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October 1, 2007

Thanks a latte!

I love reading your books and can't wait for the next mystery. I absolutely love the recipes and the info. about coffee. I would love to have my own coffeehouse someday. Just don't think something like that would make a go here where I live. In fact, we have two colleges in my town and one happens to have a Starbucks on campus. Keep the books coming! Jenny, Tiffin, OH
October 1, 2007

Coffee-loving Hound

Woof! Charlie-Rourke O'Brien, here. I am an Irish Wolfhound from Richmond, Virginia. My dogmom recently discovered your books and I have hardly seen her nose out of the pages since she picked up the first one! I do get perks though (no pun intended). . . I love sharing her coffee. Burp! Slurp! I have no "favorite" coffee house as none of them allow me to come inside. In cooler weather though, dogmom grabs a cup and we sit outside to people watch as we share a brew. I particularly love foamed milk. Yum, YUM. Could you please write faster? Regards, Charlie O'Brien
October 1, 2007

Wonderful Fun!

Have been a customer of the Village Blend since the first book! I gave them to my Sister, and we recommend them to everyone we know. Thank you for the wonderful series, and I can't wait to cozy up to the next one with my cup of coffee! Sharon, Louisiana
September 30, 2007

Love your books!

Can't wait for the next one to come out! And I love being "gently" educated about coffee! So keep the books and the recipes coming and you are getting a special spot on my bookshelves! "Sam" Geddis in San Clemente, CA
September 30, 2007

Site Looks Awesome!

"Cleo", just checking in on your site. I'm thrilled at how it turned out, and the great job your doing adding new content! All the best for future success! Dave [IDT]
September 28, 2007

Thanks! And, waiting for next book!

Thanks to you, Cleo, and the Lanes, about drinking coffee and GERD. I take my Prilosec and drink my two cups of fresh coffee a day. Sad to say, I didn't always drink fresh - sometimes yesterday's brew was microwaved. And, just a note - I am married, just not happily. That's why I'm interested in the dating parts of your books - I'm not certain I really want to go through that again! And, would it be possible to get in touch with the Lanes? My in-laws live in Amarillo!

Jeanne in NM

September 25, 2007

San Francisco Coffee House

New to the Mystery Series, I am already hooked. I bought the book because of my addiction to caffeine. But hey, I am a mom to three small boys, and Executive Assistant to one very big boy (not like they grow up, they just get bigger) and a wife to the biggest boy of them all. I need caffeine to get throw the day...I drink it 3-6 shots at a time (depending on how many times the baby woke me up, and what amazing feet my Veep (that's VP and peep put toether) is expecting em to pull off. Soo when I realized that the espresso I have been downing was not being made right...well I wanted to try the real stuff. Having never traveled (been out of California once in my whole life - and that was to Texas)...I am clueless. Please please tell me, where in San Francisco can I find a coffee house like the Village Blend...Teach me.

I love the book, cant wait for more and my name is..

Davida, San Francisco, CA


Cleo here. Hi Davida from San Francisco! Love your post (little boys, big boys, VEEPS and all!. Sure sounds like you are a lady who NEEDS her coffee! So...


In the meantime, Davida, if you click here, you will see a fantastic list of coffee shops in the SF area, along with comments/reviews and a map to help you find them. I've been to SF only a few times on business.

     I'm sure, if I lived in your area, I could provide more suggestions, but I can say that Peet's coffee and tea should give you a quality cup. This is a chain but it's owned and run by guys who are REALLY serious about good coffee! They met in college years ago and learned about "specialty" coffee at the foot of Alfred Peet (a pioneer in bringing a quality coffee experience to the USA). Mr. Peet is THE man. He's really the reason we even have Starbucks today (the history of Starbucks, by the way, is a great read!)

     Sadly, Alfred Peet passed away just last month (8/29/07). Click here and scroll down the page to read a wonderful tribute to him from a columinist.

     As I said, Peet's coffee shop was taken over by those college guys who learned from him and they have expanded the chain. Click here to go to the Peet's website and learn about locations.

My very best to you, Davida!

I hope you'll post again and tell us if you find any coffeehouses in the SF area that meet (or miss) your expectations on a "Village Blend" experience. (I officially deputize you a Cleo Coyle Coffee Snoop!)

--Cleo Coyle

September 25, 2007

I love your books!

Dear Cleo, I read On What Grounds a couple weeks ago. I couldn't put it down. I read it while on vacation in the Badlands of South Dakota. Your books make me want to head to the nearest coffee shop! Keep on writing the series. I ordered all the rest.

Julie Maier La Palma, Ca.
(near Knotts Berry Farm and Disneyland)


Cleo here. Hi Julie! Wow, you really made my day with your post. It's so very gratifying to hear where my books get read--imagine Clare and Matt sleuthing in the Badlands of South Dakota?!

Actually...I can! Maybe there's a Coffeehouse Mystery road trip story in their future! And God bless you for ordering the rest of the books. I'm counting on those royalties to keep the electricity on--a little known fact laptops don't run on batteries forever (alas). No kidding, Julie, thanks!

Java joy to you (and here's a virtual fresh-baked muffin for stopping by my virtual coffeehouse!)

Cleo Colye

P.S. If you want a laugh, rent/buy the DVD for the movie Music and Lyrics. I recently saw the film for the first time and Hugh Grant's character mentions performing his retro-Eighties music act at Knotts Berry Farm!



September 23, 2007

love haunted bookstore!

i have just finished all your haunted book shop mysteries absolutely love them jack is a great leading "ghost" cant wait til next one


Cleo here. THANK YOU!! How sweet you are to post that wonderful note.

If anyone reading this is new to this website and wondering what I'm talking about, I'll just take a second to explain that Cleo Coyle also writes as Alice Kimberly. If you like the Coffeehouse Mystery series, you might also like The Haunted Bookshop Mystery series (written under the name Alice Kimberly).

The Haunted Bookshop series now has three books in print with a brand new fourth adventure coming out in May 2008. Here are the book titles if you're curious...

* Book 1: The Ghost and Mrs. McClure

* Book 2: The Ghost and the Dead Deb

* Book 3: The Ghost and the Dead Man's Library

* Book 4: The Ghost and the Femme Fatale (coming in May 2008)

The Haunted Bookshop series is set in a small Rhode Island town and features mysteries solved by a young widow who just took over co-ownership of an old bookshop.

     The main character Penelope Thornton-McClure doesn't know much about investigating crime, but she's in luck because the shop is haunted by the spirit of Jack Shepard, a hard-boiled private detective who was gunned down in that very shop back in 1949. Pen is the only one haunted by Jack, but she doesn't mind. He's definitely growing on her!

     Reviewers have really liked the series. One described it as a young Miss Marple meets Philip Marlowe. I can tell you it's a lot of fun to write. (I collaborate with my husband on this series, too.)  

Thanks again for posting about liking the latest. It's great to hear you like reading Jack as much as I like writing him!

--Cleo Coyle


September 22, 2007

Magnolia Grill Blend Winner Posts...

Hello, Cleo!

I received my coffee as promised. The beans are dark, oily, and smell divine! The coffe has a rich, bright flavor--very nice way to start the day. Thanks so much to Cleo for this great "perk"....

Fresno, CA


Cleo here. Hi, Victoria! Thanks for letting me know you received the Magnolia Grill Blend. I'm very glad you enjoyed the coffee. Congrats on your win!

Next month's coffee giveaway will be announced the first week of October and will feature a brand new kind of coffee. Stay tuned.

—Cleo Coyle


P.S. If you're a new site visitor and you're wondering what's up with this conversation? Victoria is a subscriber to the Cleo Coyle Newsletter. She won my September free coffee giveway, which was a package of "Magnolia Grill Blend" - a signature coffee sold by Counter Culture Coffee roasters (click on the article about Magnolia Grill to learn more about it--just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see the article's title in the white box). Anyone who signs up for my newsletter is automatically entered in each month's random drawing. Check out the right column for more info on the drawing and the newsletter.


September 17, 2007

Moka Pot problems

Hi Cleo, Your books convinced me to try a Moka pot. I had been drinking instant Folgers, too tired in the AM to fuss. I bought a Moka pot it worked great and now I am hooked. I grind my beans for each fresh pot. However sometimes it won't work. I do everything the same. Pot is clean etc... Water will boil in bottom but won't come up to top pot. What am I doing wrong?

NMI-no more instant...Lili


Hi Lili! Cleo here. Great post! You had me laughing about the Folgers: LOL on the NMI! Okay...this happened to me twicewith my Moka stovetop pot. The first time, I believed it was because I tried to pack way too many grinds into the basket. I realized that the unit screws together and forces the grinds down so packing them in that tightly wasn't necessary, and I reduced the amount in the basket. The second time it happened, I was sure there was something wrong again, but then I waited a bit longer and the boiling water finally came through okay. I don't know how much that helps you, but I can relate! If you discover another reason this might be happening, for sure post again and let me know!

Java joy to you,

Cleo Coyle

September 17, 2007

bookshop mystery

hi! i have been waiting for the ghost and the femme fatale. when will that be out? i also love that series too!!




Cleo here (aka Alice Kimberly)! Thanks for you post, Donna! The Ghost and the Femme Fatale is due to be published in May 2008. I'm looking forward to posting the cover on this site whenever the publisher sends me a JPEG. Stay tuned! And thanks for supporting my Haunted Bookshop Mystery series, too!

Sending you a spooky shout-out,


September 14, 2007

Coffee Addict

Being a Navy veteran of 20 years I am well versed in the ways of Navy coffee.. all I can say is God Bless those who brought espresso and cappuccino to America!! I no longer settle for "instant"; it will be a cappuccino or nothing!! As for the series, I thoroughly enjoy the excursions around Manhattan with Claire and Madam; I've only been to NYC a couple of times but I am a huge fan!!

New Jersey


Cleo here. Hi Liz from NJ! Let me just say GO, NAVY! (I do believe it was the navy that brought us the term "Joe" for coffee--I'll have to recount this on a future post!)

Anyway, God bless YOU for your service to our country. It's an honor to have a servicewoman reading my books!

I do hear ya on the good versus bad coffee front. I myself put up with bad coffee for years in college (the kind of mud that's left on a burner for an hour before it hits your cup). Blech. I was really stuck with no altnerative at the time, and I swore after that (as you did) that I'd never again drink bad coffee!

Java joy to you and thanks for posting!

Here's a virtual cuppa latte art just for you!

Come on back now, y'hear?!


Cleo Coyle

September 13, 2007

A request!

I have read all of your fantastic books and as another reader stated I am having withdrawls too. Hurry! I do have one request you have great recipes in the back of your books my favorite is the Carmel Chocolate Syrup, yes I made it and found I couldn't leave it alone I am embarressed to say I would eat it with a spoon instead of in my coffee. Could you post some of your recipes on your site, because I have passed your books on to my daughter and she passed them on to my secretary etc. I want those recipes back. Thanks and just keep on writing those great books. Rusty Indianapolis
September 13, 2007

September 11 Tribute

About 4 years ago I was honored to be able to visit Ground Zero. Seeing the distruction caused to our country on television was like watching a bad movie, it was not real and you could forget it really happened to a real place in our country, until I actually saw the aftermath. I lost my husband almost 4 years ago and my heart goes out to everyone of the families that either lost a family member in the Twin Towers, on those airplanes, on the ground at the Pentagon and in PA. I honor the searchers, firefighters, police and military for a job that had very little rewards. I will never forget.
September 12, 2007

A Happy Addict

Okay, I admit, I've turned into one of those "why-bother" people - only because of a terrible allergy to caffeine. But I still delight in the smell of that wonderful liquid silk that I can no longer drink - and in Clare Cosi's life both in and out of the Village Blend. Please write faster - I am already having wothdrawal and I just finished "Decaffeinated Corpse" yesterday. Oh well, if I can't drink it, I can still dream about it . . . . and Clare's mystery solving skills. And my vote goes to Mike Quinn . . . . . .
September 12, 2007

I was there too!

As I make my way through my work day I can't help but think about 9/11 as well for I was also there. I was 26 living that Single Girl in the city life on the Upper West Side literally on the subway going to my job on the Lower east side. It is by far the most surreal experience of my life, even more surreal than having a baby. I left New York in June of 2002, the reason had nothing to do with 9/11 but I never felt more like a New Yorker than on that day.


New Jersey

September 11, 2007

Clare's Cat

One question about a character in On What Grounds. What happened to Java? Those of us with pets, especially cats, think of them as one of the family. I sadly have more pictures of my cats than of my grandchildren. Shouldn't Java be around a little more?
September 11, 2007

Realistic Characters and Setting

I just read Elizabeth’s post on Decaffeinated Corpse. I agree that I felt sorry for one of the characters. My daughter and I had the same reaction to the end of Latte Trouble (actually more than one). We discussed who was the actual victim/s. This is what makes great writing. When the characters are so real we feel something, it means the writer has done something that is memorable. I would also like to visit the coffee house, but alas, I live in Texas and don’t travel much except via reading. Thanks so much for the biscotti (really love the stuff) & Bob says thanks for the brownies. My daughter, Crystal, wants to open a Café and has had a lot of it planned out in her head for years. Your books have helped us in deciding what to serve, as well as, how to set up a real coffee house.

Catherine Lane of Amarillo

September 11, 2007

Coffee Nut!!!

Hi Cleo!!

I have read your response to my first post!! Awsome! You are the first author to answer a post, that I've seen. That is so cool and says alot!! Just like Tara from New York you have hooked me forever!! I went out this weekend and bought a stove-top esspresso maker. I looked up on the other blogs and have learned how to use it!! This makes far better esspresso's than my electric esspresso maker. So I got rid of my electric one and now I only use the stove top maker. My 7 year old daughter says that it smells so good in the house after I get home from work and make my esspresso, that she wants one too! Yeah right!! I told her she could have one when she is older!! For now hot chocolate has to do. LOL!!! Your web-site has opened my eyes to the gourmet side of coffee. I cooked the Coffee Steak recipe from "Through the Grinder" , the last night, and LOVEd it. So did my daughter!! Kudos to you and your site!! Good food, good coffee, and good reading to all!!!

Till next time,

Leah From Destin, FL

P.S. I also made the Caramel - Chocolate Latte and syrup!! Gosh, this is heaven!! You are a Genius, Cleo!!

September 10, 2007

Still Hooked

Hi Cleo, I previously posted "You've Got Me Hooked" when I was curious about Clare's future, if any, with Jim Rand. Well, I had only read Murder Most Frothy at the time and didn't have all the facts. I went back and started reading from the first book, currently on Latte Trouble, and I've changed my mind. I also started reading some of the previous posts here and see that there had been a Matt and Quinn debate going on before. I'd like to weigh-in with Matt - Whatever it is about bad guys and good girls, I have no idea, but I personally think he's misunderstood. Whether my opinion changes with Decaffienated Corpse, I'll have to let you know. It's so much fun, I love your books - please keep me guessing for a little while longer. Oh, and I'd like to tell you about the marked improvement in my coffee habits. My French Press never has time to get dusty now-a-days. I'm having so much fun trying out new coffee blends and flavors and have taken an instant liking to Lattes (which, can you believe, I never had before). And I love your website, I used one of your links to learn the proper way to use a French Press, right down to the water temp, and what a difference!

Thanks, Tara, NY

September 8, 2007

Virtually Refreshing!!!!

I really enjoyed the "Meet the Village Blend Staff" part of the website! It is so very different and fun to see the charectors in the books, the same way you see them. I enjoyed learning more about the charectors and I look forward to see the next pics you put up! These mysteries you write are a breath of fresh-air to me. Your writing makes these charectors really come alive. your books are not just one more mystery I read, but kinda like sitting with a friend and talking about mystery and coffee! Anyways... Have fun out there y'all!

Sincerly , Leah (Destin, FL) P.S. Can't say it enough, Cleo, love your books! And coffee!!! :) Congrats!! To the new Coffee King! I didn't even know this possition existed until I read that article. :)

September 8, 2007

Great Books

I just read four of the Coffeehouse Mysteries in the past two weeks. Now I hope to find "French Pressed" in the store. My favorite coffees are Green Mountain.
September 8, 2007

Coffee in Italy and Greece

Hi Cleo, I'll be traveling to Italy and Greece in October and would appreciate tips on how to order coffee and what to expect.

Thanks Phyllis Plymouth, MI

September 7, 2007

My favorite coffee

I just discovered, they have great coffee and they also donate a lot of coffee to the troops and give each member the opportunity to donate with each order. they also have a delicious selection of flavored teas that get put in 16 to 20 ounce bottled water. I am hooked and haven't had the cravings for pop in a while.


Cleo here. Hey, there! Thanks for the heads up on BOCA JAVA coffee. I activated the Boca Java link in your Coffee Talk post above, so if anyone is interested in checking out Boca Java's coffees, they can click on the link above. Or Click here to go to Boca Java's Home Page. 

I've been hearing a lot of radio commericals for Boca Java coffee. I haven't yet tried them, so thanks for the heads up. I think their policy of donoting to our troops is wonderful.

For people who want to know more about donating delish coffee to our troops via Boca Java, click here. It will take you right to the page that talks about Operation 5 Million Cups, their latest goal for donating really good coffee to troops who appreciate getting a good cuppa quality Joe from home.

I really enjoyed reading some of the notes of thanks from the troops, which the Boca Java folks have posted on their site, too. FYI...

Here's a photo that was posted from Iraq, along with a note of thanks to Boca Java. Click here or on the photo below to read the Major's letter from Iraq.


Photo posted on Boca Java's troop donation thank you page from...

Major Jack N., Operations Officer
1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion (Centurion)
1st Brigade Combat Team (Ironhorse)
1st Cavalry Division (America's First Team)


Thanks again for telling us about Boca Java!


  Item(s) [1776-1800] of 1892  

On What Grounds Cover Through The Grinder Cover Latte Trouble Cover Murder Most Frothy Cover Decaffeinated Corpse Cover French Pressed Cover Espresso Shot Cover Holiday Grind Cover Roast Mortem Cover Murder By Mocha Cover A Brew To A Kill Cover Holiday Buzz Cover Billionaire Blend Cover Once Upon A Grind Cover Dead to the Last Drop Cover Dead Cold Brew Cover Shot in the Dark Cover Brewed Awakening Honey Roasted
Click here to learn more about the Coffeehouse Mystery novels.
To purchase the books, click here or here or here.

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