Makers, Espresso Makers, Lattes... Oh MY!

Hello Cleo,

I'm a big fan and I've read - or is that devoured? all the coffee house series and have started to nibble on Penelope's bookstore as well. I need your advice about coffee makers and espresso makers and thought your research would qualify you as a go to person for this info. Can you advise?

~ Rose C.


Cleo's reply: To come soon...check back!

October 10, 2009







October 9, 2009

French Pressed in London


I was traveling back to Bulgaria, my home country, two summers ago and brought along with me French Pressed, which my mom recommended.

I started reading it on the airplane and could not get enough. I had an 11-hour lay-over in London, so I left the airport to take a walk around the center of the city. When I got tired, I sat on a bench in Hyde Park and read until it was time to go back to the airport so that I wouldn't miss my flight. I was a bit paranoid about missing it so I actually got there 2 hours early and spent the entire time finishing the novel. I loved it and can't wait to read the rest of the series (this time in order)!

Best of luck,
in Charlottesville, VA


October 3, 2009

First timer :o)

I just finished Espresso Shot - my 1st time Cleo Coyle read......loved it!!!!

Now I'll have to work my way backwards and read them all!! Couldn't put it down once I started...although did have frequent cravings for dark, rich caffeine experience while reading that almost sent me to one of the local coffee haunts here.

:o) Luanne
in San Diego, CA



October 3, 2009

Karen in Pa. checking in

Hi everyone.

Had a rough summer. Spent half of it in the emergency room (you know it's bad when they don't need to ask your name) and my dad got sick. To top it off, last Saturday one of the neighbors held a kiddie party and invited everyone except my daughter, obviously because they did not want the special needs kid around their normal kids. My husband wasn't as upset because our daughter doesn't know she was excluded but to me it's a view of what her future will be and it's crushing.

All in all it was very depressing so I really needed the diversion of a good book. I loved Espresso Shot! Thanks Cleo. The next time I can do something as frivolous as go to the bookstore I am definitely checking out the Haunted Bookshop series. Come to think of it, I have a job near a mall later today so I think I'm due for some "me" time.

Everyone here was so nice and supportive and I thank you all so much for that. Just knowing you were here and had good wishes for us got me through some tough days.

in Pennsylvania


Cleo's reply: Karen - I apologize for taking so long to comment here. (I hope you see this!) I think about you and your daughter often and I was so angry to hear about how she was treated in the neighborhood.

Your honesty about your experience has made me more aware of how I look at and treat people who are different . . . I think many of us can use that lesson and your posts here help remind us.

God bless you and your daughter and I can only hope that the books I sent along give you a little bit of an escape from what I know must be a stressful life.

~ Cleo


October 1, 2009

Caffeine Withdrawal


Hi Cleo!

While waiting patiently for Holiday Grind to debut I feel like I am going through major coffee withdrawl. So I decided that I would run out and buy every book in your Haunted Bookshop series.

Although different,
the quality of writing is still excellent and I am enjoying Jack and Pen's antics which has managed to keep me happy while patiently waiting for November.

Best Wishes,

Jeanne & Hermi (my white little kitty who is waiting to read about yours in Holiday Grind)



Cleo's reply: Thank you Jeanne! Java joy to you...

And to little Hermi: I think you'll be very pleased to meet the little white kitten in Holiday Grind... ~Cleo

September 29, 2009

Coffeehouse & Book Store Mystery

Forgot to add, that it's nice to read about of average height and weight for a change. Instead of long, tall, and built like a Barbie doll. Thank you

Cleo's reply: LOL!!

September 29, 2009

Jack and Pen

I really enjoyed these books, I read all of them in a week. Like Pen, I love Jack.
September 29, 2009

Note to Cleo

Hi, Tried to enter info for newsletter, wasn't allowed.

Cleo's reply:  Hi Sue. Just send an e-mail that says "Sign me up!" to VillageBlend@aol.com

September 29, 2009

Haunted Bookshop Series... a real treat.


Hello Cleo.

I have recently discovered your Haunted Bookshop Mysteries and truly enjoy them. As a life long mystery fan and currently working as a tour guide for the...


Haunted Walk
of Ottawa



...it is amazing to be able to see two of my interests combined in such a unique way.

Weirdly enough our haunted Walk office and gift shop full of books was, until very recently, two floors above... a coffee shop!


Please keep the great stories coming.

~Mark Cayer
Ontario, Canada







September 28, 2009

Great coffee



Hey Cleo,

I received the free Amaro Gayo that I won in your coffee drawing and i'm lovin it! Even my unsophisticated palate can taste the mild fruity flavor. It went great with the blueberry muffin i had for breakfast this morning. I'm thinking of working my way through all your coffee picks. Book i'm currently reading: A Penny Urned by Tamar Myers (great series), next up: Hail to the Chef by Julie Hyzy (coz i liked her first White House chef book).

Thanks for the great coffe and your great books,

from Weymouth, MA


September 26, 2009

Notes of Praise



Dear Cleo,

I am a professional classical guitarist and spend much of my time buried in sheet music (now there's the title for a murder mystery). I worked as a barista while doing my undergrad studies and now coffee is my friend during long days of teaching and practice sessions.

Your books are so great in the way they celebrate art...whether it's brewing the perfect cup, supporting the historic community, addressing visual arts, or recognizing The Blend's employees as artists, I really appreciate your perspective. Please keep the books coming!

~Candice Mowbray


Cleo's reply: An amazing note, Candice! Thank you! I apologize for taking so very long to answer. If you read this, I hope you will e-mail me at VillageBlend@aol.com  I would love to do one of my "coffee break" CM reader features on you!



September 24, 2009

adding to why I love coffee


Hi Cleo,

I just have to say I found your first book by luck while I was home for a visit (this was several yrs. ago). It was in a coffee shop/ bookstore in San Diego. It was the only copy and it was MINE. I have not stopped reading the coffeehouse books since.

I have been a Barista for 12 yrs. (?). With hubby being active duty this has been a great job to have as you have coffee everywhere. I love the customers and trying new things. I have even gotten my best friend hooked on your books too.

We work in a bookstore with a coffee shop so we are always looking up when your next book is due besides this site. She doesn't even drink coffee. LOL

Thanks for such entertaining books and teaching me new things when I read your books. Love the site and I actually picked up the first book in the Haunted Bookshop Series. Can't wait to get that one started. Even though it is only a couple months away, I cannot wait for Holiday Grind. Thanks again and keep up the great job,

now in Florida


Cleo's reply: LOL, Gloria! Thank you for posting and especially for reading my books.

Drink with joy always,

September 23, 2009

1960's Coffee Recipes

Hi Cleo

My mom is in the middle of moving and brought over some books she doesn't want anymore. In the pile were three cookbooks. and all were very VERY! old lol 2 were from the late 70's and one of those actually had a recipe for turtle soup! eeeew! it actually called for 1 can turtle soup LOL! but the one that I was drawn to was a better homes and gardens bread book from 1966.

At the back of the book there where a few pages of Coffee recipes headlined perfect coffee every time. LOL! every single one called for instant coffee in them. They even mentioned instant espresso! I don't think I've ever heard of instant espresso. The recipe for iced coffee sounded AWFUL! it called for makeing double strength coffee and then pouring it hot over ice cubes and drinking it like that. Never fear though all the tea recipes used Instant tea too! hahahaha lol, never have I laughed so much reading cookbooks. They were such fun to read.

:-) Chelle

September 22, 2009

I am a rabid fan of your books

Hey Cleo,

I've written you before 4 info on coffee grinders. I did buy the burr-grinder and love it. I am also a rabid fan of your books. I have all of them and loan them to my gal peeps. Don't understand why they aren't on audio yet. Audio book form is what my husband listens to. He doesn't have time to read fiction/bio-autobio books. He is an Electrical Engineer-Nuclear and studies theology. Have waited long and anxiously for the latest in both mystery series. Barnes and Noble doesn't have them as yet. I get the feeling that Jack is in love w/Pen. How would that work with a ghost? I hope she never loses his nickel! Keep Writing and I'll still be reading them while I HAVE TO drink my decaf. I don't have a choice. If decaf is all I can get to stay in coffee heaven, I'll do it! Keep those fingers writing and the mind sharp we/coffee.

My best to you!

September 22, 2009

Thank you so much!

Thanks so much for your feature about my recommending the coffee pick of the month. What fun to see it! Love the feature. Eager to share with friends and family!

Have a java day!!!!
~Mary T
Appleton WI

Cleo's reply:

You are most welcome, Mary! Thanks again to you and your daughter Shelley for the recommendation of Gimme! Coffee. I can really feel the love when I order from them. They are true professionals in the trade and sincerely care about giving customers the absolute best coffee experience possible.


September 22, 2009

Drinking up Cleo's books and Coffee Picks...

Re-posting an e-mail from "Dotty" to Cleo's e-mail box VillageBlend@aol.com (Dotty recently won Cleo's Free Coffee Drawing...)

Hi Cleo,

I was just sitting down with my first cup of Dallmayr prodomo, which I bought on your recommendation, when I decided to check my email. I'm thrilled that you picked me this week (that's right, I have no life)LOL. I recently finished reading your 2 Pink Panther books. They cracked me up. You and your husband really captured the bumbling French detective. I've read all your Coffeehouse Mysteries as well as the Haunted Bookshop ones (I love The Ghost and Mrs Muir movie too) and I'm anxiously awaiting the paperback release of Espresso Shot next month.

Weymouth, MA

Part of Cleo's reply to Dotty:

Wow, Dotty, I don't think there could be a more deserving recipient of this coffee than you. THANK YOU for being such an enthusiastic reader of my (and my husband's) work...

Java joy to you,

September 20, 2009

Banana Muffins

Hi Cleo,

I saw your banana muffin recipe, and would love to try it out to see how it compares to the one I already make, but I don't like Walnuts, can they be skipped? is there another nut that might work?


Cleo's reply: Hi Chelle - try pecans. Nuts bring a nice additional flavor note to cookies and muffins and I really like them, but I realize not eveyone does - or they have nut allergies. You can go nutless if you like, too. (Gee, that sounds funny.)  LOL!  ~Cleo

September 18, 2009

My Question Answered Before I Asked


How wonderful! I came here to ask Cleo and got the answer before I had a chance to type it. How cool is that? I love this place. What was my question?

Can a barista be male or female?


September 16, 2009

Charleston!!! I have left the planet again and again!! Coffee & Books


Ms. Cleo:

You are truly the nicest person in the whole wide world and I appreciate you writing back to me. Boy, now I know why people love your books, you are a gracious and beautiful woman and very blessed. I would like to introduce my self, I'm VaLinda. The volunteer at the library in Charleston and, thank goodness, still a full time employee with the Federal Government.

I still love volunteering at the library and when I completed the first Pen and Jack book, yes I went back to the library and got the others. Just completed "The Ghost and the Femme Fatale" and fell in love all over again with Jack. Love Sadie and Bud (I hope and hope they get together), and cannot get enough of Seymour and Brainert.

I just went and bought "The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion." I could not wait for the library. Besides, I try to buy books every two weeks when I get paid to keep our stores alive. Boy!!! I'm trying to hold out and wait with the most extreme anticipation before I jump in and start reading it as well as forgetting to get some sleep. I will wait with extreme pressure for the next Haunted Bookshop Mystery. In the meantime, going out to buy all of your other books. I need another job. It's expensive, but it's worth every single "C-Note", according to Jack. And he should know!!!

Coffee and Books oh! my!
God! I'm loving it!

Charleston, SC


Cleo's reply: Hello VaLinda!!! I am so happy to hear from you again. Please forgive how long it has taken me to reply. I hope you see this!

I loved your second post here, and I am so happy and proud to count you among my readers. Thank you for purchasing my books. Jack and Pen can use all the help they can get to stay alive on the page.

You made my day! I hope the reading experience is worth your hard-earned money and I could not be more honored that you chose my books to read.

Thank you again and keep in touch!




September 15, 2009

Ahoy....tis Pirate Day on the 19th!!!

ahoy..and avast.....

Pirate Day is coming up this Saturday! Talk like a pirate..and enjoy several cups of coffee also.

(Click here link to learn more.)


Mary T
Appleton WI

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