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September 7, 2012

Book Event



When your books come out, I make a day of it, can't seem to put them down, finished Brew to a kill in 12 hours, had to pick up the kids, LOL. Made egg custard tarts, they were a hit. Have all 11 novels will continue to try the recipes,patiently waiting for Holiday Buzz!!


Cleo's reply:

Aw, you are awesome, thank you! I am grinning ear-to-ear at your description of each new book being an "event" for you. That is just wonderful. Of course, I'm delighted to hear that you not only enjoyed A Brew to a Kill, but that you've already tried the egg custard tarts from its recipe section. Glad to hear they were a hit, too. 

     I'm so happy you stopped by my message board. I love the community of readers who post here every so often, and I hope you'll continue to be one of them.

     For those who are wondering what the tart recipe looks like, I have a photo for you...

Hong Kong-Style
Egg Custard Tarts

from the recipe
section of
A Brew to a Kill


In my above photo, you see the "rustic" version of my tart recipe. They were very easy to make using my regular old muffin pans and my easy tart crust recipe, which I included in the recipe section of A Brew to a Kill.  (My recipe also gives you the option to use pre-made tart shells or your own more fancy tart pans.)


      Thx again for posting that note, and I hope you enjoy Holiday Buzz. I've included plenty of fun recipes in that book, too, including holiday and cookie recipes. More to come soon as we draw closer to the holidays!

~ Cleo





September 6, 2012

Getting Around in New York



I went to New York in June for the first time, in order to visit my daughter. The great descriptions of the city in your books, the trains and subway made me feel like I really knew the area. My daughter was surprised at how well I did and how much I knew about the geography and all. It's great when a 50something Mid-west mom can surprise her world-traveling almost 30 daughter.


Cleo's reply:

This post just made my week! Thank you SO much for dropping by to let me know. Fantastic!

    I hope you will keep in touch and follow my new recipe blog, as well. (I think it will give me a little more flexibility in keeping in touch with readers throughout the year.)

     I look forward to posting more about food, New York, and my books, and I welcome you to "hang out" with me there and here, which means you can virtually visit New York again, anytime you like. :) 


My warmest java wishes
to you (and your daughter)!

~ Cleo



September 6, 2012

Love your books!



I have your first 6 coffeehouse mysteries in paperback. When I finished the first one (I am currently reading #5 - Decaffeinated Corpse) I eagerly ordered the rest in the series, including Holiday Buzz, for my kindle.


These books are a joy to read! I love the recipes and I love coffee. I have learned much about coffee since I began reading your books. Thank you so much! Keep them coming!!

Central Valley of California



Cleo's reply:

Thank you so much, Vicki. Writing for a living has its challenges, I can tell you, but when readers like you say such nice things, believe me, it makes even the difficult days worth it. 

    I'm excited to see that you are from California. I've heard from so many readers in your lovely state, and this week, I have a fun, little article published in a California online magazine called King's River Life. If you'd like to read it, click here.

    Thx again for dropping by. I hope you continue to read and enjoy my books -- and I also hope you'll keep in touch!


Warmest java wishes,

~ Cleo




September 5, 2012

Ube Cake!


So glad to see that you will be sharing the recipe for the lavendar ube cake on this web site and in your newsletter. I've just finished reading all of your coffeehouse mysteries (Brew to Kill) and anxiously await the Holiday Buzz in December. Thank you for your writing: creative, entertaining, and delicious too!


Cleo's reply:


Thank you! More to come soon. In the meantime, here's a look at a whole Ube Cake!





September 4, 2012

Murder by Mocha recipe

I am interested in getting the recipe for Tiramisu Bars (based on Canada's Naniaimo Bars)... I also noticed the picture of the ube cake. I would like the recipe for that also. Thank you. By the way--I love your books.


Thx for asking and stay tuned for those recipes; they're coming up on this Web site and in her newsletter this month. Read the text below the Ube cake and you'll see more details. In the meantime, enjoy Cleo's posted recipes here.



September 3, 2012

Great book

I loved your latest book, A brew to a kill. I was getting nervous that Mike was going to be out of the picture but was relieved when he showed up. I love their relationship and i sure hope that it will last. I eagerly wait for their conversations in the book.

Thank you so much!

Cleo's longer reply to come soon!



September 3, 2012

ube CaKE

Ube CaKe

HelP..cant find the recipe...thanks


Cleo's reply:

You mean this Ube Cake? :)

I will be posting my Ube Cake recipe, along with many other bonus recipes from A Brew to a Kill, this month! 

Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter because
I'll be alerting you when the Ube Cake, the Black Bean Brownies, the Blue Velvet Muffins, the Maple Bacon Cupcakes, and many more recipes are ready and fully photographed for you to download

I have also started a blog as an annex to my recipe page so I have more room to get these recipes online for you. Thank you for your patience as I get up to speed with photographing the recipes and uploading them.


In the meantime, I hope to build a community with readers like you, share recipes and stories, and have fun as we move into the baking and cooking season...chilly weather, warm ovens, and holiday goodness from my kitchen to yours. 


Although it's not quite final yet, 
you are welcome to preview my blog at...



Click the link above.
More recipes will be
appearing there shortly...


See you there!

~ Cleo








September 1, 2012

Am I showing my age?

I got quite a chuckle and giggle at the reference to Hop Sing while reading "A Brew to a Kill" last evening. Thanks for another brilliant book...

from Michigan



Cleo's reply:



One of my photos from 
our research in Chinatown. Remember the dumpling shop across from Mrs. Li's kitchen? This is it!  ~ Cleo  


Thanks, Nancy. In reply to your comment: I'm sure you're remembering the beloved character from the Bonanza TV show (who was more of a family member than an employee to the Cartwrights), but I have to tell you that there really IS a restaurant here in New York's Chinatown with (close) to the same name, and that's where we got the idea for the restaurant name: http://www.yelp.com/biz/hop-shing-restaurant-new-york#query:hop%20sing

This restaurant is actually located near the statue of Confucius that Mr. Hon mentions when Clare and co. are taking that sleuthy ("Follow that Dragon truck!") cab ride to Manhattan's South Street seaport.

Thx for the very nice words on A Brew to a KIll. Marc and I are delighted to hear you enjoyed the read. I hope you'll pick up the Dec. release, too (Holiday Buzz), and let us know what you think of that one, as well.

Warmest java wishes,

~ Cleo 






September 1, 2012

Crushed Praline Recipe

Hi!! I just finished reading the first book I've ever read of yours, Muder By Mocha. Thanks!! I really enjoyed it. I was looking at the recipes in the back and for some reason the amount for water and slivered almonds wouldn't come up on my e-reader. I'm guessing because it is a third or something else that it doesn't recognize. I tried to find it on your website and can't. Can you help me out? Thanks!!


September 1, 2012

Lilly Beth Tanga

I loved this book and thought your reference to the Pinoys were funny. I am however wondering why you named the victim Lilly Beth Tanga? I know it's just a name but did you know that "tanga" is tagalog for "stupid" or "dumb"? 


Cleo's reply -

First you should know that "Tanga" is a real name (Filipino/Japanese origins). And, yes, you are correct in its usage. As our source tells us, it also means...

foolish -> adj. without sense, lacking in judgment.

Lilly Beth was many good things in A BREW TO A KILL, but (in the end) she was also lacking in judgment. The tradition of naming a character with an attribute that speaks to his or her role in the story (or highlights a character trait) is far from new and one of the techniques of the novel and the mystery novel: e.g., Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon in which "the fat man" is named Kasper Gutman (gut man). This is not usually something we notice or think about on a conscious level as we read, but upon reflection (and even study), we come to see the author's mechanisms at work. Very good research on your part, and I hope this is not a spoiler for anyone. It's very clear from a key moment in the opening chapters that Lilly Beth Tanga is troubled by something from her past.

Thanks for reading and for stopping by with that insightful question.

~ Cleo


September 1, 2012

Crushed Praline Recipe

Hi!! I just finished reading the first book I've ever read of yours, Muder By Mocha. Thanks!! I really enjoyed it. I was looking at the recipes in the back and for some reason the amount for water and slivered almonds wouldn't come up on my e-reader. I'm guessing because it is a third or something else that it doesn't recognize. I tried to find it on your website and can't. Can you help me out? Thanks!!


Cleo's reply -

Welcome and thx for reading. The answer to your question is:

1/3 cup water

1/4 teaspon lemon juice (the home cook's trick to prevent caramel from crystallizing)

1-1/4 cups white, granulated sugar

1-1/3 cups sliverd almonds, toasted.

Follow the directions as written and there are tips on toasting nuts, as well. The toasting really adds to the flavor. That's a great recipe to use for making nut brittles of all kinds, but the praline cookies (sables) are one of my favorites (and Clare's, too). I hope you enjoy the recipes, and keep in touch! ~ Cleo


To see the recipe section of
Murder by Mocha
illustrated with foodie photos,



This is a PDF document and
will take a moment to load.


Cook with joy!

~ Cleo

August 28, 2012

Loved A Brew to a Kill

I read this book so quickly and was mad at myself for not savoring it longer. I look forward to every new book you write. The recipes are amazing as well.



Cleo's reply:

This note is wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to leave it. I hope you see this belated thank you because you made my day!

Java joy to you always, :)

~ Cleo



August 28, 2012

Hello, again!

I read your note on Dru's page and, yes indeed, I did take notice of a certain item mentioned! I can't wait to see how it works out in next year's book! And I can see an expansion into new vistas for Clare to explore and get into trouble in. That's not grammatically correct but you get my drift.

     Also really looking forward to the next Haunted Bookshop mystery. (to tell the truth, I really like the dreams she has, courtesy of a certain otherworldly detective)!





Cleo's reply:

Late again on replying but want you to know that I appreciate your letting me know that you saw my comment. Everyone's so busy these days, and I'm sure you are, too, but it did my heart good to see you are still reading the series, Nurse Judy. Thank you so much for dropping by my board here. (Next year's mystery will have a special thank you to you included because we're using that little idea of yours--and your nurse buddies--in the story.)

    Finally, I'm glad you're hanging in there with the gap in time between Jack and Pen novels. The ghost is still with us, I assure you, and more Haunted Bookshop novels are in the ghostly works. 
  In the meantime, check out this early look at a blog I have under construction. I hope you'll drop by and check out what's cooking every now and again:




Thanks again, Judy!
My best to you and keep in touch...


~ Cleo (Alice)


To my Coffee Talk
Message Board readers...

Have you ever tried my recipe
for coffee marinated steak?


To download a free recipe PDF,
check out the preview launch of my
new foodie and fiction blog...



See you there!
~ Cleo



August 27, 2012


  one of the best sites
I have seen yet



Cleo's reply: Thank you!

August 27, 2012

My new distraction

Just discovered the Village Blend and I have read them all in about two weeks, sneaking them to work for my break and reading whilst making dinner in the kitchen.

I'm now an addict. Can't wait for the next books. Purely brilliant, thank you!


Cleo's reply:

Sweet news for a mystery author to hear that she is stealthily read at work! Wonderful! Thank you so much for taking the time to drop in and let me know how much you are enjoying the Coffeehouse Mystery books. It means a lot to me--and my husband, who is also my partner in (crime) writing.


Cheers to you! Stop by again

and do keep in touch,

~ Cleo



The Coffeehouse Mysteries

Above are covers for
books One to Ten...



#11 A Brew to a Kill >>>
just published in hardcover











<<< #12 Holiday Buzz
coming in early December





#13 Coming in 2013

Check back for
the top secret title. :)


Learn more about
these books and where
to purchase by clicking here.

Publisher: Penguin USA

Audiobooks produced by 
AudioGo (BBC America Audiobooks)


August 26, 2012

Haunted bookshop

Hi Cleo when will the next ghost book be available? I cannot seem to find any information. Love the coffee house books too. Thanks, mystery lover in phoenix.

The Ghost and Mrs. McClure
Haunted Bookshop Mystery #1
by Alice Kimberly (aka Cleo Coyle)
Now in its 11th printing >>>


Greetings dear
"mystery lover from Phoenix,"

Thanks for asking. You present me with a nice opportunity to let readers know that for going on 8 years now, Marc and I have been writing a series that we developed based on a dual love -- The Ghost and Mrs. Muir and the noir pulp detective novels and films of the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s.

       (Of course, these personal inspirations for the development work we did to launch and expand the Haunted Bookshop Mystery series are nothing new to our longtime readers. We've been discussing these unique influences in interviews for 8 years now! Also see my interview with a real ghost whisperer via a link at the end of this post.)

        So what exactly are...




      This second series of ours (published under the name Alice Kimberly) stars a prim widow (and single mom of a young child). Penelope Thornton-McClure is the main character's name, and she goes into business with her elderly aunt Sadie, who runs a quaint mystery book shop in New England.    

       Buy the Book is a dusty mess when Pen moves back to her little home town of Quindicott to help her aunt run the shop. Pen initiates a top-down makeover and the noisy renovation rouses the spirit of a dead private investigator, a hard-boiled PI who drove up to New England from New York City to investigate a crime sixty years before. 

        Jack Shepard was shot to death on the premises and now his spirit is locked in the store. Penelope hears his voice and (for a time) believes she is going batty. She's not always sure that Jack is real. At times, she believes her imagination has conjured him from the pages of the mystery and hard-boiled crime novels that she sells.

       Whatever he is...real ghost or alter ego, Jack helps Penelope solve mysterious cases of murder that crop up in their little town of Quindicott, Rhode Island. As you read the series, you'll see that Marc and I devised a narrative device to allow Jack, the ghost, to leave the shop, which makes the series even more fun...

     Find out more about our series, which now has 5 books
in print with many more under contract, by visiting my
Haunted Bookshop page
on this Web site
(link below).


(if you dare... :))






To read a fun, otherworldy interview I did on this series, jump to The QwilleryIn the interview, I link to a Q&A I did with a real ghost whisperer, the woman who consulted with the producer of the popular CBS TV show of the same name.







"Spirited" thanks
for your kind interest,

~ Cleo



P.S. When will the next book be published? Good question. I'll be answering it in a future newsletter. To sign up, send an e-mail that says "sign me up" to CoffeehouseMystery@gmail.com    

Thanks again for reading my books.

August 25, 2012

Hello Cleo (Alice) from Margo

Perhaps you remember me from last year...I won that delicious coffee prize. Just wanted to drop in and say HI and wish The Village Blend was a real coffeehouse! Your characters are soooo real ! The best I can do is go to Peet's..a block away...and shmooz with the my friends, the baristas. "A Brew To Kill" sounds awesome..I plan to buy it with my next paycheck...and "Holiday Buzz" when it's available.

Hugs to you and hubby, 
Margo Atkinson Capitola CA


Cleo's reply:


Lovely to hear from you, Margo, and thank you so much for the kind words about our characters feeling so real to you. I'm sure it's because they feel very real to Marc and me. After nine years of writing this cast, we can't help but feel that the lives of our characters are continuing, even after we conclude their latest stories. For us, the Coffeehouse Mystery books are like a peek into their ongoing world, and we're so pleased to hear that you feel the same. 

Thx especially for giving us your reader support and puchasing A BREW TO A KILL (and HOLIDAY BUZZ, when it goes on sale in December). Really, we can't thank you enough for that! If you have the time, drop back to let us know what you think of A BREW TO A KILL--and "Mad Max" Buckman, a new character whom you'll meet in the early chapters. He was a lot of fun to write, and, as Clare tells the reader in BREW--Max becomes her biggest annoyance and her greatest ally.

Read with joy! 

~ Cleo


P.S.  Below are some of the recipes you'll be reading about in A BREW TO A KILL. The book includes a mini culinary odyssey through New York City and that foodie trip is reflected in the recipe section. So I hope that you (and all of my readers will...) cook and eat with joy, too!


To see some of the
fun recipes 
featured in... 

A Brew to A Kill,

Click Here!

An illustrated PDF document
will appear that you can
print, save, or share.



August 23, 2012

A Brew to Kill

Another fabulous book in the Coffeehouse series. I want to go out to get a cup of coffee. I wait for the new adventures of Clare et al with baited breath. This one didn't disappoint! I wrote a review and posted on FB and B&N. I would go to NYC now to try to find a Village Blend!

Betsy (RN)

*nurses are coffee experts. It's what keeps us going!



Thank you!
Cleo's reply to come soon....



August 23, 2012

Love your books

Everytime I read one of the coffeehouse mysteries I feel like I can smell the brew and that I'm part of the coffee shop patrons.


Thank you! 
Cleo's reply to come soon...


August 20, 2012

You did it again!!

What a wonderful book. I sat here last night finishing it even though I said I was going to read slower. I couldn't. It kept calling my name until before I knew it, I was done. Loved it, but then I love all your books. :)


Thank you!
Cleo's reply to come soon....




August 17, 2012

Started Brew...

I started Brew to a Kill last night and it was like I'd never left. I could smell the coffee and hare Clare and Madame talking before Mateo got there. Then I could hear the determination in Clare's voice as she explained about the truck. So glad to be back in NYC and the coffeeshop. Thanks for a wonderful experience once again.


Thank you!
Cleo's reply to come soon....


August 16, 2012

A Brew To Kill

Finished your latest in one day. It amazes my husband when I do that. Enjoyed all your books so far. The recipes are fantastic. Have decided to try the oatmeal cookie muffins this week. They sounded yummy. Along with several others. Keep writing your great books. Looking forward to Holiday Buzz.


Thank you!
Cleo's reply to come soon....


August 15, 2012

Note to Cleo - Brew and Buzz

I just finished "A Brew to a Kill" and enjoyed it tremendously!!! Kind of bittersweet, because I'll have to wait until December to read "Holiday Buzz."

I always pre-order your books from Barnes & Noble, and when they arrive I'm excited to start reading, but want to savor every word, so I don't like to hurry, but I still read them in a week. Please never stop writing -- thanks so much for great mysteries! I have all your books and won't part with them!


Cleo's reply:

Oh, that's wonderful! I can't thank you enough for buying my latest (not to mention my back list, cheers!). And now you've taken the time and trouble to drop by my Coffee Talk board to tell me--which prompts a mwah! from me, a caffeinated kiss.

      If you liked A Brew to a Kill, I think you'll find Holiday Buzz a real treat. It picks up where Brew leaves off, giving you a very strong sense of Clare's life as she adjusts to the shocking news at the end of Brew.

      Holiday Buzz is also a holiday-themed mystery, and it was a real pleasure to set a second book in New York between Thanksgiving and Christmas. NYC is a tremendous city (you can tell how much I love her from my books), but she never shines as bright as during the holiday season, which always lends me inspiration. (And, of course, there will be cookie recipes, too. :))


Cheers to you, kind reader, thx again for dropping by my *virtual* coffeehouse for a cuppa cheer, and thx especially for reading my books. <3

~ Cleo


August 14, 2012

Note to Cleo

Will Bogus Bookseller ever be published? I sve enjoyed reading sll books in both series, but miss Pen and Jack.

Cleo's reply - 

Yes, indeed, but (as I'm sure you've noticed) I'm promoting the Coffeehouse Mystery series now with my latest published books, A Brew to a Kill (newest) and Murder by Mocha (last year's hardcover newly released in paperback). I hope you'll show you support and purchase them this month. (Wait, Jack has something to say..."Buy, 'em, baby, you won't be sorry.")

Haunted Bookshop Mystery  #5
The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion
Learn more about this 2nd
mystery series that Cleo writes
as Alice Kimberly by clicking here.


Finally, thanks sincerely for your enthusiam for the Haunted Bookshop series. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you'll get my updates on that series as we draw closer to a new publication.

For anyone interested in reading
my Haunted Bookshop series,
click here to learn more.



good wishes to you!

~ Cleo (Alice)


P.S. I did an interview recently about this series at The Qwillery. It includes a link to an interview I did with a ghost whisperer (a real one, who consulted on the long-running CBS TV Show of the same name). To read my interview click here.


August 13, 2012

Newsletter Question

great books and recipes tried to enter the contest and get the news letter no luck



Cleo's reply -

Thank you for the nice words on my books and recipes -- now let me help you out with solving this mystery and getting you signed up for my newsletter.

All you have to do is send an e-mail
that says "Sign me up"
(and send it to this e-mail address...)


(that's it.)

You will receive an auto-reply 
with the link to my newsletter inside. 

       NOTE 1: The reply may come in seconds, or it may take up to 30 minutes, depending on your own server and firewalls. And speaking of firewalls...check your spam folder. The auto-reply may be in there! Look for an e-mail that has the subject line: "Cleo Coyle says Thank You" -- this e-mail will be from Alice Alfonsi (my real name).

      NOTE 2: Check that you are spelling the e-mail address correctly when you send. If you aren't getting a reply, try copying and pasting the address right into your e-mail form. I did this as a test and it worked fine.

      I hope that helps you...



Thanks for dropping by 

and thanks especially for reading my books!

~ Cleo



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