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January 26, 2009

Page 112

I actually knew what line it was before I even looked it up! I remember laughing at it too lol. I write myself, my resolution this year is to write one hour a day no stop even if it turns out to be a list. That's what we were taught in high school creative writing to do to get ideas. I've had massive writers block since I was 19 though for anything other than poetry. I won a literary award while in that teacher's class too. off I go to keep my resolution.



Cleo's reply: Glad you laughed at the "Canada" line on page 112. Dying is easy. Comedy is hard. LOL!

Re: On writing. The cliches are correct - perspiration is 99% more important than inspiration.

Publishing is all about glueing one's butt to a seat for ungodly hours. Hard work, no doubt, and not for everyone.

Writing, on the other hand, is a wonderful art of self-expression. With the Internet allowing everyone to essentially self-publish to the world, this is one amazing time for aspiring writers...whether you're blogging, penning short stories, or poetry. Good luck with the res and happy new year again, Chelle!


January 25, 2009

help save a coffee company and basset hounds too. (yes, bassets love coffee mysteries too.)


It's LaundryGoddess again. I just found out that a fellow Basset hound rescuer and coffee company may be in dire straights if they can not get more of their product sold.They come on good recommendation. Can we help? Here is her company site.



Cleo's reply: Hi LG, thanks for posting! I checked out Moon Doggie Coffee's online shop. The site is most impressive. Clearly these folks are all about quality coffee!

I'll check out their coffee for sure and put a link up on my home page right column sometime this week. Gotta love coffee lovers who want to rescue animals. (My husband and I have rescued a number of homeless city cats ourselves, so I'll do what I can to help.)

In the meantime, if anyone out there is reading this, check out Moon Doggie Coffee for yourself! And if you live in New Jersey, drive on over - they look like a real friendly shop!

Click below to check out:

Moon Doggie Coffee, a micro-roaster of great coffees in northern New Jersey who also rescues Basset hounds. Scroll down their coffee list and you'll see they have a nice list of DECAF as well as flavored coffees for those of you who enjoy them! And their cafe looks like a lovely, friendly place to have a great cuppa!





Address: 108 W. Pleasant Ave., Maywood, NJ 07607 

Phone: 201-556-0111


—Cleo Coyle

January 24, 2009


Where is this coffee shop?


Cleo's reply:  By this shop, I'm asuming you mean the virtual Village Blend that you're reading about on these Web pages.

Here's My Answer: THIS coffee shop is located in two places...

#1 Virtual reality  (i.e. the Internet and if you're reading this, then you're already in it)!  And the second place where my Village Blend coffee shop is located is...

#2 My fiction! You see, I'm an author and I write a series of mystery novels that revolve around a fictional, century-old coffeehouse called the Village Blend, located in New York's Greenwich Village. This site is a *virtual* extension of that fictional world.

If you'd like to "visit" the coffeehouse located (literally) in my imagination, then pick up the first book in my series...

Coffeehouse Mysteries #1: On What Grounds

To find out more about my books, just click on the coffee cup in the left column of this site labeled "About the Coffeehouse Mystery Books." This will take you to a page on my site that explains more about the books - titles, plotlines, order, etc. To meet some of the characters in the books, click on the cup labeled "Meet the Village Blend Staff." Java joy to you and thanks for posting!

—Cleo Coyle


January 24, 2009

We need more haunted bookshop books!!


I love the haunted bookshop mysteries! I truly have trouble putting them down and getting anything else done around the house. As a believer in ghosts, I can almost believe Buy the Book is a real store somewhere, and that Jack is a true haunting spirit. Keep those books coming!! You've got a real fan here!

—Jennifer in Iowa

Cleo's reply: Hi, Jennifer in Iowa! Thanks for lifting me up. You post is wonderful and it really made me smile. May someone do the same for you today!




By the way: Jack the ghost says thanks, too. Actually, what he said was--

"You're aces, baby. Aces."

Warmest wishes and
Happy New Year to
you and yours,

—Cleo Coyle
(aka Alice Kimberly

January 22, 2009

I jumped for joy (Literally)

Hi Cleo--

Lol I went to the store today to pick up Latte Trouble as it had been delivered finally and asked why my pre ordered book hadn't arrived as it was released over a week ago, (The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion) They weren't sure why but said they already had copies in the store, so off I sent them to the back to get me one and I had them cancel my order and put that money toward a copy now instead of waiting longer. When the lady came to the counter and put the book down, well Cleo you should have seen me! lol my arms went up like a little school girl and flapped out at the sides. and I squealed just loud enough for the clerk to hear me. "weeee! omg! omg! you got it! you got it! yipppeee" hehe lol couldn't help it I was soooooo excited! anyway about to climb into bed and start reading.


(Cleo says: Chelle! Check out page 112 of the new
Haunted Bookshop mystery. There's a line
in there especially for you! See if you can find it!)


(Also) I may be Canadian but here are some (scented) Stamp Ideas.

Hawaii - Pinapple or Coconut of course

Washington DC - Cherries

California - mmmmm California Strawberries

Maine - Blueberries

btw that sweet and sour pork scented one sounds eeew! I bet Canada's would be Maple Syrup Scented. Off to viset a ghost and a Haunted house wooooooo! see ya in your dreams ;-)


—Chelle in Western Canada's
Haunted Coffee Coast.

P.S. Had two ideas for a coffee house titles:

1. Frappicide - (a play on the word Fratricide) at least I think that's the word (the one where someone kills their Bro)

2. Mocha-do about Nothing


Cleo's reply:  Shout-out again to my favorite Canadian girl! So glad you were able to get my latest Haunted Bookshop. Love the coffeehouse titles. Thanks! Suggestions are always welcome for these suckers as they aren't as easy to come up with as you'd think!

(Good ideas on the scented stamps, too. Especially like the maple syrup scent for the Canadian stamp!)

O Canada:  FYI, Chelle, I wanted to tell you that when I wrote a certain line on page 112 of THE GHOST AND THE HAUTNED MANSION, I thought: "I bet Chelle will like this line!" Hope you do!

Thanks again for stopping by and especially for reading!
You're the best,



January 21, 2009

New fan of the haunted bookshop!


I'm a new fan. I just stumbled on to the Haunted bookshop series....and I LOVE them! I bought all 5 a few days ago, and I'm already done with 4.

I'm a huge fan of pulps (the Shadow mostly <3 ) and old noir moives. As far as reading goes, my fave type of character is the paranormal PI...I couldn't believe my eyes when I read your novels. So many of my fave things wrapped up in to one series! FANTASTIC!!

I love the way Jack flirts with Pen basically since they first met, but she's killing me here... I want them to just be together. :)

I'm not going to poke you for some future relationship spoiler (though that would be nice!), but I did want to say, in each book their relationship gets closer and closer to something really special... I hope that keeps up in future Jack & Pen stories! Thanks for the great series! :)


Cleo's reply: Hi Shaow Fan! WOW! What a great post! I'm so happy you found my books, as Jack might put it: "Baby, it's a cinch, we were made for each other."

As far as Jack and Pen's relationship, they're one dynamic duo that's not splitting up anytime soon! (Jack wouldn't let it happen, believe me.)

Warmest wishes to you for posting and especially for reading!

Come on back to my *virtual* coffeehouse anytime, y'hear? Here's a *virtual* big cookie to enjoy with your next fresh cuppa joe!

—Cleo Coyle
(aka Alice Kimberly)



January 21, 2009

fun reading ahead !

Purchased my copy of the Ghost and the Haunted Mansion today at the mall. Eagerly looking forward to reading it. Will probably have to wait til tomorrow...with all the Obama celbration today. Quite spectacular.


—Mary T
Appleton WI


Cleo's reply: Hi again, Mary T.! Always a pleasure to hear from you. Presidential inaugurations always fill me with pride in our country - change of power without tanks and guns. Civilized transfer at the behest of the people, united behind the belief in the rule of law, justice for all, and a quest for unity.

In other words- Star Trek's bridge in macro! LOL! And, yes, I can't wait for the new movie this year - the prequel that will show us Kirk, Spock and the gang circa Star Fleet Academy days!

Java joy to you!



January 21, 2009


The main character in one of her books mentioned reading you. I'll try to find the passage and send it on.


Cleo's reply: AWESOME. How cool is that? I didn't know this and I'm grateful to you for giving me a heads up.  If you find the passage, post away and I'll get the cover of her book on your post, as well. And...

If you're out there, Sara Rosett, please know Cleo Coyle sends you a shout-out of thanks for the mention!!

Warmest java wishes,

—Cleo Coyle


January 20, 2009

Note to Cleo

I am new to your Coffeehouse Mystery series but know that I will be a reader forever! I purchased Espresso Shot today and cannot seem to put it down.

I am a school teacher and we are expecting a snow storm here in Va. Beach , Va. tomorrow so am hoping for a very rare and unexpected snow day in order to be able to read more of this exciting book. Keep them coming.





Cleo's reply:

I love, love, LOVE teachers! So of course I'm excited to hear that you're enjoying your first Coffeehouse Mystery. I hope you enjoy the rest of it, too, whether that snow day comes or not!

Thank you for posting, Nancy, and especially for your dedication to a profession to which I owe everything. The excellent teachers at my public schools from grade school to junior high and high school were the reason I was able to move from working class kid with no college grads in the family to becoming a high-honors graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.

Good teachers are the only chance kids like me have. God bless you, Girl!

—Cleo Coyle


January 20, 2009

love you books

I found out about your books by reading the Sara Rosett books. I'm forever in her debt.

Cleo's reply: Hi, thanks for posting - but I'm really curious here. How did Ms. Rosett's books (from a completely different publisher!) refer you to mine? I'm dying to know. Please post again soon to clarify. Weird!



January 20, 2009

I need a new Coffeehouse Mystery!

I know you just gave us a new one to read, but I am suffering from Village Blend withdrawal already! Can't wait for the next book!


Cleo's reply:

LOL! Glad to hear it! Your post is especially inspiring because I'm still writing the next book! (And your post makes my writing day all the more joyful - so thank you sincerely.)

Coffeehouse Mystery #8 will be on the store shelves later this year. So hang in there! Thanks for posting and Happy New Year!

—Cleo Coyle


January 19, 2009

Did you know: Coffee Scented Stamp from Brazil

Did you know?? In December of 2001, Brazil issued a scented postage stamp to promote its coffee - the scent was expected to last for around 3 to 5 years.


Cleo's reply:

AWESOME. Here is a picture of the COFFEE scented Brazillian stamp.

As I was looking into this (because of your post), I noticed there are number of countries issuing scented stamps in an attempt to raise revenue.

There's a JASMINE scented stamp from India. There's a CHOCOLATE scented stamp from Switzerland.  I can't believe this one, but there's even a SWEET-AND-SOUR PORK scented stamp from China!

This is a fantastic idea. I think the US government should release a scented stamp for every state in the USA.

Let's see...

Wisconsin and Vermont - cheeses; Florida - oranges.
Georgia - Peaches; Idaho - potatoes.
Illinois - pizza (chicago style); Texas - that's a tough one. BBQ beef? Suggestions welcome!

And New York - apple scent, of course - since upstate New York has wonderful apple harvests every fall and NYC is nicknamed the Big Apple - certainly a better alternative than the funky smell in the NYC subways during the summer months!

Thanks for posting!



January 18, 2009

Note to Cleo

Hello from a fellow Pittsburgher!!


Just before Christmas I getting coffee at one of those Barnes and Nobles with a Starbucks included. I just happened to look down and there was a copy of "Espresso Shot" on the counter. I asked the barista if she had read this and had no idea. I decided to add this to my Christmas list and, sure enough, that was one of my gifts this year. I finished reading it a week ago and, as usual, I was clueless as to who committed the murder!! As a matter of fact, I was way off...I thought it was Cosi's boyfriend!! Anyway, I enjoyed the book so much that I have purchased all but two of the series and am looking forward to striking out again!!

Thank you for your wonderful talent!!



Cleo's reply: GO STEELERS right back at ya! Isn't it great to have our favorite team in the Superbowl again! Woot!

I was so excited to hear your tale of finding Espresso Shot on a coffee bar counter in a Pittsburgh B&N. Awesome. (As most people know, I was born and raised in a steel town outside of the city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, USA.) Nice to hear from a homie - thank you, Steve, for posting here on my site and especially for your enthusiastic words about enjoying my book.

I hope you'll continue to be a "customer" of my fictional Village Blend coffeehouse for a long time. Come on back now, y'hear?!

—Cleo Coyle



January 14, 2009

Kopi Luwak-NOT on your life

Cleo, I love Coffee...I love Cats...but there is no way I would want to win that coffee in a drawing. I'd rather drink instant....

Cleo's reply: LOL! I hear ya!

January 14, 2009


I just finished French Pressed! I can't wait until I can get to the bookstore to see if they have Espresso Shot available! Of course it will only take me about 3 days to read it, but still I can't wait!


Cleo's reply: Hey, there! Thanks for posting and I hope you enjoy the read!

I always shake my head when I hear people say they complete one of my books in a day or two or three. It's amazing to me because I know how LONG it took to write! But then every chef watches hours of sauce-making and meat braising disappear down customers' throats in a few short gulps, so who am I to complain!! LOL!

No kidding though - Thank you sincerely for posting - and especially for reading.

Happy Java New Year to you and yours,

—Cleo Coyle


January 13, 2009

A cuppa pleasure

Two weeks ago I went into a book store and picked up four of Cleo's coffeehouse mysteries and then proceeded to read them all and went back for more!!

Yesterday, I got the latest one "Espresso Shot"! I am hooked and can't wait until the next book is on the book store shelves. These are great reads along with a cuppa of my favorite coffee. Thanks for the time well spent reading your mysteries.


Cleo's reply:

Writing is an isolating business, but posts like yours really keep me going. Thank YOU sincerely for being such an enthusiastic reader - and for stopping by my *virtual* coffeehouse, here's a delish *virtual* chocolate croissant to enjoy with your next cuppa joe.

Warmest Java Wishes and Happy New Year to you and yours,

—Cleo Coyle






January 13, 2009

What happened to *spoiler* in new bookshop mystery?

Hi: What happened to *spoiler deleted* in new bookshop mystery?



Cleo's reply:

Hi there. Thank you for posting and I'm sorry about deleting the name of the character that you asked about in my latest Haunted Bookshop Mystery: The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion.

I take it that you liked the character -  I certainly enjoyed writing about that person! But here's the thing . . . Asking about that particular character might be a spoiler for anyone who has not yet read the new book, and since it was JUST published last week, I think I should simply answer you by saying that you'll see that character again in the series!

Cheers and thank you sincerely for reading!

Warmest wishes for the New Year,
Cleo Coyle/Alice Kimberly


January 11, 2009

Cleo's real daughter

I just finished reading "Espresso Shot", the only one of your books in our local small town library. I've already requested that they buy more. As an addicted coffee-holic, mystery series reader and mother of 6, I'm intrigued by the Cosi character and can't wait to get hold of the Ghost books, as well.

Sadly, the only local coffeehouse has recently closed its doors, so it's off to a neighboring town 20 miles away to get a great cup of Joe and the coffeehouse feel. Your book has made me want to visit NY City for the first time...I've been in Europe, Mexico, Canada and most of the lower 48, but never NY City. Sounds like a wonderful trip my husband and I have wanted to take for all 21 of our married years, but never had the opportunity yet.

I am enjoying the recipes in the book and your website, as well as the posts and hints. But, I must confess, I AM Cleo's real daughter...my mother's name was Cleo and I grew up hearing Cleopatra comments, etc, although my mother was of German/Austrian extraction, growing up in central Texas with a full first name of Cleopha. Continue the great stories, and I look forward to the new book this week.

—Denise -

Hook Em Horns 
(even though I've transplanted to Indiana)


Cleo's reply:

This is an awesome post! Under deadline but will write more soon....Luv, Cleo.


January 11, 2009

Please, no sweaty coffee!

Maybe it's because I work with naked people so much (remember now, I am a CCU nurse), but I'm not all that thrilled with having a topless male serving my fresh coffee, I don't care how good looking he is. After all, all you can do is look, you can't touch. So, sir, please put on a tight black T-shirt and a sexy smile and serve me a perfect cup of coffee, no sweat, thank you!

~~Judy Mac


Cleo's reply:  LOL on the "topless coffee" post, Nurse Judy!

Must admit, I'd probably be too embarrassed to just gape openly at Mr. Ab-Man/Barista, but I'd most definitely take a peek  -  between sips of my latte. And then I'd take another peek (a little longer this time) and sip. You get the picture!




January 10, 2009

Christmas in January again.

Hi Cleo,

It's like Christmas again at my house and for you too! :-) I went and used my $50 in book cards to pad your wallet lol! I bought 6 books and only one wasn't a Coyle or a Kimberly Book. Read em before but it's been sooo long I can't wait to read them again. Really can't wait to get the newest Kimberly, I pre ordered it with 2 of the early Coyles. Brought home the first 2 in the Kimberly series today as they finally arrived at the store. I remember tears running down my face because I laughed so hard reading the Mrs McClure one. The part when Pen first met Jack was waaaay to funny lol.

—Chelle in Canada


Cleo's reply:

Awesome, Chelle! Shout-out to my Canadian Girl! You're the best.

Will type more soon...


January 9, 2009

topless coffee house ????

hi again Cleo! It's me the Laundrygoddess.I read the article on topless coffee and all I want to know is When are you going to figure out how to get that in one of the mysteries? Matteo, Mike, and Tucker. Who's got the better abs?


Cleo's reply:  Hilarious question, Laundrygoddess! LOL Okay . . . short answer on who has the best abs - Matt.  No question. The man's an extreme sports junkie turned workout fiend. If anyone would make a mint on tips with topless latte making in Greenwich Village, it would most definitely be Clare's ex! (P.S. Mike's no slouch, either, but I just can't see the lieutenant flirting with pec flexes - Matt, on the other hand, yep.)

Happy New Year, LG!




January 8, 2009

Haunted Bookshop for Kindle

Hi, Cleo -- I've read and loved all of the Coffeehouse Mysteries ... and would love to read the Haunted Bookshop Series. Unfortunately, the DH and I made a deal: I could get a Kindle, but no more hard copies of books (this was the day after we carted 20 cartons of books off to the library). At present, only books 3 and 4 (maybe 5, too) of the Haunted Bookshop series are available for the Kindle. Any chance that the two earlier books will be Kindlized soon?

Jenn M


Cleo's reply:

Check back again soon for Cleo's reply.

January 7, 2009

Smooth and Satisfying Espresso Shot

Hi Cleo,

Loved Espresso Shot! Just discovered you. I'm the latte queen in my house! The coffee shop made me want to come visit. I'm a writer also and did a book review on Espresso Shot, thought you'd be interested. Keep it up, this is a nice series.

—Antona Smith

writing as Taye' Foster Bradshaw http://tayefosterbradshawbookshelf.com



Cleo's reply:

Check back again soon for Cleo's reply.

January 6, 2009


Is there a real coffeehouse that the books are based on? I love your stories. I was introduced to On What Grounds by a friend/librarian and ended up buying all the other books and turned my mom and sister on to them as well.


Cleo's reply: 

Check back again soon for Cleo's reply!

January 5, 2009

Good decaf??

I decided to make my traditional New Year's resolution to lose weight (for the umpteenth time) really work this time by having bariatric surgery on 12/31. I am not allowed to have regular coffee for THREE MONTHS!! So I'm looking for a good decaf to tide me over. I've checked my favorite sites and haven't found any decaf African coffees. Any suggestions? ~~Judy Mac


Cleo's reply: 

Check back again soon for Cleo's reply!

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