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September 7, 2007

Just finished Decaffeinated Corpse

I really enjoyed it, I was a bit sorry for one of the characters at the end but otherwise I couldn't let it down. I had no idea you were Alice Kimberly too & I have enjoyed the bookshop mysteries too. I love Clare & Matteo avatars, I hope there will be more in the future, it's so much fun. I know it takes time to do these though. Thank you for creating such special characters & wonderful books. I live close to New York City & I often feel like going to the Village Blend.



Cleo here. What a wonderful post, Elizabeth. Thank you! I'm especially lovin' what you said about sometimes feeling like you want to go to the Village Blend. That makes my day because it tells me the place is as real to you as it is to me. That's why I finally decided to create a virtual coffeehouse - it's as close as I can manage to creating the real VB. That and the Coffeehouse Mystery tales, of course. I'm glad you liked Decaffeinated Corpse, too. And I know what you mean about feeling sorry for one of the characters (Clare felt that way too!). Murder is a tough business!

Thanks again for posting, Elizabeth. I hope you'll come back again and again to my virtual Village Blend!

Java joy to you,

Cleo Coyle

P.S. Here's a virtual Latte Art pour for you, just for stopping by!








September 5, 2007

More Dante, Please!

Hi, Cleo.

I haven't been to the 1369 Coffeehouse in Cambridge yet, as I tend to frequent the North End when I'm in Boston, but it's definitely on my list now! I live in RI and enjoy the Coffee Exchange and Cafe Zog, both on Wickendon St. in Providence, the Brooklyn Coffee & Tea House on Douglas Ave. in Providence (which is probably the closest thing we have to what I picture the Village Blend to look like), Cafe Bon Ami in Cranston, Sofia's in E. Greenwich and Brew'd Awakenings in South County.

I'm still looking for an approximation of the wonderful European coffeehouses I've visited, particularly those in Belgium. How civilized to get wonderful coffee in a real cup and saucer, with a piece of gorgeous chocolate on the side! I like the European coffee bisquits, too, but chocolate is always better. I was delighted that your new barista, Dante, is from RI. I'd love to see him included in additional storylines.

You offered recipes for our State drink, coffee syrup, in DECAFFEINATED CORPSE; also, you can buy a preprepared bottle of it in every grocery store here for a couple of dollars - Autocrat and Eclipse are the best and most readily available. I think the CoffeeHouse Mysteries would make a wonderful TV series, along the lines of Robert B. Parker's SPENSER FOR HIRE. Would that be something you'd consider?

Carol C.


Cleo here. Hi again, Carol C. YES! Dante Silva, fine arts painter, tattooed barista, and native of RI, will return to the Village Blend in future books. Have no fear. I love that character. And down the line, I'll be scheduling him for a staff page avatar too (he just needs to be in a few more books)!

Thanks very much for telling me about your Belgium coffee experience. How wonderful! I've visited cafes in London, Paris, Rome, and West Berlin but never Belgium! (And, yes, chocolate is always better! And I'm SURE it's amazingly better in Belgium!)

I virtually checked out some of the coffeehouses that you mentioned. How wonderful! Now I have a starter list of them to look up when I'm in your neck of the woods.

Here are some links for anyone who wants to check out a few of the coffeehouse recommended by Carol...

Here is the coffeehouse that Carol says reminds her of the Village Blend...



Like the Village Blend, the Brooklyn Coffee & Tea House is located in an historic district (only this district is located in Providence, RI, and not New York City. Yes, don't be fooled by the Brooklyn name - it's a Rhode Island location!).

The old brick building (well over a century) once housed a grocery. Then a local artist with real vision bought it and restored the property . How wonderful!! This is a place I'll definitely want to check out someday!

And here are a few more of Carol's local picks...


COFFEE EXCHANGE (they mail order freshly roasted coffee)


I love their policy of giving free shipping to all orders of 4 pounds or more. This is an excellent deal because shipping costs really are a bummer when it comes to getting coffee via snail mail. I'll have to check this out! Also, they clearly have some great programs to help coffee farmers. Bravo!


BREW'D AWAKENINGS (Cleo says: very punny!) 


COOL website! Wow! I also like their menu: "The Curious George" - a coffee drink that includes chocolate, bananas, and peanut butter" and I'd love to try their "Frozen Cappaccino" Yum!

Finally, to answer your question about TV adaptation - that's something that would indeed be a lot of fun. Seems to me we've gone far too long without a more modern version of Murder She Wrote (I loved that series).

I think the TV version of Coffeehouse Mysteries would lean a little more towards the comic end. But I can just see Clare and Matt sniping at each other while trying to solve a murder, serve customers, AND stay out of hot water (OOOOOOH bad pun)!

LOL, Carol, Java joy to you,


September 3, 2007

Village Blend Staff

Hi Cleo, My vote for the next postings on the staff to be for Joy (she helps out) and would like to meet Quinn.

Bob Lane in Amarillo


Cleo here. Hi Bob in Amarillo! LOL on Joy. Thanks for your vote on Clare's wayward daughter! I just added her to the bottom of the STAFF page today as "coming soon" - and Mike Quinn will be fun to create, for sure.

I also undertand I have YOU to thank for introducing your entire family to the Coffeehouse Mysteries (via an impulse purchase of Murder Most Frothy). Very cool!

I baked you some delish virtual brownies for a big chocolate thank you.

Wishing you Java Joy,

Cleo Coyle







September 3, 2007

Re Village Blend Staff from C. Lane

Glad to let ya know the three of us did enjoy the page! I'm sure there are plenty of others, y'all speak up. We don't use violins around here, they're fiddles! How well we understand time constraints. Take all the time needed, ya hear. I agree it's a great idea to let us know in the newsletter. In the meantime, we'll keep checking out the site.



Village Blend Recipes

I just read the post from Margaret requesting a recipe from one of the books. I agree no one should post recipes or any part of any copyright. That's what they are all about. I recommend she should buy the book with the recipe. Hey, Cleo! How 'bout checkin' into publishing a book with the recipes (coffee lattes as well, cause they're hard to find in recipe books). That would help those of us who keep libraries and want to cook without messin' up our books.


Catherine Lane in Amarillo


Cleo here. Hi again, Catherine in Amarillo! Love your posts (fiddle and all). Great idea on a Cleo Coyle coffee recipes book. If things continue to go well with the series, that's a great idea down the line!

Best java wishes to you,


September 2, 2007

Village Blend Staff

When will we be able to meet more of the Village Blend Staff on your site? I love the characters, very real, and enjoyed the internet versions as well.

C. Lane in Amarillo, TX


Cleo here. Hi C. Lane in Amarillo! THANK YOU for your post! I loved creating the "Village Blend Staff" page and you're the very first person to mention it! Hooray! Now I know SOMEONE out there likes it!

Creating the Avatars for Clare and Matteo was tons of fun for me. Unfortunately, the process is a time consuming one, and I've been under major deadline stress lately (yeah, I know, poor me, break out the violin). I plan to add more CM characters to the page in the coming months. Madame is next on my list of Avatars. She should be a challenge!

I appreciate your mentioning the page, and you've actually given me a great idea with your post. The next time I add a staff member (probably later this fall), I'll announce it on the Home Page and mention it in the e-newsletter, so you (and others) will be able to see right away that there's an update.

Thanks for dropping by the virtual coffeehouse C. Lane! Come on back again anytime, y'hear!

--Cleo Coyle


September 2, 2007

Is there a portion on your website for recipes

I would love to have the recipe for the chuck roast with coffee. Unfortunately I've misplace my copy of on what grounds. could someone please post it. thank-you

Margaret, Ferndale Ca


Cleo here. Hi Margaret in Ferndale, CA. Thank you for posting! The recipe that you're looking for is "Coffee Marinated Steak with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Hearty Coffee Gravy."

It's a delish recipe--very earthy and it's got a real jolt in there from the caffeine. However, that recipe is not found in the back of ON WHAT GROUNDS (there are other great recipes in the back of that book, too, just not that one). The coffee marinated steak recipe is in the recipe section of Coffeehouse Mystery #2: THROUGH THE GRINDER. (Cover is pictured left.)

I'm thrilled that you're interested in the recipe, but please understand, the recipes are part of the book purchase. So no one should be posting the Coffeehouse Mystery recipes on this site or any other site without permission. To answer your question about recipes on this site, I do occasionally post recipes on the Home Page. And I'll also be sending those out via my e-newsletter. The newsletter is free, and you are most welcome to subscribe to that. In the coming months, I may very well be sharing the popular Coffee Marinated Steak recipe in my newsletter, too. Great idea!

To get the recipe faster you can always borrow THROUGH THE GRINDER from the library or (eee gad!) even purchase a copy for yourself because as I said, even if you misplaced your copy of ON WHAT GROUNDS (woops), it isn't in there!


Warmest wishes and thanks sincerely for taking the time and effort to post a message. I've just launched this site, but you make a good point that a section of the site devoted just to recipes might be something for me to consider in the next year or so. I hope you'll come back to the virtual Village Blend again, Maragret. Enjoy a vritual cup of java just for stopping by!

Cleo Coyle

September 1, 2007

Next Haunted Bookshop Mystery?

Hi, I was wondering when the next Haunted Bookshop mystery will be released. I also love the Coffehouse mysteries.


Cleo here. I dont know where you're from, so I'll just say hi YOU! Thank you for your nice words, believe me they mean a lot to me.

The next Haunted Bookshop mystery (the series that I write under my other pen name "Alice Kimberly") will be released in May 2008. The title is THE GHOST AND THE FEMME FATALE. For anyone interested in that series, here are all the titles in order (click on the first book to go to the Amazon page if anyone reading this wants to know more about the first book in the series...)


1. The Ghost and Mrs. McClure

2. The Ghost and the Dead Deb

3. The Ghost and the Dead Man's Library

4. The Ghost and the Femme Fatale (coming in May 2008)


I'll be sure to post a cover and tell you more about the story in my new Haunted Bookshop mystery (#4 The Ghost and the Femme Fatale) when we get closer to its publication date in May of 08. Stay tuned! And thank you again for posting!

Cleo Coyle

September 1, 2007

love your series

Just wanted to drop by and let you know how much I love both of your series (The Coffehouse and The Haunted Bookshop). Can't wait for the next ones.


Cleo here. Well, dang! You made my day! Bless your heart for taking the time and effort to let me know that you're enjoying the books. I truly, TRULY appreciate it!

Come on back to my virtual coffeehouse anytime. Here's a virtual blueberry tart for you to enjoy with your latte!

Warmest wishes,

Cleo Coyle

September 1, 2007

Interested in a recipie you mentioned breifly in Through the Grinder

Hello, You mention a recipie for Three Chocolate Mocha pudding in the book Through the Grinder. I was looking for it in the back of the book, but it wasn't their. Could you post it or send it to me via e-mail. Thank-you. Have stared my next coffee mystery Latte Trouble and am enjoying it. Thank-you

Margaret Meister


Cleo here. Hi, Margaret M.! I'm so glad you are enjoying the Coffeehouse Mysteries! Thank you for reminding me about the Three Chocolate Mocha Pudding. Here's the thing about that recipe--Clare never actually gets to serve it to Mike or Bruce in the book, she plans to but never does, so the recipe never made it to the back of the book, either. I figured she'd finally get to serve it to Quinn in a future book and then I'd pub the recipe. But there's another reason it isn't in the book--I just wasn't happy enough with the recipe yet. Still working on it. 

Since you're bringing it to my attention again, however, I'll make a note to go back to the recipe and keep working with it...once I get it right, I'll publish it on this site and also in the e-newsletter (and I probably should include it in a future recipe section for another Coffeehouse Mystery, too). After all, Quinn never did get to eat it! Thanks for stopping by Margaret M. Your input is greatly appreciated!

Cleo Coyle

September 1, 2007

Essprsso Fool

Greetings from Destin Florida!! I am a single mother who loves her coffee! I love the Kona blends and all kinds of flavored coffees. I have made some of your recipes and love them. I also have a cappuccino machine and use it often. Thank you so much for my 2 favorite things: you coffee recipes and a good mystery!! Can't wait till Fench Pressed is in book stores. Thanks for writing these excellent books.

Leah from Florida



Cleo here. Hi Leah from sunny Florida! What a great post! Thank you for your very kind words. Sending props and snaps to you for being, like Clare, a single mother. If there's a harder job on the planet, I ain't heard about it. Blessings to you and thank you for supporting the series! I hope you enjoy the upcoming books--and since you're a cap lover, here's a virtual one for you to take with you. Looking forward to seeing you back at the Village Blend again, Leah!

Warmest wishes,

Cleo Coyle



September 1, 2007

Ghost Mysterys

Read them and loved them too!! Thanks for telling me




Cleo here. Hi again Barbara! You're very welcome. Thank you for asking. Because you did, I'm sure other readers heard about the series for the first time, too. Drop back again anytime for a virtual cuppa!

--Cleo Coyle

September 1, 2007

Please lighten up on us decaf drinkers - it's not always a happy choice!

I've just discovered your coffeehouse mystery novels, and I love them. On the way up to my lake cabin for an extended Labor Day weekend, I picked up the first two books. I read them both yesterday! Now I can't wait to get home and buy the rest. I have two adult children who work at coffeehouses. My 19 year old son is truly a "coffee geek." (He spent 3 months in Brazil backpacking through the Amazon. While there he switched to tea because the coffee they had tasted like "Brazilian Folgers.") I chuckled at the discriptions of the different coffee beverage drinkers. My son has come home with the same descriptions! Last night I called him to tell him about the recipe for Coffee Marinated Steak and Coffee Gravy (he's also an excellent cook), and he can't wait to try them out. This son also feels the way you do about decaf. Which brings me to my headline... About five years ago I apparently hit pre-menopause. The first thing that happened was that whenever I drank caffeine (or alcohol) my nose and cheeks lit up like Rudolph's on Christmas Eve. I could live with that, I found a great makeup that toned them done effectively. Then the hot flashes hit!!!! Big Time!!! After traveling down the estrogen route and the soy and black cohash route (the estrogen worked on the hot flashes, but at the cost of extremely painful boobs). The soy and black cohash are only moderately successful. So that leaves altering my diet. The one thing that seems to consistently induce major hot flashes is caffeine. So, to make a long story short. Until I get past this ungodly time of my life, decaf makes it bearable. Thanks for letting me vent.

Kathy C Plymouth, MN


Cleo here. Howdy, Kathy C. in Plymouth, MN, your post totally cracked me up, painful boobs and all! I'll chalk you up as a DD - Decaf Defender.

Loved hearing about your son's adventures! Not surprised about his experience with the Brazillian coffee since a good bit of their crop is robusta and not of high quality (although there are highly-rated farms in Brazil now, too). The Third World nations in general don't consume their own product to the degree of the first world. It's too expensive for some of them to consume what brings in the major money for their annual income.

Thank you for sharing Kathy C.! I hope you'll drop back again at the virtual Village Blend! And if your son has any favorite coffees (single-origins or blends) or online coffee vendors or roasters he'd like to recommend, be sure to post and let me know.

Wishing you (decaf) java joy,

--Cleo Coyle

August 31, 2007

french pressed

when will french pressed be in the book stores


Cleo here. Thanks for asking! For those of you wondering...FRENCH PRESSED is my next Coffeehouse Mystery (#6). It will be published in 2008 (most likely the spring). I'll let you know more in the coming months! Stay tuned for the cover and more about the book's story!

--Cleo Coyle

August 29, 2007

GERD & Coffee

Greetings from Amarillo, TX. I also have GERD and have always loved coffee, but could not drink it without becoming very sick. I've been a tea drinker for years, both hot & cold & have discovered even some blends of tea bother also. I take Priolizac OTC (2 each day). I have found since I read the coffee house mysteries that if I buy the Hawaiian blend & grind the beans, I can drink up to 2 double lattes a day. Hope this helps other GERD sufferers like Jeanne in NM.

C. Lane


Cleo here. Thanks C. Lane! Java snaps and props to you for helping out a fellow virtual Village Blend visitor. I don't know much about GERD, so I appreciate your helping out Jeanne in NM. Your suggestions sound great!

I baked you a virtual box of biscotti for your trouble!

--Cleo Coyle

August 29, 2007

Greetings from Amarillo, Texas

I just wanted to post how my family loves the coffee house mysteries. We have been telling everyone we know about them. Since my husband originally found Murder Most Frothy, we have been hooked. We bought all that are out, and are eagerly awaiting the next! We also found out about the haunted bookstore series; my daughter and I went to Hastings & bought the only one on the shelf. We ordered the other two available and already have them. We can't wait for the new ones. However, we realize it is impossible for you to write as quickly as we can read & it takes time to have them published. We will buy them as they are available.

C. Lane (the 2nd of 3)


Cleo here. With fans like you, I'm feeling like I might actually get to keep writing for a living. Thanks C. No kidding. I appreciate your support! And thanks again for the other post about GERD! Drop back anytime to the virtual blend and let me know what's up!


August 26, 2007

Coffee Fool

Hi Cleo

Have you heard of this site called I wonder if their coffee tastes as good as they say. The site says that most of the coffee we buy at the stores is already Stale. Anything in your knowledge banks about that?


Cleo here. Hi Chelle! I just answered your Cat Poo post LOL. I just checked out With a name like that how can I not be intrigued?!

I do agree with what they're saying... that the coffee bought on grocery store shelves is usually sitting there for far too long to be considered fresh. And anything that's pre-ground has also lost a lot of flavor. It's all about keeping as much flavor in the beans as possible from roast to cup. 

Before buying from Coffee Fool, I'd consider what other customers have said about them. I found this string of comments on Coffee Forum (click here). What's good about this string is that there are suggestions for which of's coffees and blends were great and which were disappointing (at least in the opinions of these few customers).

Some of theCoffee Fool blends do sound intriguingto me, especially the African beans. Thanks for the tip, Chelle! I'm always interested in checking out coffees and coffee vendors...I'll post again after I give them a try!


August 25, 2007

The Best Coffe/ Mystery Ever!!

Dear Cleo,

Thank you so much for my two favorite things in the whole world - coffee and mysteries. My local bookstore knows when I walk in, to let me know the release date of your next book! I look forward to each and every new book to find out what will happen next to my favorite people! Keep 'em comin'!



Cleo here. HOW COOL IS YOUR POST?! Julie, you are exactly the reason why the Coffeehouse Mysteries have been growing in sales. The series has been a quiet little engine, running along without much notice or fanfare, but year after year, more and more people have been catching up to the coffee train and swinging on board. (How's that for a sappy metaphor!) Oh, well, I'm tired and getting over a nasty head cold so you'll have to forgive. But, no kidding, Julie, it's people like you, asking about the new title at your local bookstore, that have made the orders go up and up with every new book. Thank you sincerely and stay tuned for more adventures with your "favorite people"--(I love that!) You know, of course, they're mine, too!

Warmest java wishes,

Cleo Coyle

August 25, 2007

haunted book shop!

I just finished reading Ghost and Mrs. McClure under Alice Kimberly. I absolutely loved it. Love the lingo of old and all the charecters. There is so much rich charecters and great plotlines. I laughed outloud when Fiona "overheard" other woman anna falactic! Can't wait to read the next one. Thank you

l in jersey


Cleo here. Hi I in Jersey! I'm so glad you liked Pen, Jack, and Fiona Finch "the bird lady" - that series really is a hoot to write. New one out in May 2008. I'll post the cover when I receive it from the publisher. Here are the titles for the entire haunted bookshop series in case you need...

1 The Ghost and Mrs. McClure (you read that one)

2 The Ghost and the Dead Deb (a send up of debu-tramps like Paris)

3 The Ghost and the Dead Man's Library (a  tribute to Poe)

4 The Ghost and the Femme Fatale (a film noir frolic)


Thanks again for letting me know you liked the book!

Java joy to you,

Cleo Coyle

August 24, 2007

Thanks for Decaffeinated Corpse

Dear Cleo,

I am an avid mystery reader and discovered your mysteries and read them all along with a friend who was, at the time, managing a coffee house. We had such fun sharing your books! Last November I became seriously ill and continue to recover, although I am permanently disabled. Besides losing a lot of physical ground, it has been difficult for me to regain some of my short-term memory. This has made reading very difficult and frustrating. Thank you for Decaffeinated Corpse. My friend and I picked it up last week and I was able to read the entire book without losing track of the story, not to mention that I enjoyed it thoroughly. Not only was this latest book another delight in a thoroughly wonderful series, but it gave me my first full step back into doing what I love most - reading mysteries. Please keep the books coming.

Karen C. in NE


Cleo here. Hi Karen C. in NE. OMG! Your post didn't just make my day, it made my month, my year, my writing LIFE! Thank you for sharing your situation and thank you from the bottom of my java-loving heart for your wonderful words. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for you to face the challenges in your life. Yet instead of giving up on reading, you plowed ahead and kept trying. How brave you are and how inspiring! I'm so incredibly proud that Decaf Corpse could have helped you in any way.

I'm also so very pleased that you stopped by the virtual Village Blend to say hello. I hope you'll come back again and again, Karen. Thank you and please keep in touch. Post again anytime!

Wishing you the warmest, freshest java joy,

Cleo Coyle


P.S. I baked you a big-hearted cookie to thank you for your brave-hearted post!




August 23, 2007

My Two Favorite Things!!

Dear Cleo,

You have managed to put together my two favorite things in the whole world besides my husband—Coffee and Mysteries! I love your books and the recipes are fantastic. The coffee syrup was great. Thank you and keep the books coming.



Cleo here. Thanks, Trish!! I'm so glad you liked the coffee syrup--and impressed, too. That's definitely a recipe for people who LOVE LOVE LOVE the bean!

Java joy to you!

Cleo Coyle

P.S. Loved the husband qualification! (I feel that way about mine, too.)

August 23, 2007


... for Clare's next adventure! As a former caterer, I'm a big fan of culinary mysteries, and often peruse for books I might find interesting. After devouring your first, I quickly ordered the rest. I've been taking them with me on Saturday mornings to some of the wonderful coffeehouses in Providence and Boston, and savor them while I'm savoring rich, dark espresso with a twist of lemon, or a sweet mocha latte... As a 50+ woman who has managed to live a fabulous life in the 14 years since my divorce, I can't wait to see what adventures are in store for Clare in the future!

Carol C.


Cleo here. Hi Carol C. This is a great time for culinary mysteries, so I'm more than thrilled that you're reading mine. I'm also tickled to hear that you're a former caterer. Sounds to me like you and Clare have a lot in common--especially the adventurous life AFTER divorce part!

Thanks for your very kind words about the CM books. Thanks also for telling me about your coffee-drinking rituals! I love hearing what types of coffee people enjoy drinking and about the coffeehouses they like to frequent.

I heard about an intriguing coffeehouse in Cambridge, MA, called 1369 Coffeehouse. I've never been there, but do hope to pay a visit someday. Any chance you've been to it? Here's a tres cool mural from their site...


Come on back anytime Carol. Feel free to share more about the coffeehouses you've discovered, too. This board is a great place for people to learn more about the bean and the people and places who treat it right!

Wishing you java joy,

Cleo Coyle

August 23, 2007

New Fan; Read the books twice in a month!


I love your books! I'm 40, and totally identify with Clare. I'm still married, but it has been rocky, and I'm living through Clare's dating experiences. I'm also married to a Michael.... I do have a question - I have GERD, and limit myself to two cups of coffee a day. I really shouldn't have those, but I love coffee. Do you have any recommendations on brews that I could enjoy more of??

Jeanne in NM


Cleo here. Hi Jeanne in NM! What a great post. Thank you for your very kind words about the Coffeehouse Mysteries. I'm especially happy to hear that you identify with Clare. Per the dating experiences--LOL it's rough out there! I'm very happily married now, but it took many years to find him (and I went through a divorce before I did).

I also know what it's like first-hand to go through the dating mill  (I even posted a personal ad in the Village Voice once upon a time--how kitschy New York can you get?). At the moment, I have a few female and male friends looking (in different cities) for Mr. and Ms. Wonderful respectively. It's a trip, all right, but also a real adventure. And, hey, let's face it: if life's not an adventure, then it just may be so dang safe it bores you into a state of living death (you remember George Romero's zombies, don't you? Hey, nobody wants to be trolling a Pittsburgh mall with glazed eyes for eternity! - okay, maybe Paris Hilton.)

I was stumped on your GERD question but then one of the other virtual Village Blend visitors came to the rescue. Look for the post with the headline GERD AND COFFEE from Catherine Lane (posted on 8/29), she'll tell you her remedy for this problem. She says that she hopes it's helpful to you, and so do I.

Also, here is an interesting blog on GERD Click here by a doc who says he likes coffee and still drinks it and (according to his blog) a survey of GERD patients in Italy show that Italians with GERD have no problem with coffee. Go figure. Certainly, it sounds like a problem that can vary greatly from patient to patient. (By the way, I don't know this blogging doctor personally, and I cannot vouch for what he's saying. I just found it interesting and am passing along as food for thought.)

If you're looking for a good, reliable decaf, however, I can defiitely recommend Starbucks House Blend Decaf. Click here to go to the Starbucks site and read customer comments on this coffee. You can also purchase it via their online store but most Starbucks coffee shops sell it, too, and you won't have to pay postage.

I find the House Blend decaf to be a reliably smooth coffee that is consistently good and very easy to find since Planet Starbucks is everywhere these days. So if caffeine is what worries you, then that's my two cents.

Thanks again for supporting the series, Jeanne, and thanks for dropping by and posting, too. I hope you'll drop back to let us know how your dating goes!

Java Joy to you,

Cleo Coyle


August 21, 2007

Don't drink coffee, but love the coffee house mystries

I do love your coffee house novels and wish you could write them faster. Just finished Dechaffeinated Corpse and it was great as usual. But I have to admit that I do not drink coffee (although I do love the smell) I am a tea drinker and I don't think that being a coffee drinker is a required for loving your books. Keep up the great work.




Cleo here. Hi Carolyn! Of course, I agree with you...


Jeopary question: "A culinary mystery series, set in Greenwhich Village, that is enjoyed by tea drinkers as much as coffee drinkers."

Jeopardy answer: "What is the Coffeehouse Mysteries?"

"CORRECT! Alex, tell her what she's won!"

She's won a big shout-out from Cleo Coyle!


You, go, tea-drinking girlfriend! More power to the Leaf Lover.

I actually enjoy a good cuppa tea, too. In fact, it's the only thing I can drink when I have a head cold (which is right now). I'm drinking American Classic, the only tea that is grown on U.S. soil, on a tea farm outside of Charleston, South Carolina.

I visited there recently and had a wonderful time. I'll try to post about it with pics in the future (FYI...I also took a cooking class on low country cuisine at a store called Charleston Cooks! and I'll write about that too soon and post a delish rice pudding recipe).

Click on the link above and it will take you to the Bigelow site for the Charleston tea plantation (Bigelow blends and distributes this U.S. tea). They have tours, too, so if you're ever down there, you should definitely check it out!

Happy tea drinking, Carolyn, and happy coffee reading too! Thanks for dropping by, come on back now, y'hear?!

Cleo Coyle

P.S. I made you a virtual pot of tea to enjoy for stopping by my virtual coffeehouse!


August 21, 2007

Ghost Mysteries

I got all 3 ordered so am waiting now for them to come & read them right away. Thanks for telling me about them.



Cleo here.

You're very welcome!

August 21, 2007

EEEEEEEW!!!!! Cat Poo Coffee

Yuck, Yuck, Yuck ewwwww who would even try that out in the first place YUCK!!!. Hi Cleo, Chelle from Canada again. I just saw an article on AOL about this cat poo coffee someone came up with, apparently the "Enzymes in the cats' stomach break down the proteins that give coffee its bitter taste, thus enhancing its flavour and creating a brew many consider superb. A cup of the special civet cat or luwak coffee costs $50." !!!! 50 dollars a pop for a cup of cat poo coffee? Gawd that's gross. Lol thought you'd be interested. I'd send a link but I'm not sure where to send it.

Chelle of Canada's Coffee Coast


Cleo here. Hi Chelle! How are you! Of course I laughed out loud when I read your Cat Poo post. Yes, I've known about this coffee for a few years now, and I'll be writing about it in an upcoming CM (the one after French Pressed). I DON'T think I'll be featuring it as a "coffee pick" giveaway simply because I doubt too many people would consider it a valuable prize!!

Java Joy to you and drop by again!


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