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"Scads of red herrings, peeks behind the show-biz curtain, and bountiful appended recipes will leave fans smiling contentedly.
Kirkus Reviews 

"This twentieth Coffeehouse mystery (after Honey Roasted) brings together the history of the shop, ripped-from-the-headlines plot elements, [and] the drama of on-site filming." 


"The cozy mystery we’ve all been waiting for this year! This is the 20th installment of the Coffeehouse Mystery series, and it came in with a bang! Pun intended. BULLETPROOF BARISTA is everything a cozy mystery lover longs for."
—Fresh Fiction

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"The powerhouse writing duo that makes up
Cleo Coyle has done it again with this
19th installment of the Coffeehouse Mysteries.
What do I love about these books? EVERYTHING…
HONEY ROASTED needs to be on every mystery
lover’s to be read list."

Fresh Fiction

"Coyle's latest Coffeehouse mystery is
a honey of a tale....A primer on bees,
coffee, and some of New York's most
unusual and exciting areas make for a
Kirkus Reviews
"I LOVED IT!...It will hold a space on my 
BEST READS list for this year." 
—Lori Boness Caswell, 
Escape with Dollycas
into a Good Book 
and fast-paced…This is one of the best books
in the series and I can’t wait to see what
adventures await Clare and her 
—Dru Ann Love, award-winning reviewer,
Dru's Book Musings
"An ENGAGING premise combines


"Red herrings pop up at every turn and
relationships aren’t what they seem.
Coyle knows how to please cozy 
Publishers Weekly



Like all of Cleo Coyle’s Coffeehouse books, 
Honey Roasted is not just a coffee lover's mystery,
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"Engrossing...Delightfully Twisty" --Publishers Weekly
"Well-plotted, well-written, with wonderful
characters, Brewed Awakening is truly
one of the best books I have read this year
10 Stars! --Escape with Dollycas
into a Good Book


"Amid the delightfully twisty mystery,
poses an intriguing question: 
if you lost all memory of your beloved,
would you 
fall for him all over again?” 
--Publishers Weekly 


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Cleo Coyle's bestselling Coffeehouse Mysteries are amateur sleuth murder mysteries that feature a cast of quirky characters who work at the Village Blend, a landmark coffee shop located in the picturesque historic district of New York's Greenwich Village. Every one of Cleo's books is not only a coffee lover's mystery, but a culinary mystery with tempting recipes...



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Clare Cosi Goes to


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Cleo Coyle launched her bestselling Coffeehouse Mystery series in September 2003 with On What Grounds. It is now in its 20th printing from Penguin.
* * *
A Fairy Tale Murder
in Central Park 
As a bestselling hardcover, Once Upon a Grind, Cleo's14th in the series, was honored with a Best Book of the Year reviewer's pick by Kings River Life magazine, a Top Pick by RT Book Reviews, and was also a selection of the Mystery Guild...
"Wicked Good!" --Library Journal
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Once Upon a Grind
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The Bomb and the Billionaire


The 13th entry in the series, Billionaire Blend, is a stellar read, literally. It was honored with a Starred Review by Kirkus, given to books of "exceptional merit." The book was also chosen as a "Top Pick" from RT Book Reviews, and praised as "...a highly satisfying mystery" by Publishers Weekly


Billionaire Blend was a bestseller in hardcover last year and has since become a bestselling paperback.


Starred Review -Kirkus
















New York Times


We all know "the holidays are murder" so treat yourself to Holiday Buzz, a B&N Holiday Mystery Pick, and Top-10 New York Times bestseller...


Holiday Recipes! 

The Holidays are Murder!










A "Must-Read"

Coffeehouse Manager Clare Cosi learns that running a food truck can be murder in A Brew to a Kill, the 11th entry in the Coffeehouse Mystery series.


First released by Penguin in hardcover, it quickly became a a bestseller and was honored as a "must-read" mystery by Barnes & Noble, chosen by Mystery Guild as a Featured Alternate Selection, and in less than a month after publication, the hardcover went into a second printing. A Brew to a Kill is now a bestselling paperback. 












Can Chocolate and Coffee Heat Up Your Love Life?

For Clare Cosi, finding out may be murder...


Murder by Mocha

Chocolate and coffee become a deadly combination in Murder by Mocha, now availabe in its beautiful, bestselling foiled paperback edition. The book was originally a national bestseller in hardcover.


Packed with bonus chocolate and mocha recipes, Murder by Mocha is a delicious, fast-paced culinary murder mystery. Four reviewers placed this book on their "Best of Year" lists. 







Meet Cleo's Characters

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The Coffeehouse 

Mystery Books

in Order... 




Book #1

On What Grounds


"The perfect cup of coffee is a mystifying thing. To many of my customers, the entire process seems like some sort of alchemy they dare not try at home...."


Ten years ago, Clare Cosi left an unhappy marriage along with a job she loved: managing the historic Village Blend coffeehouse in New York’s Greenwich Village. For a decade, she was happy raising her daughter in the quiet suburbs of New Jersey; but now that Joy is grown and gone, life has gotten way too quiet for Clare.

     With a little cajoling from Madame, the Blend’s flamboyant, elderly owner (not to mention a persuasive pot of Jamaica Blue Mountain), Clare agrees to return to her old job—and right from the start she gets one heck of a jolt.

     On her first morning back as Village Blend manager, Clare unlocks the front door to find her beautiful, young assistant manager, Anabelle Hart, unconscious in the back of the store, coffee grounds strewn everywhere. Grounds for murder?

     As Anabelle is rushed to the hospital, police arrive to investigate, but Detective Mike Quinn finds no sign of forced entry or foul play, and he deems it an accident. Clare disagrees; and after Quinn leaves, there are a few questions she just can’t get out of her mind, like why was the trash bin in the wrong place? If this wasn’t an accident, are her other baristas in danger? And are all NYPD detectives this attractive?



 To learn more or buy 


On What Grounds...



A beloved bestseller from its first publication in 2003.

Not only a coffee lover's mystery but one that includes tempting culinary recipes. Also available in audiobook form at iTunes and - produced by AudioGo
(BBC Audiobooks America)






Coffeehouse Mystery Reading Guides

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» Books 1 & 2, click here (pdf)











Book #2

Through the Grinder


 "She had to die. The Genius knew this and was absolutely fine with it. The problem, of course, was how...."


Clare’s new life in the city is percolating right along, with her grown daughter, Joy, close by in culinary school; and her ex-husband, Matt, working even closer as the Blend’s coffee buyer. Even better, their newest loyal customer is Mike Quinn, the NYPD detective who helped Clare solve the murder of assistant manager Anabelle.

     Turns out Detective Quinn likes Clare’s lattes as much as hearing her opinions about his current cases, including his latest one: a suicide. Or was it? Soon after stopping at the Village Blend coffeehouse, a regular customer jumps to her death in the subway. Or was she pushed?

     Detective Quinn is convinced that someone has an axe to grind, especially after the “suicide” of a second female customer. Unfortunately, his prime suspect is Bruce Bowman, the new man in Clare’s life. Bruce is the perfect blend of rugged good looks and potent personality. Too bad the women in his life keep turning up dead. Now Clare will have to risk her heart—and her life—to follow the killer’s trail to the bitter end.



To learn more or buy

Through the Grinder...


Now also available in audiobook form
at iTunes and - produced by AudioGo
(BBC Audiobooks America)





Coffeehouse Mystery Reading Guides

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» Books 1 & 2, click here (pdf)











Book #3

Latte Trouble



" 'Men are pigs. They should die!' Tucker Burton's words were audible over the steam wand's hiss...It wasn't that I disagreed with Tucker about men. When they acted like pigs, I wanted blood too, so to speak...."



The barista meets the fashionista! For years, fashion designer Lottie Harmon was the toast of New York’s fashion industry until something happened that made her close up shop and leave the city. Now she’s back, making a splash with an ingenious new collection of coffee-inspired accessories. Because Lottie was always a loyal customer of the Village Blend, she chooses Clare’s coffeehouse as the stage for fall Fashion Week insiders to view her new line of “Java Jewelry.” During the launch party, however, Blend barista Tucker Burton unwittingly serves a poisoned latte to one of Lottie’s guests. Chaos ensues as paramedics rush in, and the police arrest Tucker.

     Clare is certain her barista is innocent, and she suspects the real target may have been Lottie herself. Now Clare must protect her thriving business from negative publicity, Lottie from any further danger, and Tucker from murder charges—even if it means jolting the fashion world with some shocking secrets.



To learn more or buy

Latte Trouble...


Now also available in audiobook form
at iTunes and - produced by AudioGo
(BBC Audiobooks America)




Coffeehouse Mystery Reading Guides

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» Books 3 & 4, click here (pdf)










Book #4

Murder Most Frothy



"Hours before I found the body, one of Detective Mike Quinn's pithy comments came back to haunt me: 'You know, Clare, it's a little known principle of physics that a great deal of money can create a completely separate universe....'"


Clare Cosi's new friend, millionaire entrepreneur David Mintzer, makes her an offer no New York barista could turn down: an all-expense-paid summer away form the sticky city.

     At David’s oceanfront mansion, Clare plans to relax, soak up the sun, and (oh, yes) train the staff at David’s new East Hampton restaurant, Cuppa J, in the high rituals of proper coffee service. Packing up her daughter, her former mother-in-law, and her special recipe for frothy coffee frappes, Clare expects to have a de-latte-ful summer. But her carefree vacation grinds to a halt when an employee turns up dead in David’s bathroom.

     Because of the Fourth of July fireworks, no one heard any gunshots. That doesn’t worry Clare. She’s just starting to investigate, and the disturbing facts she uncovers are going to keep her up at night—even without caffeine.



To learn more or buy

Murder Most Frothy...



Now also available in audiobook form
at iTunes and - produced by AudioGo
(BBC Audiobooks America)







Coffeehouse Mystery Reading Guides

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» Books 3 & 4, click here (pdf)











Book #5

Decaffeinated Corpse


"In 1862 New York instituted its first gun control law, banning rifles to discourage hunting within the city limits. Nearly one hundred and fifty years later, at least one hunter failed to be discouraged...."


At the Village Blend, Clare Cosi’s best baristas may refer to a decaffeinated espresso as a “why bother?”, but Clare knows a good percentage of her customers prefer the neutered brew. So when Ric Gostwick, a charismatically handsome Brazilian, develops the world’s first botanically decaffeinated coffee plant, Clare can see why Matt (her ex-husband and business partner) gets into bed with the deal.
Unfortunately, Ric is also getting into bed with more than one woman. And when an attempted murder happens right outside the Blend’s back door, Clare suspects more than Ric’s revolutionary new plant has its roots in some dirt.
As she begins to investigate Ric’s background and business connections, a trail of clues leads to a pile up of casualties and an international roster of suspects. Now Clare knows she’s got to find the murderer before one of her near and dears takes a fall. Otherwise, her latest addition to the Village Blend menu will prove to be a real buzz killer.



To learn more or buy

Decaffeinated Corpse...



Coffeehouse Mystery Reading Guides

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» Book 5 and 6, click here (pdf)









Book #6
French Pressed


 “'Ugh,' I murmured. 'This coffee is absolute poison...'
     No, the lukewarm ebony liquid sloshing around my bone china cup wasn’t actually lethal, just bitter, old, and lifeless—the kind of adjectives I would have been mortified to hear uttered about my coffee, God forbid my person..."


Clare Cosi's daughter, Joy—a girl who doesn't always make the *best* decisions—is finishing up her culinary studies with an internship at Solange, one of New York City's hottest French restaurants. She's also getting way too intimate with her boss, the older, married Executive Chef Tommy Keitel.

     Clare's not buzzed about the relationship (to put it mildly), but what twenty-something takes romantic advice from her mother? Resolving to keep a closer eye on Joy, Clare makes a deal to micro-roast and French press exclusive coffee blends for Tommy, a man she wouldn't mind seeing roasted and pressed himself! Then the competitive kitchen turns cutthroat, and the NYPD marks Joy as a murder suspect. To clear her daughter of the crime, Clare knows she must catch the real killer...even if it lands her in the hottest water of her life.


To learn more or buy

French Pressed...



Coffeehouse Mystery Reading Guides

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» Book 5 and 6, click here (pdf)









Mystery #7



Cleo's 7th Coffeeehouse Mystery 
Espresso Shot  earned a STARRED REVIEW
and was a national bestseller in both
hardcover and paperback formats...




To learn more or buy

Espresso Shot... 




 As manager and head barista of the landmark Greenwich Village coffeehouse The Village Blend, Clare Cosi doesn’t get steamed up about much. But ever since her ex-husband started planning his second wedding, she’s been making some vows of her own...


 Clare’s been hired to create a gourmet coffee and dessert bar for a New York wedding to be held at the world-renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art. Famous chefs will be there, celebrities, members of the press, well-known politicians—so why isn’t she thrilled to have this chance to shine? Because the person tying the knot is Matteo Allegro, her ex-husband and current business partner. And while Clare has no designs on ever marrying Matt again, she’s afraid he’s making a terrible mistake.


The bride-to-be is Trend magazine editor Breanne Summour. Beautiful, wealthy, and sophisticated, the snarky tastemaker has never been a low maintenance kind of gal, and now she’s in full-blown bridezilla mode. The only way Clare can possibly deal with her is to put her misgivings aside and focus on business. But as a successful amateur sleuth, murder is Clare’s business, too, and when fatal accidents begin befalling people close to Breanne, Clare becomes suspicious. Is someone trying to sabotage this wedding? Even kill Matt's bride-to-be? 

Between persuading a sexy Italian sculptor into lending her a one-of-a-kind fountain and roasting some of the rarest coffee beans on earth, Clare starts to investigate. But what she unveils, amid melted chocolate and steaming mochaccinos, may just get her burned....



Below is Espresso Shot's
Starred Review from 

Library Journal

  Coyle, Cleo. Espresso Shot:
A Coffeehouse Mystery


"In this hardcover debut of the popular Coffeehouse Mystery series (French Pressed; Decaffeinated Corpse), New York City coffeehouse manager Clare Cosi's ex-husband and business partner is marrying the editor of a scandal magazine. But someone has decided to kill the obnoxious Breanne Summour before the wedding. Having been hired to create a gourmet coffee and dessert bar for the nuptials at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Clare is dragged into protecting the bridezilla. Coyle's "Coffeehouse" books are superb examples of the cozy genre because of their intelligent cast of characters, their subtle wit, and their knowledge of the coffee industry used to add depth and flavor to the stories..."

 —Jo Ann Vicarel, Library Journal

© 2008 Reed Business

 Penguin USA/Berkley Prime Crime
ISBN 978-0-425-22177-8




Coffeehouse Mystery Reading Guides

Download for free!

» Books 7 & 8, click here (pdf)












Mystery #8







To learn more or buy

Holiday Grind... 




Praise for Holiday Grind

“Coyle’s coffeehouse mysteries
are packed with believable characters
and topped with serious coffee lore
and holiday recipes. This one will
keep your cup piping hot."

~ Kirkus 




 There’s nothing cozier than a winter evening in Greenwich Village. Streetlights shimmer through icy flakes. Cafés glow with welcoming warmth. Boots crunch along cobblestones, and a layer of snow dusts historic townhouses like powdered sugar on holiday confections. Murder has no place in such a pretty picture, until now...


 Coffeehouse manager Clare Cosi has grown very fond of Alfred Glockner, the part-time comic and genuinely jolly charity Santa who’s been using her Village Blend as a place to warm his mittens. When she finds him brutally gunned down in a nearby alley, a few subtle clues convince her that Alfred’s death was something more than the tragic result of a random mugging—the conclusion of the police.


 With Clare’s boyfriend, NYPD Detective Mike Quinn, distracted by a cold case of his own, and ex-husband Matt investigating this year’s holiday lingerie catalogs (an annual event), Clare charges ahead solo and discovers Santa had a list that he was checking twice—and the folks on it were not very nice. Then someone tries to ice Clare, and she really gets steamed.


Between baking delicious holiday goodies and fending off the attentions of a persistent professional elf, Clare sets out to solve Santa’s slaying. But she'd better watch out, because if she fails to stop this stone cold killer, she may just get the biggest chill of her life.




This very special entry in Cleo's series includes an extra-large bonus section of delicious holiday recipes as well as a glossary of coffeehouse terms, instructions on making espressos and lattes without an expensive machine, and tips and recipes for creating your own tasty coffeehouse syrups at home. Click here for a free bonus recipe from Cleo. 



To learn more or buy

Holiday Grind... 




Coffeehouse Mystery Reading Guides

Download for free!

» Books 7 & 8, click here (pdf)



















Mystery #9





 "No one combines a cozy atmosphere 
with a realistic crime novel any better 
than Cleo Coyle. . . . a winner."

~ Lesa Holstine, 
award-winning reviewer



To learn more or buy

Roast Mortem... 



Reviewer's Pick for 2010 


"Favorite Book of the Year"! 




Clare Cosi, manager and head barista of the landmark Village Blend coffeehouse, has perfected the pulling of steaming hot espressos. But can she keep New York’s Bravest from getting burned?
Arson leads to murder when Clare investigates the torching of an elderly friend's cafe. Soon she's facing off with a hardheaded FDNY fire captain, who insists that none of his men aided this firebug in his or her crime. Clare isn't so sure. As she doggedly digs for the truth, firefighters begin to die in suspicious ways and soon someone is threatening to extinguish







Coffeehouse Mystery Reading Guides

Download for free!

» Books 9 & 10, click here (pdf)


















"The most stirring symbol
of man's humanity
to man is in a fire truck."

~ Kurt Vonnegut 











Mystery #10



Murder by



To learn more or buy

Murder by Mocha... 


Can coffee and chocolate
heat up your love life?
For Clare Cosi, finding out
will be murder... 


Chocolate Recipes!



"...a tasty espresso-dark tale
of multigenerational crime
and punishment lightened
by the Blend's frothy cast of
lovable eccentrics."

~ Publishers Weekly


* * * 


"This rich and entertaining
mystery blends atmosphere,
unforgettable characters,
and a killer plot that will
keep readers hooked
until the very end..." 



~ RT Book Reviews






Coffeehouse Mystery Reading Guides

Download for free!

» Books 9 & 10, click here (pdf)



What are these?


Photo by Cleo Coyle


Chocolate Chip
Cookie Dough Bites

You will find this recipe
in the Recipe Section of
Murder by Mocha 






 To find an
near you,







Mystery #11



It can get
a girl killed.




To learn more or buy

A Brew to a Kill... 


"Fans of the Coffeehouse series 
will savor another serving 
of Clare’s pluck." ~ Booklist 


 Library Journal's review of Brew 
led the "Cozy Corner" section of its 
print magazine. To read the review, 
click here.


Chosen as a Must-Read Mystery
of the Month 
by Barnes & Noble
To see, click here.



A Brew to a Kill takes
you on a fun, foodie odyssey
through New York City, and
its appendix includes
more than 20 fun recipes... 





Coffeehouse Mystery Reading Guides

Download for free!

» Books 11 & 12, click here (pdf)








Here's a little video
For those of you reading
A Brew to a Kill...


Video courtesy

Please see *disclaimer at the bottom of this page.


The Mud Truck is a famous
Coffee Truck in New York City. 
It was one of the inspirations 
for the Muffin Muse in 
A Brew to a Kill.




"Completely entertaining!" 
~ RT Book Reviews
****4-1/2 Stars 















Mystery #12





Readers are
buzzing about...


To learn more or buy

Holiday Buzz... 



Holiday Buzz


Top 10

New York Times 




#3 Bestselling Mystery at 
Barnes & Noble stores


   Praise for Holiday Buzz


Kirkus Reviews

"Jingle bells, beautiful displays, 
scrumptious treats: Holiday season in
New York City has it all, 
including murder.
Coyle’s coffeehouse 
series captures
the New York experience, 
from high-society
parties to gritty 
back-street deals.
The fine mystery is 
followed by some 
holiday recipes that 
will even pack
the pounds on readers 
who are
only browsing them..."

Read the entire
reivew here.



Mystery Reviewer Joe Meyers
for Hearst Media Group 

Read the review
by clicking here



"The food, the snow, and the
likeable characters are as delightful
as Nat King Cole crooning 
'The Christmas Song.'" 

New York Journal of Books




Mystery Guild Featured Alternate Selection

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Coffeehouse Mystery series, 
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bestseller Holiday Grind.

"What does 

Christmas taste like?"


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Mystery #13


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*Starred Review*
~ Kirkus

"Top Pick"
~ RT Book Reviews


"...a highly satisfying mystery."

~ Publishers Weekly


The hardcover 
bestseller is now a
bestselling paperback!


When a car bomb goes off outside Clare Cosi’s 
landmark coffee shop, she comes to the aid of
anonymous customer—one who turns out
to be billionaire 
tech whiz Eric Thorner. In gratitude
for saving his life, 
Eric hires Clare to create
the most expensive 
coffee blend on the planet.

But as Clare is pulled deeper into Eric’s world,
a mesmerizing circle of cutting-edge luxuries
and cutthroat rivals, Clare can’t help wondering:
Is this charming young CEO truly marked
for termination? Or is he the one
making a killing? 

To solve this case, Clare will have to bribe
a bomb squad lieutenant; conjure up a menu
for a "billionaire’s potluck"; fix her daughter’s love life;
stop a Slayer while working with one; and stay alive
while doing it. 










Mystery #14 


Join coffeehouse manager Clare Cosi 
as she solves the crime against 
"Sleeping Beauty," opens secret doors 
(uptown and down), and investigates
a cold case that's been unsolved 
since the Cold War.


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Once Upon a Grind...


A "wicked good" 

murder mystery


"Fresh and fun...clever" ~ Booklist

"Wicked good" ~ Library Journal

"There's magic in the coffee" ~ PW

A Mystery Guild Selection



Over 20 "Wicked Good" Recipes!

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Once Upon a Grind opens
in the oldest and spookiest
section of New York's
Central Park....


Join Cleo Coyle and  
her husband right now on
a research walking tour...

(videos included...)

Above photo and design
work by Cleo Coyle

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research trip for
Once Upon a Grind,
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Mystery #15 



The Bestselling
Hardcover is now a
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Dead to the Last Drop...



Join amateur sleuth Clare Cosi
as she 
sets out to caffeinate 
our nation's capital...

and solve a capital crime. 




It can get a girl killed...


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A culinary mystery
with more than 

25 new Cleo recipes!

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Now in





Mystery #16



3 Best of Year Lists 

Top 10 Mysteries for Book Clubs 2017 

National Bestseller in Hardcover and Digital

Mystery Guild "Most Wanted" Selection





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This culinary mystery 
includes more than 
25 delicious recipes!


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The Secret Places

of Dead Cold Brew 


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Mystery #17


A Library Journal
Mystery Pick of the Month


"A gripping and entertaining mystery"

~ Library Journal (Starred Review)



Shot in the Dark
by Cleo Coyle


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"Cleo Coyle is by far one of the best..."

Fresh Fiction 


Fresh Pick! &

Best of Year Finalist!


"Sure to delight"

~ Publishers Weekly  

"Penetrating insights"

~ Kirkus Reviews



includes a "bang-up" menu 
of tempting recipes...
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Mystery #18


mystery, Coyle poses an intriguing question: if you lost
all memory of your beloved, would you 
fall for him
all over again?” 
Publishers Weekly


"Poignant Page-Turner" --Booklist 
"How memory loss affects a strong woman's life." --Kirkus 
"I loved this book to the end!" --Fresh Fiction 
"Well-plotted, well-written, with wonderful characters, 
Brewed Awakening is truly one of the best books 
I have read this year." 10 Stars! 
--Escape with Dollycas into a Good Book

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Cleo Coyle's Brewed Awakening is also 
a culinary mystery with a tempting
menu of delicious recipes.


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New Paperback Edition
3 Best of Year Lists!




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Like all of Cleo Coyle’s Coffeehouse books, 
Honey Roasted is not just a coffee lover's mystery,
but a culinary mystery with a tempting 
menu of delicious recipes.



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Spend 24 Hours

with Clare Cosi

Read Cleo's fun 
multimedia post at
 Dru's Book Musings.


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Bestseller News!

Cleo Coyle's
On What Grounds

made it to the
#1 Bestseller Slot


Thanks to Audible for choosing
the book as its featured "Daily Deal"

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BBC America Audio (AudioGo)
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P.S.   If you've only read the book, try listening,
because the audiobooks in the Coffeehouse
Mystery series are not just read, they are
performed with voices of different characters
given vibrant life by the talented stage actress
Rebecca Gibel.

(My favorite voice is Madame's!)










Coffeehouse Mysteries 
Featured on!

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wonderful article, 
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"The most popular coffee
publication on the planet."


Thanks to Sprudge and
Eric J. Grimm for the lovely feature.


~ Cleo









Thank You!

Thanks to everyone
who came to our first ever
bookstore signing appearance,
talk, and coffee tasting...


The crowd was wonderful and
we signed books for 90 minutes!

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Mystery Scene 
Magazine Reviews
Billionaire Blend!


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I especially enjoyed the 
quote from the book that
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Thank you,
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A Note for

Book Collectors...

The publisher has added foiled and
embossed details on the first printings
of Coffeehouse Mystery hardcovers.
Look for unique details beneath
the book jackets of Billionaire Blend
and Once Upon a Grind. 


Read with joy! 

~ Cleo 









 Cleo says: "I've come to think of this
as Mike Quinn's theme song..."


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Thanks to
American University Magazine
in Washington, DC, and
journalist Amy Burroughs
for the wonderful profile on
Cleo Coyle...

To read the article, 
click here.

Above artwork by Cathy Gendron, 
used with permission.



To download the free
AU Magazine app,
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Cool note:
The magazine hired our
talented Coffeehouse Mystery
cover artist, Cathy Gendron,
to paint us as if we were inside
one of our own book covers...


Above artwork by Cathy Gendron,
used with permission.









CLICK HERE to see a fun, little tongue-in-cheek advertisement for one of our Coffeehouse Mysteries. We posted it on Facebook (see our post text below the video). Be sure to unmute the video to hear the perfect faux-thriller soundtrack. To see the original post on Facebook, click here. Enjoy! ~ Cleo 







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