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October 11, 2008

New Book Arrives!

I just received my copy of Espresso Shot and can't wait to read this one. A beautiful cover design to it also. I loved French Pressed so much. I have pre-ordered the next Haunted Bookshop Mystery: The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion, those books are so impressive as well. Love your books, Cleo, and I was thrilled to have been a winner of Joe's Vienna Roast Coffee this month! Thanks so much.

—Lorraine from Allentown, PA


Cleo's reply: Congratulations again, Lorraine! I hope you enjoy the book AND the Joe's Vienne Roast coffee, too!!

Warmest wishes,





October 9, 2008


You are my favorite mystery author EVER!!! This was perfect with a plate of PB and Nutella sandwich with milk! I'm so glad Matteo finds his one true love and most of all Clare has the duplex all to herself (oo lala!) Will Clare get to meet Mike's kids? I think it would be interesting.

Clare Cosi/Cleo Coyle's fan



Cleo's reply:

You made my day, Viviana!

* Hugs to you *

I really like your idea on Mike's kids...hmmmm....since I'm working on Coffeehouse Mystery #8 right now - title to come soon - that gives me some interesting food for thought...(I'll let you know more as the new Coffeehouse tale progresses!)

In the meantime, here is a cuppa "virtual" Latte Art (with Heart) in thanks for your very kind words. Again, thanks for lifting me up today. It's readers like you who make me want to keep writing.

Java joy to you always,



October 7, 2008

BH * SPOILER * Deleted

Cleo suggests that you e-mail her at VilliageBlend@aol.com 

Your thoughts will prove valuable in the creation of a reading guide for this book..

October 7, 2008

Espresso Shot

I purchased Espresso Shot...

—Mary T Appleton WI am loving the book..btw !!!waiting for Mike to appear !!


Cleo's reply via e-mail to you Mary T.!

October 6, 2008

Your new book!

Hi Cleo,

Just picked up your new book and can't wait to start it. I've read all your other ones and loved them. Also got one of the Haunted Bookshop ones for the first time. Your books are fun!



Cleo's reply: Thanks, Jean! I hope you enjoy Espresso Shot - in the next month or so I'll be posting more about the recipes in this one (showing photos for the Italian wedding cookies and other recipes). In the meantime, have a virtual cappuccino and biscotti in thanks for stopping by my "virtual" Village Blend!



October 4, 2008

It's a WINNER!!

I made me a cup of Kona (I was out of IRW and my new order hadn't arrived), disconnected phone, kids, pets, etc., and opened my book. I nearly got a cramp laughing at your Bourdain/Zimmer amalgam! You got the attitude dead on. I couldn't wait until the wedding scene and I must give you a salute. You managed to create such a clear picture of the scene, I could see and smell the action. I do believe my all-time favorite master wordsmith, JRR Tolkien, would be proud. You did a very, very good job with your latest book, Cleo. My hearfelt congratulations

~~Judy Mac


Cleo's reply: Wow. Thank you, Nurse Judy!!!

Listen, Tolkien is truly amazing and that's very, very flattering - AND...it's funny you should mention him because I was thinking of Breanne and her waif thin, fairly-like fashionista magazine staff as an almost Tolkien-esque construct - Galadriel, lady of the forest - either that or the Wicked Witch of the West from the land of Oz! LOL!


Is Breanne more like...


Galadriel                     or                 The Wicked Witch
                                                   of the West???






(Just kidding!)


MOSTLY I'm thrilled that you found Espresso Shot anywhere near as enjoyable as the IRW coffee from Ethiopia - a true work of art from the artisan farmers of Yirgacheffe. Like thier beans, my books are (hopefully) a little, warm cup to brighten peoples' days.

Java joy to you for lifting me up today.

May someone do that for you, too...




October 3, 2008

Loved it!!!!!

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed "Espresso Shot". It was such an enjoyable escape from the daily mess of life and horrible goings on in the world.

The "Fish Squad" were hilarious--I hope you include them in future stories. I also liked the way certain characters realized and seemed to embrace their changing relationships (I don't want to ruin anything for anyone who has not read the book yet, but I hope you understand what I mean)--although I must admit a couple of times you had me worried!

What can I say about Mike Quinn? It's too bad (but not at all surprising) that such a great guy is fiction! And of course, I love all of the coffee tips and recipes. I do have a question: Will Clare ever meet Mike's kids? And what about his soon-to-be ex-wife? (I know, that's two questions!). But the ex-wife, that would be interesting!

Thanks again for such a great story. When you do your book tour I hope you make a stop in Michigan.

(If you think I've "spoiled" anything, please feel free to edit my post).


Cleo's reply:

Hi Nicole! What a great post! Thank you! First of all, you haven't spoiled a thing. (The spoilers that concern me have to do with giving away pieces of the mystery puzzle). Second of all, I really like your "Mike's ex-wife and kids" idea and YES in the coming books, we will definitely be meeting Mike's ex-wife as well as his kids and certain members of his big, colorful Irish family. I'm so happy you enjoyed "The Fish Squad" - the former head of New York's Sixth Precinct (which patrols the West Village of NYC) was a woman - and that is RARE in the NYPD. The Fish Squad is my little tribute to her - and all the great women cops out there. SAAAALUTE!

Michigan is such a great state! I would love to visit your stomping ground on a book tour - keeping fingers crossed that readers keep buying and reading and enjoying the Coffeehouse Mysteries...In the meantime, I want to thank you sincerely for reading my books and for posting about what you liked. It's a great help to me to know what readers think - and you have some great thoughts and ideas!

Java joy to you, Nicole -

I hope you'll come back to my virtual Village Blend again! (Enjoy this virtual box o' biscotti! Wish I could offer you the real thing  but this is a virtual coffeehouse! LOL!)



October 3, 2008

My first cannoli

I just realized that I forgot to sign my posting for "Taking the girls to the library". Thank you for the cannoli, Cleo. It made me laugh to remember my first cannoli at the age of 21. I had gone to Boston with 2 friends in 1976 and were walking the Freedom Trail. We stopped at an Italian pastry shop and I decided on this scrumptious rolled pastry. I asked what it was and the lady (giving me a very strange look) said "It's a cannoli!" I replied that I had never had one before. She said "Where do you live that you've never had a cannoli before?!" I had to admit I actually blushed when I replied "Indiana". Now I can say that I've had cannoli in Italy, but my true love is tiramisu.(Can you believe that my spell-check doesn't recognize the words cannoli or tiramisu? I had to add them to the "dictionary".) I have received "Espresso Shot" and can make myself a fresh cup of coffee, disconnect the phone, children, etc. and read my book! LMK when you start your cross country signings, Cleo. I'll turn up if you make it to Indiana (Illinois, Ohio, or anywhere within a tank of gas).

~~Judy Mac aka Meemaw


Cleo's reply: HILARIOUS story, Nurse Judy!! LOL! You made my night! AND...your post inspired my husband to stop by our neighborhood Italian bakery (bread to die for) and buy me two delicious, sweet, freshly-filled cannoli - YUM - I made mine last for 2 days, which was easy because a typical New York Italian cannoli is so big and so rich, that half of one with a cuppa java can easily fill you up!






October 1, 2008

Oh My!

I received "Espresso Shot" yesterday and read it cover to cover. Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Oh, dear, what to do until January. . . Thanks for another great read!



Cleo's reply: AWESOME!! Nice to hear from you again, "geekette"! Love your posts. Per January—I'm now reviewing the page proofs for my next book (written under my second pen name, Alice Kimberly)—and if you don't laugh out loud at least once on this one, I'll eat my fedora!

—GeekGirl2, Cleo Coyle


The Ghost and the
Haunted Mansion
by Alice Kimberly
Pub: January 09

Book #5 in
Haunted Bookshop
mystery series



FYI for those of you unfamiliar with my Haunted Bookshop Mysteries, (aka my "ghost" series) here are the titles in order:

1 The Ghost and Mrs. McClure

2 The Ghost and the Dead Deb

3 The Ghost and the Dead Man's Library

4 The Ghost and the Femme Fatale (just released in May)

5 The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion (to come this January 09)

(You can learn more about this series by clicking on the dancing ghost in the left column of this Web site! Cheers!)

October 1, 2008


I love your Village Blend mysteries. How do I get them autographed? Looking forward to Espresso Shot.



Cleo's reply:  Hi Kris - thank you for reading! I'm glad you live in CT - it's close enough to NYC that you might be able to attend a "Coffee with Cleo" event I'm planning with Joe, the Art of Coffee - the Greenwich Village coffeehouse that inspired my own fictional Village Blend. (There are 3 Joe shops in NYC - the Waverly Street Joe's is pictured right. Food and Wine magazine just named it one of the top coffee bars in the country.)

     The evening will (hopefully) be a combination of a coffee tasting or espresso-making lesson on their pro machine combined with a book signing and talk about writing culinary mysteries. This evening will take place sometime in 2009. I'll be sure to give you plenty of notice in my newsletter and on this Web site about when and where and how to sign up for the limited seating.

     If the "Coffee with Cleo" event goes well the first time, I hope to do more of them in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) And if they go well locally, I really hope to take the coffee on the road around the country.

    So stay tuned, Kris (and everyone who would like Espresso Shot signed) - Cleo is hoping to come to a city near you in the next year or two.

In the meantime,
if you keep reading,
I'll keep writing!


Wishing you Java Joy,

—Cleo Coyle

September 30, 2008

Another one brought to the light!

The other night, I treated one of my fellow nurses to a cup of IRW and her first words were "OH, MY GOD! This tastes like coffee smells! This is the best coffee I've ever had!" I gave her the web address of Counter Culture coffee and allowed her another (small) cup. I guarantee she will be online, buying coffee ASAP. BTW, I am waiting for my book VERY patiently!!!!! Amazon said it was shipped!!!! I really need a shot of espresso!!! I think I'll go sit on my mailbox like Snoopy, looming like a vulture, waiting for the unsuspecting mailman to drive up and....GIVE ME MY BOOK!!!!

~~Judy Mac


Cleo's reply: Ha-ha-haaaaa! Love it! Hi again, Nurse Judy! I hope you enjoy Espresso Shot, too (the book not the drink! LOL!) Lemme know what you think of the saga of Matt's wedding...

- Cleo


September 30, 2008

My book was delivered today...

and I just finished it! So good! Very impressed. I guess I can't go into detail yet.



Cleo's reply: Hi Jazdia!! So happy to hear you enjoyed Espresso Shot! You can write more if you like or ask me questions (just don't reveal any spoilers!).

Java joy to you for reading--and for posting, too!


September 30, 2008

Espresso...and baseball !

I will be at B and N tomorrow..to get my copy of Espresso Shot. Eager to read it. Well....the Brewers are in..at least for a while..and sigh...the Mets are out. What a day in baseball on Sunday..wow. Made for some very tense moments for sure. When I hear anyone say...what's brewin'.. I will think of coffee and the Crew !

—Mary T
Appleton WI


Cleo's reply: Hi Mary T.! Always great to hear from you. (I'm trying to proof the site more closely since I know your watcheful eyes are out there!)

Go Brewers! (That's for you and all of Wisconsin.)

I know how you feel. I will always (heart) my Mets - no matter what! When you read Espresso Shot, I'm sure you'll notice 'he reference to Mets' stadium. Funny story...

While writing the book, I wanted to refer to the beloved old "Shea Stadium" (which is located in Flushing Meadow Park in Queens) - but I knew that by the time the book would be published, there would be no more Shea! So I had to refer to the stadium as the Mets' stadium. Just an example of the sort of strange problems that can crop up while one is trying to write a contemporary novel! Cheers and let me know what you think...


September 30, 2008

Ready for Espresso !

I will be going to B and N Tuesday to get my copy of Espresso Shot...looking forward to reading it !


Cleo's reply: Excellent! Come on back and let me know what you think.

September 30, 2008

Espresso Shot

Got it Friday, read it and LOVED IT!!

—Barbara Belfair, WA


Cleo's reply: Hiya, Barbara! So great to hear from you again - and I'm really glad you enjoyed the book!!! Thanks for reading - and especially for dropping by again to post. Come on back now, y'hear?!

Java joy to you,


September 28, 2008

French Press

Well, not only am I hooked on your wonderful mysteries, but I have started to grind my own beans and bought a French press. I follow all your directions and I am now able to get a much better cup of coffee. Sometimes it doesn't turn out just right, but I keep trying. I think it is a fine art!

—Ellen, WA


Cleo's reply: Hi Ellen! You made my day! It's great to hear you love the mysteries and extremely gratifying to hear that the books enriched your culinary joy - even if only a little bit.

I subscribe to the "island" theory of living. Every day can be trying - but if we have little islands of joy in the midst of the storms, it can really get us through. Enjoying a delicious piece of pie or a fresh cuppa joe can be that little island. We deserve it. Warmest wishes and...

Java joy to you,



September 26, 2008

Another great review!


The 9/1 issue of Library Journal has a STARRED REVIEW of "Espresso Shot"!

Check out libraryjournal.com. Librarians use Library Journal to select titles for their collections as well as to recommend books to customers. I presented the coffee house series at a  "Coffee, Books and Conversation" discussion. Two participants came back to say they had started to read the series and loved it!



Click here to go LibraryJournal.com
and see the
Starred Review

(You will need to scroll down
to the "Coyle, Cleo" entry...)





Cleo's reply: AWESOME!! Thank you SO much for telling me, Marlene! I've put this on the front page of my Web site. This is the best news in the world! In my "book" (LOL), librarians are the keepers of the literary culture. So this pretty much puts me in Hog Heaven!

Great to hear from you again, too. Come on back now, y'hear?!

Cheers and Java joy to you,

—Cleo Coyle

September 26, 2008

Oh, what a difference a new batch makes!

I just opened my other bag of Purple Princess and was very pleasantly surprised by the increased aroma of the beans over the first bag. I closed my eyes and inhaled. I could smell the flowers, yes, the lavender, and thought I could smell a faint herbal scent almost like fresh hay. I couldn't wait to see how it would brew up and it was a winner! I don't think I'll take this bag to work to share. BTW, I am OUTRAGED!!! I had stored a partial bag of IRW beans at work (I had the bag wrapped in a Walmart bag and stowed in the bottom of the employee refrigerator) and someone stole them!!! AARRRGGHHH!! I was reduced to drinking percolated Starbucks! It almost wasn't worth it!

~~Judy Mac


Cleo's reply: Great update on the saga of the Purple Princess and the IRW (Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Cleo's January Coffee Pick). It is good to find a coffee one can love! (Especially when you're an overworked nurse working on a masters degree in your spare time - LOL! Thanks for posting again Nurse Judy. Come on back now, y'hear?!)


September 24, 2008

Dilbert Coffee Quote

Was at the bookstore today and saw a dilbert cartoon where someone was being interviewed for a job and was asked what his goal was is response? "My goal is to replace my soul with coffee and become immortal"

—Chelle in Canada


Cleo's reply: LOL!! Hi Chelle!! Here's another funny Dilbert cartoon. Oh, so appropriate for the financial meltdown of the US market. (My philosophy - drink more coffee and start all over again. The boulder will continually roll down the hill and we will have to continually push it up again. This is nothing new. Life is work. But if we're wise, we're singing while we push - and we're all pushing together.)

—Cleo Coyle,

who is STILL hanging in there, even though her first hardcover is being released the same week as the biggest stock market crash since the Great Depression. Sigh.

September 20, 2008

break fast

Thank you for the tea...


Cleo's reply: You are very welcome, obscure one.


September 20, 2008

what is your inspiration

what gave you the idea to name your series Coffeehouse mysteries...


Cleo's reply: Hey there! Interesting question. If you click back to the Home Page and scroll down, you'll see my feature article (Posted 9/15/08) about a great coffee bar in New York called Joe, the Art of Coffee. That should help you understand...

Warmest java wishes,

—Cleo Coyle


September 20, 2008

Taking the girls to the

I pre-ordered The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion (since it was paperback, I felt obliged to spend some more money on some more books). And speaking of books, I sell my read (and re-read) books to the local used book store so I can buy, yes, more books. I take my daughter and granddaughters (ages 3 3/4 and 2 1/2) with me and the oldest granddaughter, Nattie, calls it the "library". She loves to go pick out new books and let Meemaw (yours truly) buy them for her. It works better this way since we are in the process of teaching the girls to handle books with love and not crinkle or tear the pages and they still have lapses in handling technique. But they love being read to at bedtime every night and love having their own books.

BTW, Cleo, my daughter and I agree that one of the smells that makes us the absolute happiest is the smell of large amounts of books together, whether it's a real library or a bookstore, the smell makes us want to curl up with a book, cup of coffee, and just purr our way through a new adventure.


Cleo's reply: What a wonderful post! Thank you, "Meemaw"! You made my day!

Java joy to you, your daughter, and your adorable granddaughters! Thanks for posting. I hope you'll come back again to my "virtual" Village Blend...

Here is a "virtual" plate of delicious cannoli for you to share with your family, in thanks for dropping by.


—Cleo Coyle

September 19, 2008

Different Brews, Different Tastes

Being the ADHD person I have already admitted to being, it probably is no surprise that I go through coffee carafes like they were ->supposed<- to be disposable. Last week, yet again, I went searching for a replacement pot for my fave coffee brewer, my Melitta Mill and Brew. Only available on the web, I couldn't live that long without my "aroma-alarm-clock" and bought a Cuisinart Grind and Brew locally instead of a replacement carafe for which I would have to wait. The difference in my morning wake-up-cup was alarming. Same beans, same twice-filtered water, not the same taste. Gone was the 'edge,' or 'tang.' Maybe the difference is in the paper cone filter rather than the permanent filter? Maybe it is the fact that Cuisinart sends only a portion of the water into the grounds while sending the majority of the heated water in to the pot. . .Either way, next month I am sending twenty bucks over the 'Net to replace my carafe. Maybe I should buy two. The Mill and Brew were as close to my French Press (which I also broke)as I have ever come. Really, I don't always whine.


e-PS Caffeine is like ritalin, a stimulant, which is why it works to focus an ADHD, or ADD brain. (Thanks for Nessie in my cup o'joe. Oh, look a monkey! snicker. snicker. I had a dog named "Chessie." You do get the idea. It's like having a brain that constantly free-associates. We can be creative. Ask anyone who has ever seen me write code. No spaghetti.)



Cleo's reply:

Ha! (Could write more, but really why? - Ha! says it all!)

*Grin *

No kidding - coffee is SERIOUS stuff. When you're used to a routine of brewing - and it gets mucked up - than it's an ISSUE! For sure, I feel your pain.

So what code do you write? Computer, right? You're not working for the CIA, are you? (That's the central intelligent agency - not the culinary institute of america - people often make that mistake. They call for a pastry chef and get an undercover operative.)

September 18, 2008

Drinking Coffee Now

I am 52 yrs. old and ever since I started to read the coffee house mysteries out of a need to know, I drank a cup of cappuccino, from Folgers true enough and I now drink a couple of cups a day. We do not have a proper coffee house in Arcadia, but boy does it sound like a place to read your books and try some other types of coffee.

—Sandra L.


Cleo's reply:

Hi, Sandra! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your post, and I do hope you see my reply!

THANK YOU for letting me know that you are not only enjoying the Coffeehouse Mystery tales but that you are feeling right at home in Clare's fictional Village Blend. Are you in Arcadia, Nebraska? Or Arcadia, California? (Are there more than 2 Arcadias?)

Per your Folgers - considering you don't have a proper coffee house in your area, I'd say you're doing just fine! To each his own - or as "geekette" put it - "Different Brews, Different Tastes" - and that's what makes our world interesting, don't you think?!

Warmest wishes to you, Sandra. Come on back to my "virtual" Village Blend and post anytime. Here's a special slice of New York cheesecake just for you.



September 17, 2008

Passing the time with Coffee and Chocolates mmm literature is yum!

Hi Cleo,

Sent you an email with a cute coffee comic I found earlier today, but thought I'd send a proper note. I've been away from school 4 straight days now :-( because I got Bronchitis. It's so bad that when I open my mouth to speak now only a small squeak or fog horn sound comes out lol. What a tragedy that is as I'm an avid talker arrrgh. To bad there isn't a coffee cure for that.

Since I'm stuck at home I've been re reading your books and Joanna Carl's as well. Nothing like mixing Coffee and Chocolate right? lol, I take the books to school too and read them during my break time and on the bus there and back. Well gotta be going to bed I have to go to school for a few minutes tomorrow so I can get the work I missed to catch up on at home. Oh ya and I couldn't take the 5 am wake up calls so switched my schedule so class starts at 1 in the afternoon for me lol.

Your Canadian Girlfriend stuck mute and mochaless (is that even a word?) lol...



Cleo's reply: Coffee and Chocolate absolutely go together! Could not agree more!


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