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December 3, 2007

Hey Cleo

I am reading your Haunted Bookstore Series. I find that I have a hard time putting it down! I really enjoy reading your works. I can't wait for for April when your new book comes out!!



Cleo here. Hi Kathy! Thank you so much for your kind words about my books (you made my day!). Here's a virtual big cookie for stopping by my virtual coffeehouse.

In the near future, I'll be writing more on this web site about my upcoming April Coffeehouse Mystery: French Pressed.

In the meantime, if any other site visitors are wondering what the heck the "Haunted Bookshop" mystery series is, I'll briefly explain...

I write the Coffeehouse Mystery series as "Cleo Coyle" and I also write another mystery series under the name "Alice Kimberly"--that series is about a young widow named Penelope "Pen" who lives in a small town and runs a mystery bookstore.

Pen strikes up a strange but humorous friendship wiith "Jack Shepard," the spirit of a hardboiled private investigator who was gunned down in her bookstore's building fifty years before.

Pen is the only one haunted by Jack, no one else can hear his voice, so she keeps it to herself for fear of being pronounced crazy. And although she's initially freaked out by the visitations of the hardboiled ghost, she soon realizes his value when she needs some experienced advice in solving a local homicide.

There are three books in this series with the fourth coming out in May 2008. Reviewers have called it part-cozy, part-hardboiled detective, part ghost story...some have desribed it as a young Miss Marple meets Philip Marlowe others have said it's like a young Jessica Fletcher solving crimes with the hard-bitten Mike Hammer. Whatever you think it is, Kathy, I'm glad you are enjoying the series, and I hope others will, too!

Below is the list of books for any readers interested. Just click on the title of each book to go to the Amazon page to read more about each book...

Haunted Bookshop mystery #1: The Ghost and Mrs. McClure
by Alice Kimberly (Cleo Coyle)

Haunted Bookshop mystery #2: The Ghost and the Dead Deb
by Alice Kimbery (Cleo Coyle)

Haunted Bookshop mystery #3: The Ghost and the Dead Man's Library
by Alice Kimberly (Cleo Coyle)


And coming in May 2008...

Haunted Bookshop mystery #4: The Ghost and the Femme Fatale
by Alice Kimberly (Cleo Coyle)

 Java Joy to the World to You!

—Cleo Coyle

(who also writes as Alice Kimberly)

November 20, 2007

Moka Pot

Dear Cleo:

After reading all the posts about the Moka pot i went to my local store and bought one. I followed you directions and brewed my first pot. The smell was wonderful and I couldn't wait for my brew to finsh. This was about 5:30 PM. That first pot was truly delicious I drank the whole thing with just a touch of sugar. At 5 AM I was still raving about how good it was and was ready for my next pot, oh I forgot to mention I didn't sleep all night after drinking that first pot I needed the secon pot to keep me awake all the next day. Boy did I learn a lesson, Moke pot coffee not good for dessert. Can't wait for your next book and loved the Bookshop mysteries too.

Rusty in Plainfield, IN


Cleo here. Thanks, Rusty!! You definitely made me laugh with this post. Beware the jolt in the java. Everyone's got their limit.

Java joy to you! And I'm glad that you're enjoying the Moka pot. For anyone who is wondering what a Moka pot is, here's a picture. It's a way to make espressos right on your stovetop. Click here or on the pic and it will take you to a link with more info on how the pot works.

--Cleo Coyle

November 19, 2007


Just finished your last book that I bought at my favorite bookstore/coffeeshop--Beatitudes in Mosinee, Wisconsin. I bought all the books there and they have been having book discussions about them! So that's my favorite place in the world right now! Greetings to you and I can't wait for the new book!

Cleo here! Thank you SO much for reading my books! You made my day, telling me about your favorite coffeehouse AND the fact that they're having a book discussion about them, too. How cool is that?! Please tell the folks there that I said hello and send my sincerest thanks for their support and interest in the Coffeehouse Mystery series. If ever I'm up that way, I'll be sure to stop in myself!

Beatitudes Coffee
 421 4th Street, Mosinee, Wisconsin

Store motto: "Leave the grind behind..."

                   "Beatitudes is a gourmet coffee shop featuring fresh roasted coffee, espresso, loose leaf teas, smoothies, chai, and elegant pastries with a great atmosphere." —Mosinee Chamber of Commerce

—Cleo Coyle

November 18, 2007

Gombe Reserve

Trudy from Calif.

I just wanted to say that I loved this coffee! It was so good that I sent some to my mother in law in Washington for her to try it. She fell in love with it as much as I did. I would have written soon about this but I went into the hospital shortly after receiving it. But the good news is I had something to look forward to when I was well enough to enjoy it.

Thanks again for letting me try it.


Cleo here. Thank YOU, Trudy, for posting. I'm sorry to hear about the hospital! I hope you are okay and recovering well. Please accept my very best thoughts and wishes for the holidays and the coming new year! And I'm so glad you liked Dr. Goodall's favorite African coffee!

Anyone who wants to learn more about Gombe Reserve coffee, click here.

Cleo Coyle

November 16, 2007

Green Mountain Coffee

I am glad to see your mention of Green Mountain Coffee. My favorite is the 'Autumn Harvest' blend. We used to have a local coffee place in the owner's home and she served and sold it as well as the other blends. She also made wonderful scones. We miss the taste of that great coffee.


November 15, 2007

Claire and Gang

Hi Cleo Any idea when we get to meet some more of Claire's friends and family under the Espressos link? Chelle from Canada
November 13, 2007

thanks for the brownies !

yum....the brownies will be great...with a cup or two of coffee ! glad you liked the links. I have had the Door Cty coffee..and enjoy it. The NE coffee is only available at Jewel foods in WI..and there is no Jewel here.
November 12, 2007

coffee link

There is a coupon in our paper today..here in Appleton WI..for New England coffee. New to me..so....I found the website.. and it is very interesting...thought I would share the info: www.newenglandcoffee.com

Here in WI we have Door County coffee. Their Door Cty Christmas blend is awesome:




—Mary T


 Cleo here. Hi Mary from Appleton, WI! As always, I'm thrilled when a CM reader suggests coffees or coffeehouses. I've activated your links above (to New England Coffee and Door County Coffee) for others to try and I'll be trying coffee from both of these places in the near future. If all goes well, I'll be posting about them, too, so stay tuned.

Thanks, Mary! Post again anytime. Here's a virtual plate of delish brownies to you for stopping by my virtual coffeehouse.


 Java joy to you,

Cleo Coyle



November 9, 2007


I was born and grew up in Brazil, so coffee is definitely part of my life. I love the smell of it in the house. It's fun to be reading these novels and know that Matt travels also to Brazil to get coffee. I can't wait till French Pressed comes out.


Cleo here. Hello Brazillian native! It's so wonderful to hear from you. Thanks for your lovely words about my books. You made my day! Stay tuned for more info on French Pressed, and thanks again for stopping by my virtual coffeehouse. Here's a virtual latte art pour, just for you!

Feel free to post anytime. I'd love to hear more about your memories of Brazil. Did you ever visit the rain forest or the beaches of Brazil? Or do you have any special Brazillian foods or dishes you especially miss or enjoy having to remind you of your native country?


Java joy to you,

Cleo Coyle


November 9, 2007

Coffee Concerns

It's so weird that you posted that article on decaff coffee. I am actually wondering if drinking coffee is really as bad for your health as the research shows. I like to have a couple of cups a day...but now I'm not so sure. The long term affects of coffee are pretty unnerving. Do you have any thoughts? Are these worries just old wives tales?



Cleo here. Hi, Kathy! Research shows there are actually health benefits to drinking my favorite beverage! HOOO-AH!

While not everyone can tolerate coffee or caffeine, many people love it, and they should feel good about loving it, too.

     Listen, folks, too much WATER can harm a person! And a single peanut can kill someone with an allergy to nuts, so I'm putting this all in perspective. Some people have issues with caffeine (sure!) just like some people have an intolerance of wheat or milk, but that doesn't mean we shoud be afraid of a beverage that's been enjoyed for 1400 years by cultures all over the world!

     For me, coffee has enhanced my life. I enjoy it and it's been a benefit to me (I exercise and make a habit of eating right, so factor that in, too). I guess I'm trying to say that there are many studies that show coffee can be part of a healthy lifestyle and even protect you against disease.

     I put up some "Coffee and Health" links in the right column so you can see what I mean. To quote Thomas DePaulis, Ph.D., research scientist at Vanderbilt University..."Overall, the research shows that coffee is far more healthful than it is harmful."

     Click here to read a WebMD article, which also discusses coffee's health benfifts. Thanks for the post, Kathy! I'm sure a lot of people are having those same questions.

 —Cleo Coyle

October 29, 2007

Gombe Reserve

Hi there Cleo,

I bought some of the Gombe Reserve to bring in to work, and all of us night RNs just love it. I have everyone I work with hooked on great coffee, and they all ask me which one you have posted on the website, and when I am going to order it for them to try. I just love your books - the Alice Kimberly ones too. Keep up the great writing!!!!

Kristin, RN


Cleo here. Hi, Kristin! Great to hear you liked the Gombe Reserve. Stay tuned for some great coffees coming up in the next few months and in spring '08. I can hardly wait for next year. The research I did for French Pressed included scouting out some amazing coffees and I'll be featuring them in early '08 before and after the book's published April 1. In the meantime, here's a virtual pot of Joe for you in thanks for stopping by and posting at my virtual coffeehouse!

Java joy to you,


October 27, 2007

I can see it now. . .

Clare, Matt and Joy take a road trip, meet Penelope & Aunt Sadie & Jack . . .while setting up their first kiosk coffee bar in Buy The Book. The readers all live happily ever after while sipping their vanilla lattes. ellie from Nebraska, now retired with her TBR pile in Florida


Cleo here. HI, Ellie from Nebraska (and now in sunny Florida)! LOL! Your scenario has style. I know you were just kidding, but I actually COULD see Penelope going on a road trip with Seymour and Brainert to visit New York City (Jack's old stomping ground) and they could all stop in for a latte at the Village Blend! I wouldn't rule that one out in the future if both series continue to do well (i.e. if y'all keep reading!). Thanks, Ellie for the road trip addendum!

Warmest wishes to you and here's a virtual plate of delish cannoli in thanks for stopping by my virtual coffeehouse!

--Cleo Coyle

October 25, 2007

Haunted bookshop sereis for Dawn in Texas

Hi Dawn she writes those books under the name of Alice Kimberly The Ghost and Mrs McClure The Ghost and the Dead Deb The Ghost in the Dead Man's Library and The Ghost and the Fem Fatal. That one isn't released yet. hope that helps they're pretty funny books. Chell from Canada

October 20, 2007

Haunted bookshop series?

I was just reading the post from Chelle in Canada and was interested in the haunted bookshop series. Can you give me the names? Thanks Dawn in Texas
October 20, 2007

Recipe Requested

Hi Cleo, In one of your early books, you had a recipe for Caramel Sauce to put into a fresh cup of coffee. Can you send that to me? vweseloh@pobox.com We live in Moorhead MN; both of us love coffee; we now make it in our French Press, newly discovered. Our favorite coffeehouse is Ristreto in Fargo ND (right across the Red River from Moorhead). Jerry is a wonderful host and beverage barista . . .If we don't like something he creates, he will do it over for us.
October 18, 2007

Can't wait for French Press

Hi Cleo, Joanna here. I finished the last book Decaffeinated Corpse a while back, so, I thought I let you know I just loved it and now I cannot wait for French Press to be published.. Keep up with the coffee books they're just great. I also when on-line and bought the Ghost books.. I will soon be reading them. I'll write about them later on.. Thanks, Joanna Harrison
October 15, 2007

Excited about the cause!!!

I think your coffee for this month sounds really good. Not only taste wise but also enviromentally. Dr. Goodall is one of my heroines, along with Gloria S. I am going to the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters website to check it out. Way to go with the GOOD causes! : ) Kathy
October 8, 2007

Coffee Loving Pets

I just read the post from Charlie-Rourke O'Brien. Loved it. My adoption mom & her daughter make Lattes & make some froth (flavored) for me. I also still want to know what happened to Java. Smokie Lane of Amarillo
October 8, 2007

Hi again from Amarillo

Just read Jeanne's in NM post. She is quite welcome to email me at catherineof3lanes@clearwire.net and I am interested in what part of NM she lives. I was born in Clovis. Catherine Lane
October 6, 2007

Haunted Bookshop

Hi Cleo I just finished the third in the haunted bookshop series, the poe code one. It was funny I must have really got into that book because I was doing dishes just after I read it and was wishing I had a dishwasher, and I swear I could hear Jack say "wouldn't that be you babe?" and I actually thought "No jack it's a machine that washes dishes." and I heard back (not really heard) "A dishwashing contraption? what will they think of next doll?" lol to funny. any way thanks for the fun Chelle in Canada
October 5, 2007

As luck May have it

My company just put a Corporte Cafe in the building...down stairs. And they serve Peets Coffee, Done right. I watched...we talked about how the espresso should and should not look. I got them to try some of the receipes from your book. But dont worry, I will keep my eyes out for good coffee houses in the bay area. Soooo....any thought on adding a Curvy, Perky Caffeine addicted mom/Exec Assistant to your book...she would make a great side kick...My husband says I should mind my own businesss...I say Its not butting in if you care...She would probably be much taller and thicker than your Clare, but would feel great about herself...Always happy, outgoing and friendly...she could get into a lot of trouble... Love your stuff...going to buy the next in the series this weekend...Cant wait. See Ya...and thanks for repling to my post...I cant believe you actually wrote back...you rock!
October 5, 2007

Road trip for Clare and Matt

Cleo, I absolutely love your Coffee House mystery series. I have read them all and passed them on to my "book friends" and they all love them. We have several great coffee houses in our small town here in Nebraska, my favorite is located in an old Vicotrian house. It is called the Emporium and their coffee is wonderful ,the atmosphere is fantastic. Summer and fall mornings sitting out on the porch with your coffee and a good book is the best! Great website, please keep writing! Janie
October 4, 2007

Hi Cleo

I love your coffee house mysteries and just found out you write the book shop mysteries too ... I love them.. so glad you are the author. Keep up the great work. I love reading about the different coffees. Glad the cop and Clare are getting "cosi" A loyal fan...Joy B

October 2, 2007

Hi Cleo

I have just discovered your coffeehouse mystery series! I love them! I have the first 3 and I am planing to buy the last 2 sortly. I love coffee, for me drinking coffee makes me feel content in my 'little' universe. So, haveing the ideas and ideas you put in your books are awesome. I can't wait to see what else you create. By the way I really like this site. It's cute!! Kathy
October 1, 2007

Thanks a latte!

I love reading your books and can't wait for the next mystery. I absolutely love the recipes and the info. about coffee. I would love to have my own coffeehouse someday. Just don't think something like that would make a go here where I live. In fact, we have two colleges in my town and one happens to have a Starbucks on campus. Keep the books coming! Jenny, Tiffin, OH
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