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November 6, 2013

Another coffee cake pie question

Just finished Roast Mortem and can't wait to try this and the doughnut muffins. Can I use frozen blueberries?

- Didi


Cleo's reply:

Hi, Didi, thanks for dropping by my message board. Yes, frozen blueberries should work just fine for you in my Blueberry "Coffee Cake Pie" from the recipe section of Roast Mortem.

I hope you enjoy the recipe. It's very good for something so easy to stir together and bake.

Definitely try the doughnut muffins, too, they really do taste like old-fashioned cake doughtnuts, and they're fantastic with coffee.

~ Cleo


For anyone who'd like a look at the
complete recipe section of...

Roast Mortem:
A Coffeehouse Mystery,

Click Here.

Blueberry Coffee Cake Pie
from the recipe section of
Roast Mortem:
A Coffeehouse Mystery



November 5, 2013


You ROCK, Cleo! I've read all your Coffee House books and I sooo enjoy your sense-of-humor, and your 'style'. I absolutely love trying out many of the recipes. Thanks for being YOU!!!


Cleo's reply:

Aw, thanks for being YOU, too! No kidding, without our readers, we are nowhere. Marc and I appreciate every one of you who spends hard-earned money on our books. We think about that every day when we sit down to write. The last thing we want to do is disappoint you, and that's why seeing a very kind comment like this one makes our day!



Wishing you joy always,

~ Cleo


October 26, 2013

Thanks from Sister Dear Book club

Our book club read "Murder by Mocha" for the September book choice and we all enjoyed the delicious read. We were delighted even more at the discussion meeting to be joined on the phone by Cleo. Thanks so much for the chocolates and for your time. You are super!


Cleo's reply: 

Marc and I really enjoyed talking with you! Cheers to everyone at the "Sister Dear" Book Club, and thank you so much for selecting Murder by Mocha as your book of the month for September. It's a fun read, and the chocolate makes it even better, doesn't it?!

I will post your photo here shortly and include it in my next newsletter (late Novemer). Stay tuned!


~ Cleo

October 5, 2013


I have been trying forever to make cappuccino . I just can't get the nice frothed milk on the top of the coffee. I have a pretty good coffee machine, it must be something I am doing wrong. Any tips would be appreciated Thank you very much.


Cleo's reply:

Here's a video that may help you. It's about  7 minutes long and worth a look. Great tips... CLICK HERE.



I hope that helps you!


Warmest java wishes,

~ Cleo

P.S. Many coffeehouses train their baristas for 3 months before they're allowed to pull shots and steam milk on a regular basis for customers. It takes practice (everyone says so), so don't get discouraged. One final note. The size of the boiler on your machine and the type of wand may or may not be a factor. Take a look at this 11 minute video in which an espresso machine expert talks about different machines, wands, and texturing milk properly. It's a very casual video, but she does have some interesting things to show and say. CLICK HERE to watch this second video on YouTube.



October 1, 2013

Maple Bacon Breakfast muffins

Please clarify the amount of brown sugar needed. You list 6 tablespoons with the bacon, but only call for 2 to be added to the bacon as it cooks. Then 1 additional tablespoon goes into the batter.

Cleo's reply - Glad to help. My answer is below, please scroll down. For anyone else looking for this recipe...

How to Make
Maple Bacon Muffins

from scratch or 
with a pancake mix

To see this recipe...

Click Here.


RECIPE REPLY: In answer to your question, look closer at the recipe. It's 6 teaspoons of brown sugar with the bacon (not 6 Tablespoons). You want one teaspoon of brown sugar per slice of bacon. (FYI - 6 teaspoons in cooking equals 2 tablespoons--it's the same amount.)

Finally, you add 1 Tablespoon of brown sugar to the batter. The muffins are delicious and I hope you enjoy them!

~ Cleo


September 29, 2013

decaf - See Cleo's Reply

can you recommend a good decaf? i have had to give up caffeine. not by choice...


Cleo's reply:

Happy to help... Okay, rule of thumb: The best decaf should be higher in price that the regular beans (at the same roaster or coffee vendor) simply because the extra processing on premium beans adds to the cost.

Inexpensive decafs or decafs that cost *the same* as the regular coffee blend at any particular shop are usually that way because the coffee vendor replaced the more expensive beans with cheaper beans to keep the price the same (you follow, right)?

So to suggest a "good" decaf requires you FIRST find a good roaster. Peet's Coffee and Tea is a very good roaster. Try their Major Dickason decaf and see what you think. It's priced one dollar above the "regular" Major Dickason blend and that's a good sign; it means they used the same quality beans and up-priced it because of the process (rather than using cheaper beans to keep in the same price). Click here to jump to the product page and I hope you enjoy it!

(FYI - "Major Dickason" was an actual person, a friend of the late Alfred Peet's, pictured above, the brilliant founder of Peet's Coffee.)



May you drink (regular OR decaf) with joy!

~ Cleo


September 27, 2013

burr grinder - See Cleo's Reply

Do you have a burr grinder that you recommend and are there features that might be desired


Cleo's reply:  Marc and I use this small Cuisinart brand burr grinder to grind our coffee before brewing. This brand and model is affordable for us and has been reliable for years. We can't guarantee that you will feel the same, but we can tell you that this is what's on our kitchen counter, and we've been happy enough with it.

Click here to learn more about the product or buy it for yourself, and I hope that helps you!

Warmest java wishes,

~ Cleo



September 23, 2013

new book coming out?

is the new book in Jack and Pen's adventure coming out soon? Rosa

Cleo's Reply: Hello, Rosa! Yes, Jack and Pen are coming again. Marc and I are busy working on new tales of our favorite ghost and bookseller. I'll have more info soon on an upcoming newsletter. Thanks for your support of the Haunted Bookshop Mysteries. 

~ Cleo Coyle/Alice Kimberly


September 22, 2013

Love this series.

I just finished A Brew to Kill and I can't wait to read another book in the series. I love your coffeehouse family.
September 17, 2013

Excited to read your next book!

I haven't had a chance to check out CoffeeHouseMystery in awhile. I was so thrilled to see you will have a new book out. For the last two years I have given my cousin your book as a Christmas present and now I have her hooked on your mysteries too!
September 16, 2013

Love these mysteries!

Thank you for your wonderful books. I am re- reading the last 2 of the coffee house series in anticipation of the Billionaire Blend. I got my 20 something daughter hooked as well. We were excited to see a dietitian in your book since we are both RDs in a hospital in Southern Maryland. I love all your characters but esp. love Mike Quinn's presence in Clare's life.
September 13, 2013

Hello there Cleo!!!

I have read so many of your Clare Cosi and the Village Blend mysteries. I love each and every one of the books I have read so far. I just purchased Murder By Mocha. I have not read them in order but I have enjoyed each one I have read so far. I live in Ohio and it is interesting to see people from around the world enjoy your writing also!
September 5, 2013

6th Haunted Bookstore Mystery mystery

What's the deal?! Been waiting for this to be published...This is the problem with live authors. You have to wait for the next book. :)


Cleo's reply -

LOL, indeed Marc and are living authors (at the moment, anyway), who enjoy writing about a dead PI named Jack Shepard and the bookshop he haunts, along with the prim, New England widow who owns the shop (Penelope Thornton-McClure), and together they solve crimes.

We began the series way back in 2004, writing under the name Alice Kimberly, and the five books published are national bestsellers with a wonderful following. For anyone reading this who would like to begin reading them, I suggest you start with Book #1 The Ghost and Mrs. McClure.

On the question of new books in the series, yes, they are on their way! Be sure to remain subscribed to my newsletter, where I make announcements about publication dates. That announcement is forthcoming...which means I appreciate your patience, stay tuned, more books are in the works. :)


~ Cleo


To read more about ghost PI Jack, young bookseller Penelope, and the series of mysteries that feature this unorthodox team of prim widow and hardboiled spirit, click here.



September 2, 2013


I just want to say, I just love your books. Do you put every one of your recipes that are in your books on your website. I have shared your books that I have read, and now I'm thinking maybe I should of kept them for the recipes. I hope you post all. thanks


Cleo's reply: 

First of all, thank you for the kind note. I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying our books.

In reply to your quesiton: Oh, my goodness! Some of my favorite and most popular recipes are found only in our books and not online... 

These range from Clare Cosi's amazing Cappuccino Muffins (pictured above) that you will find in my 5th Coffeehouse Mystery, Decaffeinated Corpse, to Clare's Italian wedding cookies, which you will find in...



Espresso Shot (the Anginetti, a lemon cookie with lemon glaze is one of my all-time favorites)...


There are many chocolate recipes published in Murder by Mocha (book #10 in the Coffeehouse Mystery series) that you will never see online...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites; Mini Chocolate Chip SconesMilk Dud Thumbrint cookies; Clare's easy Moist Mocha Cake with Shiny Chocolate GlazeChocolate Zombie Clusters (an easy stovetop candy); Chocolate Fudge Cupcake Tops; Flourless Espresso Saucers (chocolate almond cookies made with no flour and a hint of coffee in the chocolate); and Madame's buttery French shortbread known as Sables; other recipes in the book include Clare's Rock Cornish Game Hens with Rosemary and Lemon Butter, her "Italian Mole" Fettuccine (and more)!



Ditto for Roast Mortem, including firehouse favorites like penne mac 'n' cheese; Jim Beam Bourbon Steak; thai-style sweet and tangy dipping sauce that I use to make an amazing Thai-style Coleslaw; Clare's crab cakes; a Magificent Melt-in-your-Mouth Mocha Brownies recipe; Blueberries 'n' Cream Coffee Cake Pie (a 5 minute mix-together pie, no kidding), Poor Girl's Creme Brulee...and Joy's Cake Mix Biscotti (that's right, biscotti made with a boxed cake mix and a few simple ingredients).


A Brew to a Kill features a delicious and healthy recipe for one of my favorite breakfast treats: Blueberry Muffin Tops. In this 11th Coffeehouse Mystery, you will also find Clare's old-fashioned Coffee Cake Muffins; and a light-as-a-cloud Cappuccino Chiffon Cake with a wondeful trick to making stabilized whipped cream frosting. You will also find Clare's recipe for a delicious and nutritious Blueberry Pie Bar; her Melt-and-Mix Chocolate Espresso Glazed Loaf Cake (the one Matt and Mike fight over); and her Fully-Loaded Colcannon that she makes for Mike. Colcannon is a traditional Irish cabbage dish, and Clare tweaks it with a few ingredients that makes it a side dish to die for. Matteo Allegro's easy (and healthy) refried black beans is one Marc and I love and make all the time. Ditto for Matt's Carnitas recipe (aka "little meats," a South of the Border favorite).


So there you go...I hope that answers your question! I do enjoy food  blogging and providing a weekly "bonus" recipe at my website, but the recipes that you find exclusively in my books (and not online) are very special, too, and I hope you enjoy them just as much.

Warmest java wishes,

~ Cleo



September 2, 2013


September 1, 2013

Brooklyn Blackout Cake

I've been waiting over a year for the recipe for the Brooklyn Blackout Cake. Did I miss it? I really want to try it because it looks so delicious!!
August 27, 2013

Purple Cake

I love all of your books both the coffee house and the haunted bookstore mysteries. I am intrigued with the purple cake with your "A Brew to a Kill." But I can't find any recipe or even mention of it. What does it taste like??? Keep up the compelling stories! Chocolate Orange Sandy
August 27, 2013


reader in Scotland.take heed of Cleos advice.I always drank tea.a few years ago Cleo became my coffee mentor.now I only drink coffee..Like her books her info on coffee is the tops.. Take Care A2
August 26, 2013


Love your mysteries. This is the first newsletter I have received and I love it. Can't wait to read the new book!!!!
August 25, 2013


When will the newsletter go out. I still haven't received it.


Cleo's reply -

As of Sunday evening, the new Coffeehouse Mystery Newsletter has been sent. Huzzah! Coffeehouse Mystery News, Recipes August 2013. If you don't see it in your box, check your spam folder. The newsletter went out on Sunday night, and I hope you receive and enjoy it!


August 23, 2013

how to buy coffee

I live in Scotland and I am reading your Coffeehouse Mysteries and would like to know if its possible to buy the blends you talk about in Britain


Cleo's reply -

HELLOOO, SCOTLAND! (Do not be alarmed, I sometimes shout-out interesting places on this message board. :))

Good question. Here are some suggestions for you. Below you will find "specialty" coffee vendors in the UK. These folks sell the kind of premium beans that Clare and Matt sell at the Village Blend. Because coffee is seasonal, blends and offerings change throughout the year, sometimes from month to month. Click around these sites, and you will likely find something that appeals to you. Marc and I sample from roasters around our country (USA), and enjoy the "tour" of the world coffees they highlight. You may wish to do the same until you find coffees that most appeal to you and a roaster or coffee vendor who is a good fit for what you're looking for in terms of selling, shipping, and offerings. 


Wishing you java joy,

~ Cleo


York Coffee Emporium

This coffee merchant ships throught the UK. The site has some fine single-origin and blended coffees from around the world, including types we can't easily find in America (e.g., Australian beans). You can choose your coffee by strength, flavor profile, region, or country of origin, etc. Here is the link to its online shop...
The Bean Shop
The coffee merchant offers a good list of high-end coffees and blends. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Kona, Brazil Ipanema Yellow Icatu, Jamaica Blue Mountain, and Mexico's Finca Corral de Pidra Cup of Excellence are all available. The Bean Shop also sell fine teas. Here is the link to that shop...
You'll find a nice selection here, as well. Choose from single-origin coffees, blends, orgainics, fair trade, espresso blends. You can buy by regions and roast types, but here's a tip, stay away from the flavored coffees! Flavored coffees use artificial oils. You want to look for coffees with flavor notes that come from the beans themselves and not from a roaster who adds them artificially.
Grumpy Mule Distinctive Coffees
Coffees from all regions and types are offered at this vendor. There is an easy to use catalog that lets you choose by region, and they sell rare micro-lot coffees, which they procure themselves.
May you drink with joy!
~ Cleo

August 22, 2013


Can you post a link to the newsletter on the main page? Because I have not received the latest newsletter.


Cleo's reply -

The newseltter has gone out as of Sunday night, August 26. Check your e-mail box and your Spam folder. I hope you enjoy it! 

To get the live link, you can sign up again. Here's how. Write an e-mail that says "sign me up" and sent it to CoffeehouseMystery@gmail.com - you will receive and auto-reply. Read that reply, it not only confirms your subscription, it includes links to my most recent newsletters so you can read them in your browser. I hope that helps you...and thanks for asking.

~ Cleo






August 21, 2013

lemon cookies

I am looking for the recipe for the lemon cookies with lemon glaze icing. I can't find it.


Cleo's reply: Hey, there, thanks for the question. My recipe for lemon cookies with lemon glaze is one of my favorites. For years, it was a popular Italian wedding cookie in my family, and the recipe is published in my 7th Coffeehouse Mystery: Espresso Shot. Turn to page 324 in the paperback edition (in the recipe section, near the back of the book, it's the very first recipe in the section). Thanks for asking and may you...

Bake with love and eat with joy!

~ Cleo

Espresso Shot earned a
*starred review from Library Journal
and can be purchased at...
(click a link below...)


Barnes & Noble


Indie stores


Or...to find an independent 
book store near you, click here, and...

Read with joy!


August 12, 2013

loved haunted bookshop

loved haunted bookshop mysteries.

i can't find where to sign up for the coffee



Cleo's reply is below.
(As an FYI for those wondering...)


The Haunted Bookshop
Mysteries in order...













1 - The Ghost and Mrs. McClure by Alice Kimberly
2 - The Ghost and the Dead Deb by Alice Kimberly
3- The Ghost and the Dead Man's Library by Alice Kimberly
4 - The Ghost and the Femme Fatale by Alice Kimberly
5- The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion by Alice Kimberly


* To purchase from 
Barnes and Noble, click here.


* To purchase 
from Amazon, click here.


* To purchase from 
Indiebound.org, click here





Cleo's reply -

Thanks for the nice words about our Haunted Bookshop Mysteries (published under the name Alice Kimberly). The five books published are national bestsellers and we're working on getting you new titles in the series very soon...


To sign up for my weekly free coffee drawings, write an e-mail that says...

"Sign me up" and send it to this address: coffeehousemystery(at)gmail(dot)com


This will also subscribe you to my newsletter. (A new one is coming this week). You can also sign up via the form in the right column. Just go to the top of the column and scroll down...you'll see the form. >>> 


~ Cleo


August 11, 2013

Love the Coffeehouse mysteries

I love all the books so far and I just finished Murder by Mocha...I love all the information you have put in the books regarding the history and use of coffee. Thanks for the education. Keep this series coming and thanks for the ones I've read so far.

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