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September 14, 2008

decaffeinated plant?

Is the decaf coffee plant purely fiction in Decaffeinated Corpse?



Cleo's reply: Hi, Jenna. Thanks for stopping by. Great question.

The idea of a coffee tree that can grow decaffeinated beans was science fiction when I began writing Decaffeinated Corpse. I knew there were people out there trying to achieve this, but it hadn't yet happened. Then, shortly after Decaffeinated Corpse was published, it did happen!

Click here to read the article from Reuters African Desk - in Aug. 2007 a naturally low-caffeine plant was announced to the public. Now it's no longer science ficiton. It's botanical fact!

So how long will it be until we can drink this naturally low caffeine coffee? It will likely be years, but there's no doubt about it - it's coming. With demand for decaf coffee dramatically up over the last few decades, growers, exporters, and retailers know it's going to be profitable to find a better quality decaf product. And that's why the future looks bright for decaf drinkers!

Decaf java joy to you, Jenna!

Thanks again for stopping by. Come on back anytime to my "virtual" coffeehouse...



September 14, 2008

And the verdict is....

Okay, I tried the Purple Princess coffee from Honduras. I was anticipating a very fragrant coffee (REAL lavender is my favorite scent in the whole wide world) and was slightly disappointed to smell just coffee. Really nice coffee, but just coffee. Then, as I was moving the bag away from my nose, I caught a fleeting light sweet floral scent. It didn't last long enough for me to identify it as lavendar but it was definitely floral. So, being the generous person that I am (why is my husband laughing??, I took the ENTIRE bag to work and donated it to our special coffee stash (we have a percolator that we pull out just for a select few of us). I told them that it was from Honduras and to let me know what they thought. The concensus was it was good coffee but no floral overtones, undertones, or anytones noted. I think I'll stick to the IRW, which I am NOT sharing with work. I can't wait for Espresso Shot (I need to hide it from my daughter or she'll "borrow" it before I get to read it) so in the meantime I guess I'll read "Ethical Dilemmas and Nursing Practice". It's a real page turner...sigh.
~~Judy Mac


Cleo's reply: As Tucker might put it: "People, people, people! If you are spending money on premo beans, you should probably not be percolating them!" Okay, I have to agree. An office percolator is probably not the best way to bring out and judge the subtle flavor notes of a unique bean. (In fact - I could almost see Chef Gordon Ramsey throwing knives about now.)

But, listen, before you accuse me of being a total coffee snob, remember: "To each his own" is a phrase made for cuisine. Of course, everyone has different preferences, palates, and tastes - some coffee drinkers love light roasts. Others love dark. Some say paying $13  bucks instead of $6 for a pound of premium coffee is a waste of good money. (Just think of all the lottery tickets, cigarettes, junk food and beer you can purchase with that extra 6 bucks!) Some complain espresso is European mud. Others can't get through a day without a double shot. 

As for my lovely Purple Princess (my April '08 Coffee Pick) - I love it! Last winter and spring, when I was test sampling Purple Princess and writing about it, I defintely dectected the "purple" notes that led Counter Culture director of coffee Peter Giuliano to nickname the bean. (Earlier this year, Peter was named 2nd VP of the SCAA, the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Check him out hugging a coffee tree!)

Funny how the palate works. My husband actually has a better palate than I, and he's often detecting things I can barely taste. Or it could simply be that this year's Purple Princess crop is not as heavy with the lavender, grape, plum notes and floral is the note that remains (still remarkable in a coffee that's not grown in Africa). On the other hand, some palates are more sensitive than others (just ask Chef Ramsey!) and flavor notes in coffee can be stronger or weaker depending on the crop. (But, no kidding, method can really effect flavor notes in coffee...not to mention an office maker that is not kept in top order.)

It's certainly a wide, wide world of java. And there's lots to like, dislike, and explore. www.CoffeeGeek.com is just one place you can find myriad opinions on all things coffee. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts, Judy. I'm sorry you were disappointed in the PP. But I'm very glad you liked the "IRW" - (Idido Royal Washed) from the region of Yirgacheffe, Ethiopian (My January '08 Coffee Pick) from Counter Culture! All was not lost! And thanks sincerely for ordering Espresso Shot! I know how much IRW ("Yirg") you could have bought for the price of my book, and I appreciate it. Now, of course, I'm going to sweat whether the saga of Matt's wedding gives you as much pleasure!


September 13, 2008

Your books go great with a double espresso!

I love reading your books with my double espresso every day, homemade from an ancient Italian stovetop maker. I also want to share about a great small roaster in Newport Beach, CA. I discovered Alta Roasting Co. just before discovering your Coffeehouse Mysteries. Now the two together makes me enjoy my evenings after a long day at school with my students.

Thank you, Cleo!!!


Cleo's reply: Awesome to hear from a teacher - let alone a coffee-drinking teacher who digs my little books. You made my night! Thank you so much for posting and also for telling me about Alta.

( If anyone would like to learn more about Alta Roasting Co. in Newport Beach, CA, click here! )

And for anyone who is wondering what a "stovetop" espresso maker is: Here's a picture. These come in various sizes. It's a handy little poor-man's espresso maker. The old-school Italians used them when I was growing up - and, like Clare (and you!), I have one, too. CLICK HERE to learn more about stovetop espressos (aka Moka pots).

Java joy to you, "Teach," and thank you so much for posting!


September 13, 2008


I was at home that morning and my husband called me from work and told me to turn on the news. All I could think was "how many people were there?". I had to work that night and several of the nurses said they had volunteered to go to NYC and help with the victims but had been told to wait. I was listening to the news off and on as I went in and out of patient rooms and heard the statement that NYC was looking for sources of body bags.

That news told me that there were few if any survivors from the Towers. When I heard that the call for body bags had been stepped way down, I realized that few if any of the bodies were intact and my heart broke for the grief I knew the families of those victims were experiencing.

To lose someone you love is heartbreaking enough, but to know that you can't bury that person leaves that loss an open wound. Cleo, my deepest sympathies to you and your fellow New Yorkers and the families and friends of all those priceless people that died in the Towers.

~~Judy Mac


Cleo's reply: Thank you, Judy, for your heartfelt post. The details of that day will (I have no doubt) remain with us all for the rest of our lives.

September 8, 2008

Geekette loves reading Cleo's books with a cup o' joe...

I love reading your books with a cup o'joe, but I keep falling asleep. (I have ADHD and a cup o'joe is better than prescription drugs for me.) This does, however, make the books last longer and the wait for the next book isn't so awful. Write faster, please. --grin-- Oh, OK, well-written books are better than faster books, but I wanna have more books! --whine--whine--whine! BTW, are you sure Joy isn't mildly ADHD? She sure sounds like me when I was her age. I have a pre-teen granddaughter that I think of as a younger "Joy" so I am looking forward to her avatar.



Cleo's reply: First of all, I love your geekette signature. (Geeks of the world unite! Thank you.)

I'm pretty sure my husband is also ADHD. He went through the public school system before that sort of diagnosis was made, but I'm often having a "normal" conversation with him (say, about the Loch Ness Monster) and then his brain rockets off in five different directions, and I say, "HEY! We were talking about  Nessie!" (Look at the monkey! Look at the monkey!)

So anyway it could be ADHD, or...(umm) you don't suppose it's the excessive amount of caffeine we consume, do ya?...

ANYWAY! I'm glad you're looking forward to seeing the Joy avatar (for newbies my Village Blend Staff Page has avatars of the Coffeehouse Mystery characters and Joy is one). I hope to get Joy added soon (maybe even next month if all goes well with the outline I'm now writing for the 8th Coffeehouse Mystery - more on that in the coming months, too!)

Java joy to you "geekette"!  In thanks for stopping by my "virtual" Village Blend coffeehouse, may I now virtually serve you a virtual cuppa Latte Art for Geeks!

(a geek-girl 2)


Latte Art
for Geeks



September 6, 2008

Manatee Coffee Company & Medaglia D'oro brownie

Manatee Coffee was doing a sampling at Costco recently. Fairly good. http://www.manateecoffee.com/  "A coffee with a cause." Available at Costco throughout Florida and on the web. Not as good as my fave, Medaglia D' Oro, a twice-roasted Italian-style espresso that has been around longer than I have. Medaglia D'Oro is roasted at Rowland Coffee Roasters' Miami facility. They have recipes on their website. http://www.medagliadoro.com/ The espresso brownies are truly yummy! That's the coffee / chocolate combo I curl up with when I read Coffee House and Haunted Bookshop novels.


Cleo's reply: Cheers for the Coffee Talk! Your links are activated for anyone who would like to check out Manattee Coffee and Medaglia D'oro.

Here's a virtual espresso brownie for your virtual enjoyment. (You're right, the espresso brownie recipe looks delish.)

CLICK HERE for the espresso brownie recipe from Medaglia D'Oro's site. (The yummy picture is their recipe! Click on pic to check it out! ⇒)

Chocolate-coffee joy to you!



September 5, 2008

Check out Small World Coffee

Just as I'm addicted to coffee, I've become addicted to the Coffeehouse Mysteries (and the Haunted Bookshop series as well); looking forward to Espresso Shot in the next few weeks.

There's nothing better than having my favorite cappuccino while reading about Clare's adventures —and I wanted to introduce you to our fabulous coffeehouse in Princeton, NJ (and their even more fabulous coffee): Small World Coffee.

We're so lucky here to have both the community of the coffeehouse(s) (now 2, a smaller one at the other end of town) and the fantastic coffees they roast and prepare with expert love and care. Check out their website: http://www.smallworldcoffee.com/ and check out some of their coffee. And if you're in Princeton, go there. No matter where I travel, it's still my favorite.


PS: We grilled coffee-marinated steak last weekend—different and definitely yummy!


Cleo's reply:

A long overdue reply to your post, Margery! I remember trying to post a photo from Small World and my computer crashed. (Oh, joy.)

The writing life pulls one in many directions and I was sidetracked for a time and a few posts from early September didn't get a reply from me until now (late October). I do hope you see this though.

I always enjoy and appreciate suggestions from readers on favorite coffeehouse. Small World sounds wonderful! It's especially good to know what coffeehouses might be open to hosting a future "Coffee with Cleo" night, too. Now that you've told me about Small World, I'll know a place to check out for that kind of event when I begin planning...

Either way, if I'm ever in your area, I'll be sure to check it out myself! Below is a photo of Small World Coffee for anyone who is near or driving through the Princeton, New Jersey, area.


Click here to go to Small World Coffee's Websit
and get directions to the shop.


P.S. I'm glad you liked the coffee-marinated steak recipe. It's nice to put cold coffee to good use! Thanks for posting, Margery! I sincerely hope you'll come back again to post at my virtual Village Blend!



September 5, 2008

Madame Dreyfus Allegro Dubois

Loooove meeting Madame. These are so cool to see the author's picture & the one in my mind match! Can barely wait to see Joy.

Also, forgot to let you know I think it would be great for your character of the 2 series to meet. You're welcome to use any ideas (adapted to your terrific skills) from me -- all I ask in return is total credit (not really, I just think it would be neat to see what you come up with).


Once again from

—Catherine in Texas


Cleo's reply: Hi again, C! Once again, a long overdue reply...

Yes, Madame Dreyfus Allegro Dubois is finally added to my "Village Blend Staff" page - and Joy will be coming soon, along with Mike and the other characters who populate my Coffeehouse Mysteries. I'm so happy that you are enjoying these. It's great fun to create the Avatars, although time-consuming, which is why they are going up one at a time, over time. The writing has to come first...as you well know being a writer yourself!

The characters of my two series "meeting" idea has been brought up before to me by fans - and it's still a good idea! I will give you all the credit though!! LOL!


September 5, 2008

Your books keep getting better!

My family is eagerly waiting for the next book of both series. My husband & I live with our daughter and we have limited space because we run our businesses and live in the same building. We prefer paperbacks because of lack of space (our bookshelves include many favorite authors & amazingly we like the same ones). We also have research books for our writing. When we run out of room, we give away or sell some of our books. YOURS, however, have prominate places on our shelves & will remain so.

Also since the authors can't possibly write & publish as fast as we read, we re-read the series from the beginning whenever we get a new one. Not only does this method refresh our memories (& sometimes we notice things the next time around that we either missed or did not realize its importance), but it also makes it seem like the next book is closer to being released.

Of all the authors we read, there are some we would love to meet in person. You're at the top of that list! So if your ever in the Amarillo Area, we'd love to know.

—Catherine Lane of Amarillo, Texas


Cleo's reply: Hi again, Catherine! A long overdue reply...

I continue to be thrilled and flattered that you, your husband, and your daugther are ALL fans of my series. Amarillo is my new favorite city. If ever I'm really able to do that wished-for "Coffee with Cleo" tour, you can bet I'll want Amarillo to be on the stop!!

Until then, I hope you'll keep in touch via my "virtual" coffeehouse here or through e-mails. Always love hearing from you!

Warmest wishes and java joy always,



September 5, 2008

Hello from England

I've recently discovered your books & have purchased the full set from Amazon & am working my way through them. I love this style of mystery book, so long may the series continue!

—Carolyn O'Connor
(Leicestershire, England)


Cleo's reply:

A long overdue but heartfelt HELLO to you, Carolyn O'Connor! How wonderful to have a fan "across the pond"! God Save the Queen!

Really. You made my day! I hope you will return to my little virtual coffeehouse and post again.

Until then, I warmly wish you Java Joy!


In thanks for dropping by, I "virtually" baked you a plate of America's favorite treat: Chocolate Chip Cookies! Enjoy them with a smooth cuppa virtual U.S. Hawaiian Kona in my virtual coffeehouse!


September 4, 2008

Just a few more weeks

Already have Espresso Shot pre-ordered. Can't wait!!!!

—Barbara B.


Cleo's reply: Thanks, Barbara B.!



September 4, 2008

French Pressed is your best yet!

Just finished French Pressed and loved it! Sat on my swing and had my chocolate orange coffee by my side (home made). Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

I think I read this one in record time, too. That is the best way to read your novels, with a cup of coffee. I've read all your Coffee House Mysteries and each one is better than the last! Keep them coming! Can't wait to read Espresso Shot!

Also I have to keep my eyes open for french roast Kenya as I also love chocolate covered cherries.

your chocolate orange friend,


Cleo's reply:  SANDY! I remember your chocolate-orange post! Welcome back to my "virtual" coffeehouse. THRILLED to hear you enjoyed French Pressed - I agree with you. It's the strongest book so far - but when you read Espresso Shot, I think you'll be even happier. As I've said before, Clare's adventures are non-stop in my first hardcover CM and it's also the longest one to day with the most story. I'm so psyched to hear from you again. Come on back now, y'hear?!

Chocolate-orange joy to you,


September 2, 2008

Love your books

I am on my third read through. I feel like they can't come fast enough to keep me reading.


Cleo's reply: Awesome! You made my night! Thanks for letting me know how much you are enjoying the books - it means the world to me.


September 2, 2008

I'm too selfish to share my IRW coffee!

I'm afraid that the incredible bouquet and flavor of the IRW coffe would be lost on my co-workers whose palates have been ruined by old, cold, stale and half-burned coffee. I have a french press here at work and make myself fresh coffee throughout the night and let them SMELL it, but no taste tests! Okay, Cleo, I have broken down and pre-ordered Espresso Shot in HARDBACK!!! I hate to buy a book in hardback because I can buy more paperbacks with the same amount of money. Yes, you're right, I am selfish AND cheap, and it IS all about me! What's your point? Also, I would like to volunteer my services as a proofreader for any and all of your upcoming and future books. I have excellent English and spelling skills, totally AROC about consistent timelines within stories and read very fast. This has nothing to do with me getting your stories first AND not have to spend money at the same time. Just a suggestion!

~~ Judy McIntosh
(known as "Judy Mac" to nurses and patients alike)


Cleo's reply: Hi again, Judy Mac!! (Great nickname.) LOL on everything - the french press on the nursing job, the breaking down to by my first hardback (God BLESS you!), and even the proofreading. However, "Mary T" from Wisconsin (who often posts here) has already gotten in line in front of you for the proofreading offer. LOL! (She e-mails me when she sees typos on this site, and I am always appreciative!) BUT if I start self-publishing or decide to launch an online publishing company myself (a fantasy of mine - who knows) I'll get back to ya!

Warmest wishes and thanks again for buying the hardcover

Espresso Shot...

I know it's a very special buy and I appreciate it! But I think you'll be very happy to have it - It's non-stop adventure for Clare; it's the longest Coffeehouse Mystery tale to date (a lot of story!); and it's got some really delish recipes, too!

Cheers and good luck with the masters studies!


September 2, 2008

baseball..and candied apples !

What a great combo....baseball and a candied apple! thanks for the go Brewers.. they won today..and the pitcher should have had a no hitter ! will see what develops. Yes...the Mets are doing better than the Yankees. I don't care who wins.. as long as it is NOT the Yankees !!!!

—Mary T., Appleton, WI


Cleo's reply:  LOL! Ha-ha-ha-haaaaaa!!!!! Absolutely!

September 1, 2008

Espresso Shot Congrats!!

Congrats, Cleo, on the first hardcover printing of one of your wonderful books! Reading them has been a pleasure, and, I have learned so much about coffee that my drinking/brewing habits have changed dramatically. I purchased an authentic ibrik from Damascus online! I dubbed this summer "the summer of espresso" and have been diligently trying to achieve "crema" in my ibrik (with only modest success so far)... What a fun hobby, and I have you and Clare to thank!

Keep up the great work!



Cleo's reply: Hi, Lori! What a fun post! I'm psyched that you're really getting into the coffee thing - bought an ibrik and everything! Awesome!

For those of you wondering what we're talking about, here's a picture of an ibrik

Click here to read more about this handled pot that's used to make "Arabic - Turkish - Greek coffee" to quote this informative website of Sweet Marias - a great place to learn about coffee or even buy GREEN coffee beans to roast yourself at home. You can learn all about home roasting from this site, too.

Thanks for posting, Lori. Come on back anytime with coffee thoughts - or any thoughts. Love to hear from such enthusiastic readers. And as long as you keep reading, I'll keep writing...

Java joy to you,


August 31, 2008

Great books

Hey Cleo,

I just wanna say keep up with the great books. Whenever I know a new one is coming I pre-order right away cause I look forward to what Clare and Joy and the ex are up to. I feel for Joy, how Clare butts in—when Joy is old enough to take care of herself—but Clare is there when Joy gets in trouble. I have to say, keep the books rolling our way. You have a fan here forever, and I know when I start one of your books I can't put it down. So I'm looking forward to your next one.



Cleo's reply:

Hi, Holly!

Haaaa! You made me laugh out loud tonight with your PERFECT description of the Joy-Clare relationship!

Thanks for being such a fantastically loyal fan. It means the world to me - and thanks also for taking the time to drop into my "virtual" coffeehouse and let me know personally how much you're enjoying your visits to my fictional Village Blend.

Here's a great big delish "virtual" chocolate chip cookie for you to enjoy with your next pot o' coffee.


Java joy to you,


August 31, 2008

your eager to read reply


Just read your reply to my Aug 19 post. Love those red candied apples....and will try the recipe. Have not had one for ages....used to get them at the state fair in Milwaukee.

Appleton is named after a man of the same name. Will send you more info in an email. and yes Harry Houdini did live here in Appleton at one time. Will send you more info in my email :)

The Brewers are hanging in there...but are still behind the Cubs...who keep finding ways to win. I am hoping the Brewers can get the wild card spot...if nothing else. So looking forward to the new books.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, all.

—Mary T.
Appleton WI


Cleo's reply:

Go Milwaukee Brewers!
(That's for you, Mary T.)


And, of course, for me: Go Mets! (They're doing better than the Yankees this year. Yay.) Okay, after your mention of the state fair (I LOVE state fairs!!!), I am now obsessed with having a red candied apple. This is bad. I have no time to make them. Maybe next week!!

Cheers to you again,


August 31, 2008

Note to Cleo

Congratulations on a positive Kirkus review. As a librarian who has used their reviews for years I know they don't give praise lightly!



Cleo's reply: THANK YOU, Marlene! You made my week saying that! Or, as Matteo Allegro says to Detective Mike Quinn in Espresso Shot, "I could kiss you!"


(Yes, I know that sounds like it would NEVER happen, but it does make sense when you read the book! LOL!)

Here's a special cup o' "virtual" latte art in thanks to you for stopping by my virtual coffeehouse!

Java joy to you,



P.S. I (heart) librarians! They are the hippest kids on the block. Click the link below to go to an article I so enjoyed last year in the NY Sun: "Brooklyn, home of the hip librarian..." Click here to go to NY Sun article.


August 31, 2008

Idido Royal Washed is an AWESOME coffee!!

After reading through the monthly picks, I ordered the Purple Princess and the Idido Royal Washed beans from Counter Culture. I opened the IRW beans and couldn't believe how wonderful they smell!! And the brewed coffee tastes like the beans smell! I can't wait to open the Purple Princess beans. Still waiting (im)patiently for the next books.

~~Judy McIntosh


Cleo's reply: Hi Judy!! I love your posts! I remember your telling me about you and your daughter both reading the Coffeehouse Mysteries. (That was incredibly gratifying to hear since there are so many mother-daughter issues in these books - not just Joy and Clare but Clare and her former mother-in-law, as well.)

     I'm glad to hear you liked the Idido Royal Washed beans at Counter Culture Coffee! The region of Yirgacheffe Ethiopia is seminal when it comes to coffee - the motherland. (For anyone who wants to learn more about what "Yirg" coffee is...click here. It will take you to my article archives where I talk about Yirgacheffe coffees and explain how important they are to the trade.) 

    Judy: Come back when you can and tell me what you think of the famous "Purple Princess" coffee from Honduras ("purple princess" is the nickname. It's officially known as Finca El Puente - which translates to "the bridge farm" and it is also sold by Counter Culture Coffee under their coffees from the Americas page).

If anyone wants to learn more about the exotic, award-winning Purple Princess coffee, which (amazingly) has notes of lavender, plum, and grape, then just click here. The link will take you to the section in my archived articles where I wrote about Purple Princess for the Web and featured the Marysabel, the woman who owns the farm and grows the coffee with her husband. (This coffee played an important role in my novel FRENCH PRESSED.)

Java joy to you, Judy
(and your daughter, too!),



 P.S. I answered your other post below!




August 29, 2008

Labour Day & Labour Day 2

We also have that holiday here in Canada, we just spell it with a U in there lol. I'll be starting school on Tuesday and will be having to get up at 5 am now, what a change that will be from 1 pm lol. I'll be taking an administration course. Can't wait.


Cleo's reply: 5 AM -  Yikes! I like getting up early. But even that's a TAD too early for moi! Still, it certainly sounds worthwhile. It's always fun to take a new class, learn something new,  meet new people. Good luck and have a great time of it! (Canada's Labour Day is May 1...it's funny, yours marks the beginning of summer and ours the end...maybe because you all are north of us - tee hee...)




Labour Day 2 - Chelle replies...

What? May 1st??? Where'd you get that crazy idea? lol our Labour day is this Monday, the day before school starts.



Cleo's reply: Oops! Sorry, Chelle!I stand corrected. May 1 is "Labour Day" for much of Europe as well as Mexico, Sweden, Iceland, Chile, Costa Rica, Korea, Syria, Turkey, Albania, Greece, India, Russian Federation, Malaysia, the Philipines, much of Africa, and a lot of the rest of the world! (Click here to read more.) I didn't realize Canada's is the same day as the USA! Apologies and...

Happy Labour Day, Canada!


August 28, 2008


Hi Cleo:

Is it September 30 yet? I have drank regular coffee, coffee shop coffee, fixed my own brew and even resorted to my Moca Pot to get my Coffee House Mystery fix, but it AIN'T doin the job. I am almost ready to camp out on my book store front walk maybe they will feel sorry for me and provide free expresso's, doubtful. Any way there must be no substitute for an "Espresso Shot" than the book. So I wait shaking like a leaf like a good Coffee House fan. Actually I just wanted to say hi and that I am getting eager for the new book. i won't even mention the Haunted Bookshop new book that's just too long to think about.

Love ya,
Plainfield Rusty


Cleo's reply: Hi Rusty! GREAT to hear from you again! Here's a virtual shot of espresso (with a lovely head of crema) to keep you going until the book comes out.

Thanks sincerely for being such an enthusiastic fan of my series (both of them). Be sure to stop back and let me know  how you like the new CM book. I always enjoy your posts!

Java joy to you,


August 25, 2008

Hi Cleo/Alice

How are you doing? just popping by to leave a note and say hi. I just up graded from dial up to cable internet. What a difference!!! BTW who knew that you can feel so much happier by breaking up with a guy and not talking to him anymore!! lol never thought it would be so easy to be single but for now I'm loving it (hmm maybe that's my prozac talking eh?) anyway keep pumping out the good books, I bought 5 new books the other day still waiting for them to get to the store. My next card will go toward getting the books I still don't have in the Coyle and Kimberly series. I get 50 dollar gift cards with my airmiles points every 3 months or so. Looking forward to the next pile.

—Chelle - your north american sister
on the canadian coffee coast.


Cleo's reply: Hi Chelle! (I updated my subscriber list with your new e-mail) REALLY happy to hear time is helping you. (or it could be the prozac - lol) Funny how you started the post - sometimes life can feel like it goes from dial-up to high speed. Wow, I can think of a dozen cheesy analogies to make about love and the Internet - could probably start an e-greeting card company on that concept alone! No kidding, though, it really cheered me to hear from you and know that things are looking up (airmiles and all)...We have a holiday here in the States this weekend (Labor Day on Monday). I hope you have a great weekend - I should finally be getting my newsletter out, too...

—Cleo, your all-american
bean-juice crazy girlfriend



August 20, 2008

double shot, extra hot

Your new book, The Ghost and the Femme Fatale was great. Loved the jump from present to past and back again. Jack is great. Looking forward to Jan 09 for the new one. Keep writing—you've got my husband and I hooked.

—Wendy M.
New Mexico


Cleo's reply: Hi, Wendy in NM! The ghost of Jack Shepard has really hit a chord with a lot of readers. For me, he provides a much needed counterpoint to the continuing parade of silliness in our modern world - I can just see Jack turning on the TV and cracking wise over everything from Pimp My Ride to feel-good car commmercials to public therapy on the Dr. Phil Show...in fact,, now that I think about it, these are things he probably WILL be cracking wise about when I sit down to write my next Haunted Bookshop novel!

In the meantime, thank you sincerely for taking the time and trouble to stop by my "virtual" coffeehouse and let me know you enjoyed the book! I'm also thrilled that your husband is liking Jack and Penelope, too.

Java joy to you and your husband too

—Cleo (aka Alice Kimberly)


August 19, 2008

eager to read.......

yournew books. Was wondering where you were :) Look forward to Sept 30...and Jan 09...two must reads.

—Mary T
Appleton WI


Cleo's reply: Hi Mary T! Great to hear from you again! We're heading into appple picking season here in NY state. LOTS of bags of fresh apples always come available in our markets in Sept. and Oct. Looking foward to some apple dishes...(Click here or on the pic for a candy apple recipe I might try this year.)

Is Appleton surrounded by apple orchards? Or is the name of your fair city just a name (Houdini once lived there, right? I think I read that some time ago - because he's buried where I live in Queens!).

Baseball - I've been so busy I've  totally lost track of my Mets. (I usually tune in late in the bball season. How's your team doing this year? I know you're a big fan...)

Thanks again for virtually dropping by my virtual coffeehouse!


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