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January 8, 2013

Holiday Buzz

I just finished Holiday Buzz and loved it. I've actually be a coffeehouse mystery fan for years. I look forward to the next book, always. And now comes the 10 month wait for Billionare Blend! Thanks again for always delivering an awesome book. Regards, Daphne
January 8, 2013

Great but no Bogus

Books that get out, webpage, recipes are all terrific! Will Bogus Bookseller ever see light of day?
January 7, 2013

new york cheesecake cookies

Please excuse the typos!

Cleo's reply - no worries! I fixed them for you! :)

January 7, 2013

new york cheesecake cookies

Dear Cleo,

I love the coffehouse mysteries, and I barely can wait a year everytime to get my hands on the next one ... But I suppose I have to :) In "Holiday Buzz" however, I found the first recipe I really wanted to try: New York Cheesecake Cookies. Unfortunately we don't have vanilla cake mix here in Germany. Could you by any chance give me a hint how to work around that fact?

 ~ Eva


New York Cheesecake Cookies
Recipe found in the recipe section
of Holiday Buzz.  To see more of the
from the book, click here.


Cleo's reply -

Helloooo, Germany!

I'm delighted to hear from you, Eva. Thank you so much for the nice words about our Coffeehouse Mysteries. You're very kind. As for your question, I'll try to help.

     Instead of vanilla cake mix, try a white cake mix and double the amount of vanilla in the recipe. If you can't find white cake mix, either, then give the recipe a try with a yellow or golden cake mix--and, yes, double the vanilla. I hope that helps you, and I hope you enjoy the cookies!


Warmest java wishes,

~ Cleo Coyle (Alice)


January 7, 2013

Holiday Buzz

I have read all your books and always look forward to the next. However, who wrote Holiday Buzz?...

Cleo's reply - Do you see the names in the back of your copy of Holiday Buzz (on the bio page)? That's who wrote the book: Alice Alfonsi (me) collaborating with my husband Marc Cerasini. That's who wrote all of our books. We are Cleo Coyle and we write the Coffeehouse Mysteries. 
     For going on ten years now, we have written 12 books in our Coffeehouse series; and if you do read them all, then you will see that we have expanded our Coffeehouse world, experimented with our writing style, and evolved the series' characters over the decade. You should check out our Haunted Bookshop series, published under the name Alice Kimberly. If you do, I think you will better understand that we are writers who enjoy experimenting with different approaches to ficton. 

Happy new year, God bless you,
and thanks for reading our books...

~ Cleo Coyle (aka Alice Alfonsi who writes
in collaboration with her husband, Marc Cerasini)


January 5, 2013

Mrs. Li's Warm Custard Sauce

I made the above recipe to serve with Apple Dumplings. It was very tasty, but the consistency was that of scrambled eggs. What did I do wrong? The cut with the spoon never did remain clear. Any suggestions you can provide will be greatly appreciated! 

~ Vivian Weseloh 

Cleo's reply -

Hi Vivian: Kudos to you for attempting this recipe (which is the most difficult in the entire book). I know exactly what you did wrong because I've made this custard sauce several times, and I once made the same mistake you have. You did not stir the custard constantly, and when I say stir constantly I mean constantly--for up to 45 minutes, even longer if that's what it takes to thicken up enough to see that cut. Not once can you stop stirring the mixture or the eggs will curdle.

     As I described at the beginning of this recipe in Holiday Buzz, this is why cooks came up with "cheats" to "old school" methods like this, adding things like cornstarch to make them easier. Certainly, I could have published a standard pudding or custard recipe with flour or cornstarch--but that would have defeated the purpose. This recipe is supposed to be Mrs. Li's "old school" recipe. The purpose of it was to show exactly how difficult an "old school" custard recipe is! It's also incredibly amazing when done correctly--smooth as silk and the custard is a buttery caramelized marvel. It is tricky to make, however! In sum: next time, make sure you keep your stirring constant for at least 45 minutes (longer if that's what it takes to thicken up). 

     Sometime in the future, I will try to blog this recipe with photos so you (and anyone else) attempting the custard sauce recipe can see exactly how the method works. In the meantime...


For a much easier recipe, I am happy to recommend the
Chinese Egg Custard Tarts that were featured in
A Brew to a Kill. I wrote a guest post for Book Trib.com
in which I shared the recipe, and I'm happy to post
the link below...


A Brew to a Kill 
Bonus Recipe!



To get the recipe,
click the link below...



How to Make a
Hong Kong Egg Tart


Do you remember when Clare Cosi
tasted Mrs. Li's Egg Cutard Tarts 

in A Brew to a Kill?

Learn more about the
Chinatown research for that scene,
 get the recipe to make your
own Egg Custard Tarts,
one of the "most delicious foods"
in the world, according to CNN, 

and watch a short video 
of a real Hong Kong baker 
making these tasty treats


To get the recipe,



See you there!
~ Cleo


January 2, 2013

Avid Reader

I just finished Holiday Buzz, I never get tired of what these books, you keep us interested and wanting more. Some series get "old" and you think it needs to end, when I finish your books I can't wait for the next one! Keep up the wonderful work.


Cleo's reply:

Thank you from me and Marc (my husband and partner in crime-writing). We've been writing the Coffeehouse Mystery series for going on a decade now, and we still work very hard on every book to keep things fresh for you (and for us). Thank you so much for giving us joy with your kind comment--we sincerely hope we will continue to give you joy in your reading.



May God bless you and 
may your new year be bright!

~ Cleo (Alice)


December 30, 2012

Happy New Year

Wishing you, Marc, your furbabies and all your readers a very Happy, Safe and profitable New Year. Thanks for two great series. Keep them coming :)


Cleo's reply: Thank you and a very Happy New Year to you, as well. May it be caffeinated!

Love and XXX

~ Cleo (Alice)


December 28, 2012

New CoffeeHouse Mystery Reader

I'm not sure how I managed to find you - likely picked up something online about Holiday Buzz. Once I saw you had written a series, I always try to start at the beginning. I am less than halfway through On What Grounds and I'm already looking to line up the next book. So I'm hooked! Thank you for being the clever lady behind Clare Cosi!

~ Nancy


Cleo's reply -

Forgive my belated reply, Nancy. I was down with the flu for a time, but your comment truly cheered me, and I hope you do see this sincere THANK YOU for taking the time and trouble to drop by my message board and let me know of your discovery of my series. I also hope you enjoyed the rest of your first Coffeehouse Mystery and will progress through the next works in the series. Cheers to you and keep in touch! If you have not yet friended me on facebook, please do. I often drop by my Wall to chat with readers or post info and/or recipes. To see my facebook page, click here, and...


Happy New Year to you!

~ Cleo (Alice)

December 28, 2012

Lemon cookie recipe

Cleo's reply:

These cookies from Holiday Buzz are Madame's favorite--and they're delicious. The recipe included in the book works well if you follow the directions. That's why I show you my finished recipes in my photos. Readers can see how the recipe should look when it's followed. If you do make them correctly, here is what they will look like...


More questions? Contact me at my public e-mail box: CoffeehouseMystery@gmail.com

For anyone who'd like to see more recipes from Holiday Buzz, open the Recipe Guide by clicking the link below...


Happy New Year!

~ Cleo



Holiday Buzz Recipe Guide

Click Here to See





December 25, 2012

note to cleo

Cleo's reply to the muffin question -- that recipe is due to post sometime in January when I'll be uploading lighter recipes (after the holidays). Sign up for my newsletter so you don't miss it. Otherwise, come on back. Thanks. ~ Cleo

December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to stop in before it gets hectic and wish you and Marc a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for the great series of books. You make it easy for me to visit New York City whenever I want!!! Tell Jack and Pen I wish them a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year as well.

Sue (in Iowa)


Cleo's reply:

Thank you, Sue! I'm sincerely grateful to readers like you, who've supported our books for so many years, and (we hope) many more years to come. Thank you for the happy Christmas wishes. The very same to you and...

May your new year be caffeinated!


~ Cleo


December 21, 2012

Holiday Buzz

I absolutely adored Holiday Buzz! You have made a new fan out of me! Off to get the rest of the books... :)


Holiday Buzz: A Coffeehouse Mystery
Now a Top-10 NY Times bestseller >>




Cleo's reply:

Thank you so much! I'm delighted to hear that you enjoyed the new book, and I'm even more excited to learn that you're going off to read more from our series. Huzzah!  

New CM Reader
Field Guide Notes:
     So...there are 12 Coffeehouse Mysteries in all, and you can download a checklist of them with mini-summaries by clicking here.  This is also a lovely time of year to read our only other holiday-themed mystery in the series, Holiday Grind.


     In this one, our amateur sleuth (coffeehouse manager Clare Cosi) must solve Santa's slaying; it's got quite a few twists & turns, and it also has a very generous section of bonus recipes (did this as a gift to our longtime readers back in 2009). Holiday Grind even includes an entire glossary of coffeehouse terms so it's a fun, helpful entry in our series. 


    Thanks again for dropping by, and keep in touch! (In other words...) Y'all come back now, y'hear?! (Woops, just had a flashback to my Beverly Hillbillies-watching days.) 



~ Cleo



December 20, 2012

dreamy mocha muffins

where do I go to get the recipe for Dreamy Mocha Muffins listed as a bonus recipe in A Brew to Kill


Cleo's reply:

Thank you for asking. Below you will find my easy recipe for (lower fat) Chocolate Muffins. It's off my site now, but I'm pleased to share it with you. I truly enjoy recipe development and I'm continuing to work on a few other chocolate muffin and cupcake recipes that I think you'll enjoy, as well. 

      To make sure you don't miss these future recipes when I post them on my Recipe Page or new CleoCoyleRecipes blog, sign up for my newsletter. To sign up (and receive links to a few of my previous newsletters), simply send an e-mail that says "Sign me up" --- send it to...




And now, here's that
chocolate muffin recipe...



Cleo Coyle's
Easy (Lower Fat)
Chocolate Muffins


To download this recipe
in a free PDF document 
that you can print, save,
or share,

Click Here





Eat with joy!

~ Cleo




December 12, 2012



before the rush starts may I wish you, Marc and all of our readers, and of course Karen from Philly all the very best for a happy Christmas and a very healthy New Year.

Take Care A 2



Cleo's reply:

We wish you the same, A 2! May you have a joyous holiday and a bright new year!

Warmest java wishes,

~ Cleo (Alice and Marc)


December 10, 2012

Holiday Buzz

this book couldn't come faster. I had to keep checking to see if the publish date had been pushed up. I keep reading it over and over on my Nook. Can't wait for the next book. Hoping it comes out in spring instead off fall of 2013. Keep up the good work. looking toward to many books to come. Love it


Cleo's reply...

Thank you!




December 6, 2012

Note to Cleo

Just finished Holiday Buzz...LOVED IT!! This is one of my FAVORITE series to read...Is there another place to access all the recipes you put in your books...


Cleo's reply -

I'm so glad you enjoyed Holiday Buzz. I hope you enjoy the recipes in the book, as well. I'm pasting the Recipe Guide below so you'll have an "illustrated" recipe section.

     Here at my website and my new blog CleoCoyleRecipes.com, you will find delicious bonus recipes. (The ones in the guide below are published in my book only and not online.)

     Thanks again for taking the time and trouble to stop by and let me know you enjoyed the book. It means a lot to me.

     I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday Season...

~ Cleo




Click here 

for a peek
at some of the
featured recipes
in Holiday Buzz.


The link above opens a free, illustrated PDF document that
you can 
print, save, or share. 






Eat (and read)
with joy!

~ Cleo



December 6, 2012

Note to Cleo

Dear Cleo, Love your Coffee House series and am delighted that Holiday Buzz has been released just in time for me to take it with me on my vacation next week. A quick question though, I normally listen to your books on Audible will this book have an Audible version available?


Cleo's reply -

Yes! I am delighted to report that AudioGo (BBC Audiobooks America) purchased the rights to produce Holiday Buzz in audio next fall.

AudioGo is producing the entire back list for The Coffeehouse Mysteries. For this fall, they released Holiday Grind, our first holiday-themed mystery in the series. 

For anyone wondering where they can purchase/download the audio productions, click here for Audible and click here for iTunes (and scroll down).


December 4, 2012

New Mystery a Hit

I just started reading Holiday Buzz on my nook today!! It reads like another Big Hit!!



Cleo's reply - Thank you! Marc and I had a great deal of fun writing this one, and we are glad to hear you're having the same experience on the other end of the process. Cheers to you and...

May your holidays be bright!

~ Cleo



November 30, 2012

Note to Cleo - Ebooks

Hi Cleo - I have just downloaded book 9 in the series, I tried to download book 10, 11 and 12 but couldn't find them. Are these available in e-book format? If not, when do you think they will be available. Love coffee house mysteries, really don't want to miss out xx I am in the UK


Cleo's reply: Thanks for dropping by. I'm happy to report that all of my books are published and available in all e-book formats, including Kindle and Nook.

For Kindle books click here to see the complete Coffeehouse Mystery list. This is the Amazon US site because I am in New York City. I hope that helps you! 

Warmest java wishes and
happy holidays!

~ Cleo

November 27, 2012

Brooklyn Blackout Cake

Hello Cleo

Have been enjoying all of your books and wishing for Christmas that I can make and have Brooklyn Blackout Cake while I read Holiday Buzz. Do you think it will be posted in time for Christmas?


Cleo's reply: 

Hang in there! Santa may just give you a Blackout Christmas! Thanks for dropping by my online coffeehouse, and thanks especially for reading my books.

Happy holidays
and happy reading!

~ Cleo

The Brooklyn Blackout Cake
was mentioned in
my Coffeehouse Mystery: 

Murder by Mocha

To find out why a blackout cake is called "blackout" and why it's originally from Brooklyn,
jump to my new recipe blog by clicking here.

Watch for more recipes to post
on my new blog soon,
including (at last) the
Brooklyn Blackout Cake!

~ Cleo


November 27, 2012

Secret Santa gift!

Hello Cleo,

I'm part of a Secret Santa group and plan on putting your new holiday book in a stocking along with a coffee mug filled with candy and a small bag of coffee. I did it last year and it was a huge hit :-) Wishing you and Marc a great Christmas and Happy New Year! Can't wait to get my hands on that book on December 4.

Nanc from Michigan

November 26, 2012

Twilight Cauliflower

Just wanted to drop you a note about the Twilight Cauliflower. I've made this a few times and it is always a big hit. This year my niece asked me to make it for Thanksgiving and I did. I got the largest cauliflower I could find and it filled my 13x9 pan to the rim. By the end of lunch there was not a piece left; they scrapped all the bits up and ate them too. I guess this is going to be on the menu from now on, and I will have to make 2 batches. Thanks for the recipe!!!

Kim J-




November 16, 2012

Nook Question

Are the books available for my new Nook? I just found the Coffeehouse Mystery series and I am going to start as soon as i find the books.

aka monkeesjunkee


Cleo's reply:

Hi, Kim, thanks for dropping by my online coffeehouse. Yes,
indeed, all of my Coffeehouse Mystery books can be read on
your Nook. Here is a link
to see the list: CLICK HERE FOR NOOK. 
My Coffeehouse Msteries are available in all e-book formats, as well: Kindle, Kobo, Sony, etc. So read with joy and keep in touch! Drop back and let me know how you like visiting my fictional Village Blend coffeehouse and all of the characters therein. :)


Wishing you java joy,

~ Cleo


November 10, 2012

Haunted Bookshop series

Haunted Bookshop Mysteries

I love this series. Do you have any more in the series coming? I loved your last book in the series. I thought it was extremely well written

The Ghost and 
the Haunted Mansion
Book #5 in The Haunted
Bookshop Mysteries >>>

Learn more about this
national bestselling series
by clicking here.


Cleo's reply:

Thank you for the kind words. Yes, more "Jack and Pen" mysteries are in the works. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you don't miss any news on these upcoming titles. That's where I'll keep you updated on release dates.

To subscribe to my newsletter, simply send an e-mail to the address below with the subject line "Sign me up" -


If you're on facebook, you might want to friend Jack Shepard, PI. You will find the ghost here:



WARNING: He's a racy entity,
so friend him at your own risk. :)


Thanks again for your "spirited" support of 
The Haunted Bookshop Mysteries.

~ Cleo


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