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March 23, 2021

The Ghost

Every women needs a ghost like Jack!! Please keep writing about Jack.
March 10, 2021

During Covid

Hello, I have so enjoyed reading and in some cases re-reading your books! Covid has given me the time to get back into reading and your books are number one on my list. Looking forward to the new book!

March 7, 2021

Sign me up

Sign me up


Cleo's reply - Hey, there. I would be delighted to sign you up for my newsletter, but I need your email address! Don't post it here. This is a public message board. Simply send an email (with the subject line "Sign me up") to this address: 


Once you send it, an auto-reply will confirm that you are signed up. The auto-reply also has links to previous newsletters with recipes, books news, and bonus content. Enjoy!

March 6, 2021

Next Coffee House Mystery


When will we get another book.

Love them!!!!!



Cleo's reply: 

Thank you! Our new Coffeehouse Mystery (#19 in the series) will be released December 2021. Pre-order links from all booksellers will be widely available in about a month and we'll share them as soon as they go live. Amazon now has the pre-order page up (early) for the title, which is HONEY ROASTED.


     In the meantime, our new Haunted Bookshop Mystery, THE GHOST AND THE HAUNTED PORTRAIT, is coming out in just two months on May 4, 2021. To learn more about our Haunted Bookshop Mystery series or pre-order the brand-new title before release, click here.

   And be sure to get our new, updated Checklist of Books in Order by clicking on the image below...





For a complete UPDATED list of all Cleo's books,
published and upcoming, including mini descriptions
of the mysteries, CLICK HERE or on the image below...

This FREE UPDATED checklist 
also includes links to Cleo's 
Free Recipe Guides and her Bonus 
Website Content.





February 13, 2021

Holiday themes

Do you have any plans to make any more of your future books holiday themed like another Christmas one, another Halloween, a Valentine, Easter, etc.?

Cleo's reply:

Holidays are a part of my life. So they absolutely will be part of my amateur sleuth's life, too. When I write my books (in collaboration with my dear husband), I do so from the heart and from my authentic experiences living in New York City.

And I do enjoy holidays,
don't you?!

     For readers who are new to our work, we already have two bestselling Christmas-in-New-York themed mysteries available now...





A Coffeehouse Mystery

Both are uplifting stories with wonderfully entertaining (and twisty) mysteries and plenty of holiday recipes, too. Enjoy! 


Click the image above or click here to see

Cleo's free illustrated guide to the recipes 
published in her holday-themed
Coffeehouse Mystery HOLIDAY BUZZ

Learn more about the book and its
Christmas-in-New York themed mystery by
 clicking here or on the red button below...



Keep in touch with Cleo.
Join her free coffee club... 

Click the cup to join up & 
receive some of Cleo's 
Bonus Recipes.



February 10, 2021

Recipe guides

I’m new to your world of awesome books! I mostly listen to audio books, I love that these are long entertaining books with a great reader! Coffee, mystery , delicious food and deserts, my favorites! I love that you have receipt guides on your website with beautiful photos, but where do I find the actual receipt?


Cleo Coyle's free
Recipe Guide to her
Coffeehouse Mystery:
Shot in the Dark >>

Click to see


Cleo's reply:

Greetings to you. I'm delighted to know that you are enjoying the audio editions of my Coffeehouse Mysteries. In answer to your question about the recipes: When you purchase an audio book, you are buying a performance of the story by an audio reader, and (again) I'm truly happy to know that you are enjoying these performances. The recipes, however, are not read aloud in these audio works. Reciting ingredients and directions for twenty different recipes at a time would be a little strange! However, I am happy to tell you that you can find all the recipes mentioned in my stories in the back of the print and ebook versions of my Coffeehouse Mystery titles. I created my free Recipe Guides so that readers would be able to "see" what the finished recipes look like. I hope that helps, and I hope you'll enjoy the many free bonus recipes that I have added to this website. Find the bonus recipes by clicking here; find the Recipe Guide recipes in the print and ebook versions of my works.

May you eat and read with joy!

~ Cleo


Free Recipe Guide to Cleo Coyle's
Coffeehouse Mystery: DEAD COLD BREW

CLICK HERE or on the image
 above to see, print, or download.



January 28, 2021

Matteo in the Dog House

Will Matteo play a major role in the new book or will Clare keep him at a far distance? Especially considering his attempt to take advantage of Clare's amnesia and push Mike out of the picture in the last book (Brewed Awakening)? I can honestly say that I am a ClarexMike fan and what Matteo did put him in the doghouse indefinitely in my perspective.



Brewed Awakening
A Coffeehouse Mystery
by Cleo Coyle

Click here
to learn more



Cleo's reply:

Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your perspective. I always appreciate what readers have to say.

    On Matt and his future, I'll be happy to share some thoughts...

    Matteo "Matt" Allegro still loves and cares for Clare. That's never going to change. He is a devoted father to their daughter, Joy. And he respects and appreciates Clare as a partner in their coffee business. Matt will always come through when his friends and family need him. He's that kind of guy. He's also got his faults.

    Clare understands all that. She still cares for Matt as a friend and will never give up on him as someone whom she can count on for support. His actions toward her in Brewed Awakening were really a flattering result of his continued affection for her and his wish that he could find a way to win her back. She understands that, too, and is a person who understands the value and virtue in forgiveness. From Clare's perspective, Matt is her oldest friend, business partner, and father to their dauther. For all those reasons, he won't be in the doghouse forever or even for long, not in Clare's mind, anyway.

     Quinn, however, is another matter! Mike Quinn will likely never trust Matt again, not that he ever did, from their very first meeting, that really hasn't changed much at all.

Again, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I hope you enjoyed hearing a few of mine. Take care, keep reading...and keep in touch!

~ Cleo 


January 25, 2021





Sometimes we even have to stay in our rooms when we have covid. Your books have been such a help during this time. I am an avid reader of mysteries, classics and others. Your level of writing is what I like and I am just so happy with the whole idea and theme of your books; just a little lighter weight mysteries. Congratulations to you!


Cleo's reply -

Please forgive my delay in posting this reply, which I do hope you see! I want to thank you sincerely for taking the time to stop by my message board and express your kind words about the books I write in collaboration with my husband.

      Marc and I are both so pleased that our stories have given you some escape and entertainment during these difficult days. Writers write for different reasons. In the end, Marc and I tell stories to uplift our readers, and there is no better need in the world right now than for people to find a way to be mentally uplifted and reassured and to find emotional connections. 

     We are so very glad to know that we've done that for you. We send our very best wishes, thoughts, and prayers your way for strength of spirit, health in body and peace of mind. 

     We hope you'll keep reading...and keep in touch!


Wishing you joy,



P.S. If you have an email address and would like to receive our free newsletter, I hope you will sign up. We enjoy staying in touch with our readers and letting them know what's going on in our lives, and when we have new books available.


To sign up, simply send an email to:
with the subject line "Sign me up" 

The newsletter is free.


God bless you!




January 23, 2021

Don't ever stop writing the series.



"Don't ever stop writing the series."


Personally I usually read period mysteries. Time frame of 1920's and British. But I stumbled onto your audiobooks. I thought what the heck I will have a listen and see what it is about. Wow! I was so caught up in it I couldn't stop listening. I have now gone through 9 books and still can't get enough. So thank you so much for being a great story teller I have many more to go.


Cleo's reply -

What a wonderful note. Thank you so much! My husband and I have been writing the Coffeehouse Mysteries for nearly twenty years now, and we don't have any plans to stop. God's plans are sometimes different for us, of course, and we always accept that. But for now, we are inspired to know that our work is continuing to reach new readers (or listeners) like you. Cheers for taking the time and effort to let us know. That means a lot to us. If you'd like to keep in touch, our free newsletter keeps readers informed of new releases in both of our series. 



To sign up fast,
click here.


Send a "Sign me up" email to
~ ~
An auto-reply will share links
to some of our past newsletters.


We're also happy to share our free title checklist of books in order (for both series). This link is a PDF that you can view, download, print, and/or share. Or click on the image above or red button below...

Thanks again, be well,
and keep in touch!

~ Cleo 


January 10, 2021

Number - Cleo Replied

How many more books do you have planned or have considered for the Coffeehouse series? I am honestly scared of the day where we reach the end. The characters and plots are incredible!

Coffeehouse Mystery #17
Library J
"Pick of the Month"

Click on the cover or here
to learn more or buy.



Cleo's reply -

Many more! I always accept that God may have another plan for me, but my own plan is to keep writing for years to come. As long as you keep reading, I'll keep writing, and I hope you will be returning to our beloved Village Blend for years to come, too.

     Thank you so much for your kind support. Knowing you're out there waiting for my next book makes all the difference!


~ Cleo 




January 10, 2021


I adore your Coffeehouse series. Here are the ones I enjoy the most from the series.

Espresso Shot
Holiday Grind
Holiday Buzz
A Brew to Kill
Murder by Mocha
Once Upon a Grind
Shot in the Dark
Dead to the Last Drop
Dead Cold Brew
Brewed Awakening

I wish your next book was closer to being released. -K.L.

Cleo's reply - 

Thank you, K.L.! I'm happy to know you're enjoying my Coffeehouse series so much. And I'm equally glad to know you're looking forward to my newest Coffeehouse title, coming in December 2021. More to come soon about that. Thank you for your kind support...and reader patience! xoxo

~ Cleo 







For anyone who would like to learn more about all the books in my Coffeehouse Mystery series, click here or on the image below for a free PDF of my title checklist with books in order.

This is a handy little helper for checking off books in order or finding out which titles in the series you may have missed.

There are also links in this checklist to my free recipe guides and online extras. Have fun exploring my Coffeehouse world. ~ Cleo

Click here or on the image above for
Cleo's free Checklist of Books in Order.



January 5, 2021

What an awesome Holiday Buzz

I just finished Holiday Buzz and it is my favorite book, thus far. It is the perfect blend of suspense, with varying essences of humor that kept me rolling. C.C. outdid herself this time, and the [guilty party] even had me fooled in this mystery. Keep it up, I am already hooked on this strongly caffeinated book series. 
Russ G.


Holiday Buzz: 
A Coffeehouse Mystery

by Cleo Coyle

Learn more by
clicking here or
on the cover >>



Cleo's reply: 

Thank you, Russ, your kind note is much appreciated. See below for our free, illustrated guide to the Holiday Buzz recipe section, and...

Happy New Year to you! 

~ Cleo


Cleo's Free Holiday Buzz 
Recipe Guide

(Click on the image below.)

CLICK HERE or on the image above
to download 
the free illustrated guide to
the recipes 
in Cleo's NY Times bestselling
Coffeehouse Mystery 
Holiday Buzz.


Happy New Year!

May you read
(and eat) with joy

~ Cleo 





January 4, 2021


Do you ever plan to write a Coffeehouse book that takes place before the first book of the series like how some cozy mystery authors have? Like a pre-divorce or pre-New York returned Clare solving a mystery?


Cleo's reply:

Hi, there. I'm not sure why you're asking, but our longtime readers know that ever since we started our Coffeehouse Mysteries, back in 2003 with ON WHAT GROUNDS, we've been giving readers glimpses of Clare's past via memories and flashbacks to her life before the start of the series. That's been our style of storytelling throughout the series.


On What Grounds: 
Coffeehouse Mystery #1

Learn more by clicking here 
or on the cover >>


If you've picked up our latest release, BREWED AWAKENING (18th in the series), you'll see that same style of storytelling at work throughout the book, even more so. Because of her memory loss, Clare's past was never more important than in the narrative we undertook in this latest entry, Brewed Awakening. As far as creating an entire book set in Clare's past? Here's our answer...


We have many more Coffeehouse Mystery books planned for the future. And we'll be continuing what we've always done, moving our characters forward in time but with glimpses into their pasts that help reveal to our readers some of the experiences and events that helped form the layers of these characters and influence who they are today. I hope that helps with your question, and I hope you'll continue to enjoy our books for years to come. 


Happy New Year to you and happy reading!

~ Cleo 



January 2, 2021

coffee/espresso machine question

... I am wanting to find the best coffee/espresso maker within my budget. And, I have been able to get phenomenal recipes from your books, soooooo, do you have suggestions on coffee/espresso makers? Here is hoping you do. Russ G.


Cleo's reply:  

Greetings to you, Russ!

     Thank you for dropping by my message boad and thanks especially for reading my Coffeehouse Mysteries

     As for your question...

     Personally, I use an inexpensive stovetop espresso pot to make espresso-style drinks. This is what my Italian-American family has used for generations, and my amateur sleuth, coffeehouse manager Clare Cosi, uses one too; that is, when she's not making true espressos (with crema) via her professional coffeehouse machine.

     If you want a true espresso experience on a budget, my advice is to patronize your local coffeehouse and enjoy espressos and espresso drinks one cup at a time. Otherwise, there's always the stovetop "moka" espresso pot. "Inexpensive" espresso machines cannot produce the proper bars of pressure needed to make you a true espresso, sorry but you can't have everything. If you shop around, you may find other opinions. 

     As for the drip coffee maker, I use a cuisinart. You can see the model I own at this link, which is in the Amazon store. This model is also sold by Costco and other vendors. 

     Happy New Year and happy reading. My best to you...

     ~ Cleo


January 2, 2021


When will Brewed Awakening come out in paperback? I have all the coffeehouse books in paperback. Buying hardback will mess up the esthetic of my bookshelf!

Cleo's reply -

I understand about wanting to have the same format. The Brewed Awakening paperback will be out in late 2021. I don't know the exact month yet. My publisher will let me know soon enough, and I'll let my newsletter subscribers know, as well. I hope you are one of them! If not, you can sign up (and learn more about it) by clicking the cup below...the newsletter is free, and I send it out to keep in touch with readers. Enjoy!

Sign up for Cleo's Free Newsletter
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Bonus Recipes.



January 1, 2021


Where can I purchase the COVID edition of Brewed Awakening or is that just a joke?

Cleo's reply -

Just a joke. :) Although...for anyone who has not yet read BREWED AWAKENING, you may find it ironic that although my husband and I wrote the book before the Covid Pandemic of 2020, there are moments that feel as if a pandemic is happening. Clare is quarantined in the book (you'll see why when you read it) and (at one point) she's isolated in a remote area, forced to remain inside with a limited number of people. Sound familiar?!

For anyone who'd like to learn more click here or on the cover below...

5 Best of Year Lists - Enjoy!






January 1, 2021

Sign up

Does the sign up cost money or just an email asking to be signed up?

Cleo's reply - My newsletter and the "sign up" for it are both free. I hope you decide to sign up and enjoy being a part of my Coffeehouse Community. Cheers!

December 29, 2020

Next Clare Cosi book?

Is there going to be a follow up to Brewed Awakening? Any new Village Blend Coffeehouse mysteries? Like coffee, I'm addicted!
Brewed Awakeing
A Coffeehouse Mystery
by Cleo Coyle
Click the cover
to learn more

Cleo's reply:

I am delighted to know that you're enjoying our Coffeehouse Mysteries and even happier to report that our brand new (19th!) entry will be published in December 2021. It's a wonderful adventure with an intriguing murder mystery for Clare Cosi to solve.

     I'll have more news soon for readers about our new Coffeehouse title in my upcoming newsletters (for anyone who'd like to subscribe, click the link below, it's free). And don't forget to watch for our 7th Haunted Bookshop Mystery, THE GHOST AND THE HAUNTED PORTRAIT, coming this April. Yes, we will have two books in 2021, looking forward to getting them both into the hands of our wonderful readers.  Thanks for stopping by today and have a Happy New Year!


Sign up for Cleo's Free Newsletter
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December 26, 2020

Sign up

How do I sign up to get email and recipes from this site?


Cleo's reply: Here you go...

Click the cup to join up &
receive some of Cleo's
Bonus Recipes.

December 18, 2020

M and m

Did you know that m&m’s/ now make a coffee flavored candy?,,,,l,,l,l,llll,
December 13, 2020

coffee house mystery

When is the next coffeehouse mystery due to come out???
November 24, 2020

Brewed Awakening in Paperback

Will Brewed Awakening be released in paperback?
November 16, 2020

Next Coffeehouse Mystery

Hi, Cleo! When is the next book coming? I read Brewed Awakening several times.
November 12, 2020

New Book

I just saw the cover and plot of your new book on the Barnes and Noble website and I am thrilled! I do want to know if Clare's friendship with her ex-husband, Matteo, will be strained in this new book considering the scandalous attempt he made which threatened Clare and Quinn's engagement. I know I wouldn't blame Clare or Quinn if they were still a little angry with him.
November 10, 2020

Christmas Biscotti recipe

I was unable to find the recipe for the Christmas Biscotti.


Cleo's reply:

No worries. You'll find my Christmas Biscotti recipe in the recipe section of your copy of HOLIDAY GRIND, along with plenty of other holiday recipes. I hope you enjoy it!

For those of you who don't yet have HOLIDAY GRIND in your Coffeehouse Mystery book collection, click here or on one of the links below to learn more or buy your own copy. It's easily purchased at any online bookseller. 



To learn more or buy

Holiday Grind... 

Or on one of

the links below...






+ More Buy Links


Praise for 
Holiday Grind

“Coyle’s coffeehouse mysteries
are packed with believable characters
and topped with serious coffee lore
and holiday recipes. This one will
keep your cup piping hot."

~ Kirkus



  Item(s) [1-25] of 1823  

On What Grounds Cover Through The Grinder Cover Latte Trouble Cover Murder Most Frothy Cover Decaffeinated Corpse Cover French Pressed Cover Espresso Shot Cover Holiday Grind Cover Roast Mortem Cover Murder By Mocha Cover A Brew To A Kill Cover Holiday Buzz Cover Billionaire Blend Cover Once Upon A Grind Cover Dead to the Last Drop Cover Dead Cold Brew Cover Shot in the Dark Cover Brewed Awakening
Click here to learn more about the Coffeehouse Mystery novels.
To purchase the books, click here or here or here.

March 23, 2021
The Ghost
March 10, 2021
During Covid
March 7, 2021
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