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October 27, 2020

What happened to Latte Trouble in Amazon

Hi Cleo Why can’t I purchase the 3rd book “Latte Trouble” in Amazon Kindle! Regards Terry
October 19, 2020

Question About Latte Trouble on Amazon

Hi Cleo - Why can’t I purchase the 3rd book “Latte Trouble” in Amazon Kindle? Regards Terry


Cleo's reply -


Hi, Terry - I have a link for you...


CLICK HERE to see the link
where can buy Latte Trouble
on Amazon Kindle.

This is a USA link.


Every Coffeehouse Mystery, including Latte Trouble is for sale in print, digital, and audio form, and that includes Kindle. NOTE: If you are in another country and having trouble with your Kindle service, then you should contact your local Amazon customer service and let them know you're having a problem. 


Penguin Random House handles the worldwide rights to our Coffeehouse Mystery series and every book is availabe in print, digital, and audio form, which means you can always purchase Latte Trouble as a physical book or as an audio book if your country's Amazon customer service representative isn't able to help.


For anyone who'd like to learn more about Latte Trouble or see other buy links (e.g. Barnes & Noble, Indiebound), see the description below...


A Coffeehouse Mystery

By Cleo Coyle


Clare Cosi is thrilled when her coffeehouse is chosen to host a fashion week launch party for a clever line of coffee-inspired jewelry. During the party, Clare’s most trusted barista, Tucker Burton, unwittingly serves up a poisoned latte. When he’s arrested for murder, Clare vows to clear him, and the quest for the real killer puts her in some of the hottest water of her life. Recipes included. Published by Penguin Random House in print and digital formats. Produced in audio by AudioGo (BBC Audiobooks America), now Blackstone Audio.

You will find
Latte Trouble served at... 


And anywhere that
Penguin Random House
books are sold. 




Download mini summaries for each 
of Cleo’s 18 bestselling titles by clicking here
for a free Coffeehouse Mystery Checklist
Go to #4 Murder Most Frothy
by clicking here.


October 18, 2020

Love the coffee house mystery series

I have been using audible to listen to your entire Coffeehouse Mystery series. I'm currently listening to all of them again from the beginning (for the 3rd time). Thank you for writing such a fun, thrilling, wholesome, smart series.



Cleo's reply -

What a wonderful message. Marc and I truly appreciate the time you took to stop by and let us know how much you're enjoying the work we do. Thank you! We're working on our next Coffeehouse Mystery (#19) right now (to be published next year - 2021), and we'll do our best not to let you down. Take care of yourself during these challenging times, and we sincerely hope you'll keep reading...and keep in touch! 

~ Cleo


P.S. On the keeping in touch part...

For anyone interested in joining our Coffee Club, click the cup below to subscribe to our free e-newsletter. In our newsletter, we share fun facts, recipes, and we'll always let you know when we have a new release in either our Coffeehouse Mystery or Haunted Bookshop Mystery series.


Click the cup to join up &
receive some of Cleo's
Bonus Recipes.




October 7, 2020

next coffee house mystery after brewed awakening

Next coffee house mystery after brewed awakening?


Brewed Awakening
A Coffeehouse Mystery
by Cleo Coyle



Cleo's reply -

Hello to you and thanks for dropping by my message board... For those of you who are new to my work...

Brewed Awakening was the 18th entry in my long-running Coffeehouse Mystery series. The next entry is coming next year (2021). It will be my 19th Coffeehouse Mystery, and I'm looking forward to sharing its gorgeous cover with all of you, along with more info about the book. I'll do that when the pro-order links go live, which will be soon.

In the meantime, new readers can stay updated and keep in touch by subscribing to my free E-newsletter. Click the cup to learn more and join my Coffee Club... 


Click the cup to join up &
receive some of Cleo's
Bonus Recipes.



September 28, 2020

Shot in the Dark Question

Cleo's reply -

Hi, Linda  - Since your question and my answer may contain a spoiler, why don't you send an email and also sign up for my free newsletter to keep in touch? Learn more by clicking on the cup below, and I'm so glad you're a fan!


Click the cup to join up &
receive some of Cleo's
Bonus Recipes.


September 9, 2020

Macadamia nut fudge

I could have sworn I had a macadamia nut fudge recipe from the website or one of the books, but I cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone else have it?

Cleo Coyle's reply - Yes, I have it. :)

Email me at my public box and I'll get it to you. - This will also subscribe you to my newsletter so you can keep in touch. Thanks for dropping by my website's message board. ~ Cleo


September 3, 2020


Hi! I am a hopeful future novelist and have been so inspired by your series. Thank you for taking me to another world from my hospital bed. <3 I wanted to reach out about the availability of audiobooks? I use the public library and have visual symptoms that keep me from reading physical copies (nothing like a paperback book!). Do you know if audio versions of all the books in the Coffeehouse series will be released? I would love to read further than books 1-3. Thank you so so much for all you do! forever inspired, deeply grateful.

Cleo Coyle's reply:

Thanks for your kind words about my work. I'm so sorry to hear about your hospital stay. Reading is a good way to keep your spirits up, and I'm glad to know the books that I write have done that for you. All of my Coffeehouse Mysteries and Haunted Bookshop Mysteries are available in audio book form. CLICK HERE TO SEE. You can ask your local library to assist you in locating the rest of the series on audio or treat yourself to an Audible subscription and listen that way. Either way, I wish you restored health and happiness.

~ Cleo



For those new to my work, 
you are welcome to download a
Free PDF of my Checklist of Titles

Click here or
on the image below:




August 30, 2020

In the mood for Autumn

Hello! I hope you and your loved ones are well and will continue to stay safe. I have read all of your Coffeehouse Books and can say that I adore your series. The characters, plots, recipes, and twists are divinely written! It's one of my top ten favorites! I also can't help but ask if you have a Halloween Coffeehouse book idea that will come in the next year or two? If so, I can't wait to read it! Coffee and Fall? Terrific!

Cleo's reply:

So glad to know you're enjoying my Coffeehouse Mysteries. As for your Halloween query, check out my 5th Coffeehouse Mystery, DECAFFEINATED CORPSE, which includes a climax at the famous Village Halloween parade.

Or try my 14th entry, ONCE UPON A GRIND, which has a fantastic fall theme with costumes and some fab recipes. Thanks so much for dropping by. Enjoy the fall and look for my newest Coffeehouse Mystery (19th in the series) next year (2021). More news soon on the new book!




August 30, 2020

Brewed Awakening - Paperback?

When will the paperback edition be available? In addition to being a relatively inexpensive way to share some of my favorite books, I also use them as spacers and protectors when mailing other items to friends and family. Many thanks for keeping me entertained during the coronavirus lockdown episode.

Cleo's reply - Paperback version will be coming in 2021. Stay tuned for more info soon...


August 29, 2020

An avid fan

I just love your coffee house mysteries. Hope the newest one comes out soon. I love the stories, the characters and am learning so much about coffee. I have been known to put down a book and run out to Dunkin for a latte, after your wonderful latte descriptions! I have also bought a French press and new grinder- can't help myself! Thanks for writing this terrific series.

Cleo's reply - THANK YOU!

August 25, 2020

Reading your books

I am always delighted to find one of your books. I live in France and before the virus I would take the train to Paris, to the American Library and search out your titles and other mystery writers. The American Library is a treasure which I sorely miss. For the moment, I have opted for Kindle. Your books are page turners. Normally I can figure out the end. With your books this is impossible and that’s what I like. If you can get to Paris, I am sure the Library would call on you as a guest speaker. In this more than bizarre moment, thank heavens we have books.

Cleo's reply: What a beautifu note. You made my day! Merci beaucoup for the reader love. From New York to France, my husband and I send you our very best wishes with caffeinated kisses. <3

August 21, 2020

Murder by mocha

What is the specific reference to a lady becoming a tree in your Murder by Mocha? I would like find the original reference.

Cleo's reply: You'll find that reference in Chapter 42 of our 10th Coffeehouse Mystery Murder by Mocha

August 11, 2020

Can't Get Enough

I have your Coffeehouse series and have them all. Would love to see more soon!

Cleo's reply: Our next Coffeehouse Mystery is coming next year. The cover is gorgeous, and we'll be sharing it soon, along with more information about our 19th Coffeehouse Mystery. Keep in touch, and thank you so much for your kind support. 

July 26, 2020

Reading your Good books

I started 'reading Your Jack and Penny books.! I am a supernatural fan. Then I finally tried the Coffee house books. Now I am ready to Try Murder by Mocha! These books actually got me to read something that is not supernatural or sci-fi!

Cleo's reply: So glad to know it, thank you!


July 9, 2020

Book series

I just read all your books in the last month. I so enjoyed them and learned a great deal more about coffee which I absolutely love. I wish there were 18 more already. I am starting on your bookshop series. Thank you so much for many hours of wonderful enjoyment, Penny

Cleo's reply: That is so gratifying to read. Thank you so much!

July 2, 2020

My First Audio book in Awhile

For the first time in decades I tried an audio book, Brewed Awakening. I have read and enjoyed all of your Claire Cosi novels at least once. I tried Kindle Unlimited during this Pandemic and the results were mixed. Some were good and some not so good, but I enjoy cozy mysteries. After listening to Brewed Awakening I really noticed the difference in the quality of writing! La tua scrittura è superba! I have just one small suggestion. Please teach your reader how to pronounce "Nonna." The first syllable sounds like NO, or maybe that's my Napolitano pronounciation.

Cleo's reply: Thank you for the kind words about our work. My husband and I have been writing all our lives. We are deeply devoted to storytelling, and we try our best to entertain our readers. We're glad to know you enjoyed our latest Coffeehouse Mystery. We hope you'll "visit" our Village Blend again and again. We have many more stories to tell. 

June 29, 2020

Clare's Brooklyn Blackout Cake

I am reading Murder By Mocha. This is my first book of yours and I'm enjoying it. I like the recipes in the back, but I would like the recipe for the above cake which is mentioned at the end of the book. Also, how do I get recipes off your website?


Murder by Mocha
A Coffeehouse Mystery
by Cleo Coyle >>


Cleo's reply: Hello and welcome. I'm glad to know you're enjoying your first Coffeehouse Mystery. MURDER BY MOCHA is a wonderful story, and the tenth mystery in our series.

My husband and I have written a total of eighteen thus far with the nineteenth coming next year. To receive our bonus recipes, click the cup below and sign up for our free newsletter. When you sign up, you'll receive an autoreply to the newsletters and recipes. If you'd like that specific cake recipe, let me know when you send the email to sign up. 

May you read and eat with joy.

~ Cleo


Click the cup to join up &
receive some of Cleo's
Bonus Recipes.



June 21, 2020

New Haunted Bookshop

Is the new book going to be published in December 2020 or sometime in 2021? 


Cleo's reply: 

We're looking forward to Jack and Pen coming back in April 2021, when we hope readers will be able to enter all bookstores and libraries freely and safely around the country.

This is one book fans won't want to miss! More info to come soon. In the meantime, new readers can enjoy the six books already published in this beloved series.




To learn more about our Haunted Bookshop Mystery series, click on the cover slideshow or click this link and...



Read with spirited joy! 
With much love,




June 4, 2020

Clare’s Cake

I just started reading Shot in the Dark and I always skip ahead and check out the recipes at the end. Where on the website can I find the recipe for Clare’s Double-Chocolate Fudge Bundt Cake? Thanks!


A Coffeehouse Mystery
To learn more or buy,
click here



Cleo's reply: Greetings, and thanks sincerely for reading our work. The cake recipe you mentioned is a bonus for our newsletter subscribers. Sign up by sending an email to -- Be sure to mention that you'd like this recipe. Thanks, and I also invite you to download the Free Recipe Guide to Shot in the Dark, which illustrates the recipe section of the Coffeehouse Mystery that you're now reading. 


Click for Free Recipe Guide.

May you eat (and read) with joy!

With much love,

~ Cleo


June 3, 2020

New books? - Yes, Cleo replied

Hello Cleo, I remember the first book of the coffeehouse mysteries. I was sitting in a coffeeshop in Campbell CA reading it. I have enjoyed every one since. Will you be adding to the series?


Cleo's reply: Yes, absolutely. There will be more to come in 2021. Our 19th Coffeehouse Mystery already has a beautiful cover. We will share it with our readers soon. In the meantime, we thank you sincerely for your longtime support of Clare and Company, and are so happy to know that you're looking forward to a brand new Coffeehouse Mystery adventure. For anyone wishing to keep in touch with us for "new release" news as well as bonus recipes and fun giveaway contests, be sure to join our "Coffee Club" by subscribing to our free newsletter. Click below to learn more and sign up...



Click the cup to join up &
receive some of Cleo's
Bonus Recipes.


May 17, 2020

Sign me up please!

Not addicted to caffeine, but I am addicted to Coffeehouse mysteries. Love the edifying facts And history about NYC and New England. Can’t wait for the sequel to Brewed Awakening!
April 27, 2020

Love Your Books!

Am glad you are doing okay in NY. I pray for those in your city for strength and for protection from this virus. Wanted to let you know that I love reading your books on audible! Your narrator is wonderful! Looking forward to your next book! Lisa
April 25, 2020

Enjoying Your Books!

I just discovered your Coffeehouse series, and I am loving it! I am up to book number 7 now, Espresso Shot, and will be reading the rest. I have signed up for your newsletter too, and the recipes are wonderful fun. Thank you so much for writing such entertaining stories and the kind of characters I love and want to be friends with. Keep up the good work! Barb

April 22, 2020

Diabetic recipes? please

I love your books and the recipes but can't use them as I'm a diabetic. Please some of those so I can enjoy the goodies?


Cleo's reply: Hi, there. I'm so happy to know that you're enjoying my books. Thank you! I have shared many diabetic-friendly recipes in the past (delicious vegetable side dishes and savory meat dishes), but when it comes to desserts, I do not use artificial sweeteners. You can try converting my higher-GI recipes (that call for ingredients like sugar and chocolate) using low GI sweetners and substitutions (that is, if you use those products in your own diet). I also have a book to suggest to you. The book is by Dr. Jason Fung (a kidney doctor who grew frustrated with watching his type 2 diabetic patients decline in health after they came to him in very bad shape, usually with kidney failure, and that's why he began looking for solutions). Click here to learn about how this doctor has found great success in reversing type 2 diabetes. 

    In the meantime, I wish you joy and good health.

With much love,


April 13, 2020

Reader update

I'm glad that you are alright in this difficult time. I've been dealing with the pandemic from Italy. My dad ended up in the hospital just days before we were to return from visiting family and vacation August 2019 and have been stuck since. This pandemic has impeded our return to the States (Ohio). The light in the darkness has been my reading... [I am] currently enjoying On What Grounds and plan to continue Coffeehouse Mystery series to get me through self-isolation.


On What Grounds
Coffeehouse Mystery #1
by Cleo Coyle

To learn more or
buy, click here.


Cleo's reply:

Rosa, I'm very glad that our books are bringing you some entertainment during a difficult time. I'm so sorry to hear about your father. Here in Queens, New York, we are doing our best to stay safe from day to day and focus on our writing. (Earning a living is more important than ever for every author out there, especially with the shut-down economy.)

     My husband and I are now finishing up our new Haunted Bookshop Mystery, The Ghost and the Haunted Portrait, which is coming out at the end of the year. We'll have more news soon on our upcoming Haunted Bookshop (aka Jack and Pen) book as well as our next Coffeehouse Mystery, which is scheduled for release next year (2021). Thank you sincerely for checking in with us and for your thoughts and prayers. We send our very best to you in Italy and hope and pray that you can make it back safely to Ohio.

With much love,



Click the cup to join up &
receive some of Cleo's
Bonus Recipes.



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