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May 14, 2011


I just wanted to say thanks for the entertaining books. They are fun to read, and I love your characters! I'm reading Roast Mortem now, and as usual thoroughly enjoying it. The website is great, too!! Food and mystery - how can you beat that!!
May 13, 2011

Coffee grounds body scrub etc.

Don't know whether you've seen this: http://anastasiapollack.blogspot.com/2011/05/beauty-with-nicole-diy-beauty-recipes.html Have pass along your coffee compost to my garden club.
May 11, 2011


ugly but good italian cookies
May 6, 2011

Message for Penelope and others

Happy early Mother's Day Penelope and to all the other mothers in Pen's world. Pen-Jack better be a extra charming gentleman to you on Sunday. If he isn't or wasn't (depending when you get this Pen), send him to me and in my dreams I'll kick his ass for you. LOL!!! :) -Rosa
April 30, 2011

Just for Jack

Hey Jack, how's it going? I hope you're not "sleeping" on the job. lol!!! :) -Rosa
April 28, 2011

Love you!

I'm so in love with you books! When I start to readi can't put it down. Help!!!, Can't wait to read your new one.
April 27, 2011

Just an idea for Pen

I just finished reading The Ghost and the Femme Fatale....Loved it just like the rest of the series. Only one more to go in the series then I can say I've read all of BOTH of your series. Why doesn't Pen put Jack's nickle on a necklace? Then she would never be without him with her to watch her back. Just an idea
April 20, 2011

Note to Cleo

I just finished your book with the NY firefighters (Roast Mortem). Very good book. I like Matt better than Mike. I also like Franco for Joy. Good characters.
April 6, 2011

Thankx :)

Jack-thankx for the visit earlier today. that was really funny. i LOVED it. :) stop by sometime soon!!!!! Rosa
March 29, 2011

finished Roast Mortem

took a road trip to Clare, Mi. to Cops and Doughnuts.a 90 mile trip Had Great coffee we had the morning roast with homemade cinnemon rolls and cream filled long john frosted with dark chocolate. mmmmmmmmmjammmmm. Thanks for the tip off of an unusual coffee shop. Cheryl from Mi.
March 28, 2011

Love Just Love your books

I look forward to everybook you write. Couldn't put down the coffee series until I read everyone of them. I'm always looking forward to reading the newest one. I also love the PI books. Keep up the great writing. Love all the characters and as a previous post mentioned I thank you for keeping the books clean and fun w/just the right amount of sex. Thanks again for being a great writer. Miriam
March 26, 2011

Roast Mortem

Finished Roast Mortem last week. I love all your coffeehouse mysteries and love your recipes. I can't wait to try them! I also like the definitions of the types or coffee and coffee drinks. I don't think Matt and Clare should get back together - they're good as friends. I think Mike deserves Clare! Thanks. Elizabeth
March 24, 2011

Just finished

I just finished The Ghost and the Dead Man's Library...Wonderful book but the ending brought a tear to my eye. Can't wait to get the next one and read it but I'm going to test out another author before I dig into The Ghost and the Femme Fatale that is IF I can hold out long enough to read another book
March 24, 2011


Hi Peeps?
March 23, 2011


Thanks Cleo for writing REALLY good books without a lot of gratitus violence, sex, nasty language. It is hard to find a good book without a bunch of unnecessary yuck in it! Thanks for keeping it clean, fun and just the right amount of sexy!
March 23, 2011

Through the Grinder

2nd book I have read of Cleo's. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Made me a little sad, but still loved it. I don't really like coffee, but I might have to learn to and try some of her tips! Starting Latte Trouble tonight!
March 22, 2011

Clare and Matt

Cleo I think Clare and Matt should end up together. They belong together, even if Mike Quinn is great and Matt a womanizer I think you have made Matt change and he still is in love with Clare. Please make them get back together gain!
March 21, 2011

how difficult

Cleo/Alice, I was just wondering how difficult it is to put your books in the kindle foremat? I love my kindle and have all of the ones you have written so far on mine. I just hope for you it isn't too difficult. Oh btw, my 11 year old says to tell Jack Hi and she's still his biggest fan as we are reading The Ghost and the Dead Man's Library right now. Sue
March 21, 2011

For Jack

Jack-that was funny yesterday the way you moved the tractor trailer down the the driveway. i had a good laugh. i was wondering if i can talk to you through the Ouija board. thanks!! :) Rosa P.S. Cleo/Alice-i wrote the message below.
March 21, 2011

How much longer?

Cleo/Alice-how much longer until the next Haunted Bookshop mystery book is coming out? i miss Jack!!! :(
March 15, 2011

Jamaican Blue

Is it Ok for you to recommend where to purchase Jamaican Blue coffee? I see some sites online but am not sure what would be a good source. By the way, love the stories from the Village Blend. Every character is fun. I Especially love Madame. She's a hoot.



Cleo's reply:

Hi, Mary, and welcome to my *virtual* Village Blend coffeehouse. I'm happy to suggest a place to purchase Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

Peet's Coffee is a company I've written about in the past. To read my article about Peet's and the birth of coffeehouse culture, click here.  (This is an archived article and will take a few seconds to load.)  Peet's sells 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain every year. Because coffee is a crop, it's also seasonal. The best time to buy Jamaica Blue Mountain is November/December.



You can return at the end of the year to purchase it. I would not purchase it at this time. If you're eager to buy a similarly delicate, smooth, and legendary premium coffee that is available now, I can suggest Kona, which is the only coffee grown in the United States (Kona, Hawaii, of course). Click here to visit Peet's Kona page.

    Both Kona and Jamaica Blue Mountain are premium coffees, meaning they cost an arm and a leg. I prefer to enjoy them in their "single-origin" states. So when I do buy Jamaica Blue Mountain and Kona (on special occasions, as I said, these are expensive beans), I purchase them in their 100% single-origin states and not as blends.

     Blending these coffees with other beans dilutes the flavor and makes no sense for the price. Certainly, if I want an affordable, delicious coffee, I will buy a blend (and I enjoy many blends!), but if I want a premium experience with these coffees and other kinds of coffees that are considered the best in the world (like Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and the amazing coffee of Panama La Esmeralda Especial), I'll buy those in small quantities in their 100% pure states.

     You're right to ask about trusted roasters, too. I've been burned in the past (by other coffee roasters) who have shipped me badly roasted beans, even stale beans, ugh.

       Peet's is one (of many wonderful) roasters that I do trust, so I hope that helps you. (By the way, I also trust Gimme Coffee, Counter Culture Coffee, and PTs Coffee, just to name a few other top roasters in the nation. They also sell their coffees online. Just plug their names into Google to get their web addresses.)

     I hope that helps you. Thanks for dropping by and thanks especially for your very kind words about my books, especially Madame. She's one of my favorite characters, too. I had fun with her recently at this web site...

Read with joy!
~ Cleo




Madame Dreyfus Allegro Dubois 


  Madame has signed up
for online dating! 

Read her profile

Killer Characters.com...




March 14, 2011

Jack's Personal Life...or what used to be his personal life


In Dead Man's Library, Jack tells Pen about a woman he dated before serving in the army named Sally. I was wondering if Nightmare Before Christmas was inspiration. Jack-On a episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Las Vegas), a woman killed a guy because he wouldn't do the horizontal tango with her.I think there was a woman who showed obvious signs of interest for you constantly and either you were always interested in other women or just weren't interested in her at all. I think it got to the point where the woman sent a couple of Brunos to follow you and kill you in what is now Pen's bookstore. You can tell Pen now. There you go, your mystery's solved. LOL!!!!



Cleo's reply:


Hi, Rosa -- Jack and his life are not based on or inspired by any contempory television show or movie. His character is (loosely) inspired by the noir detective films of his era (1930s and 40s) and the works of Raymond Chandler, Mickey Spillane, and Dash Hammett, all of which are quoted and/or referenced throughout each of the Haunted Bookshop novels (because, as you know, the little New England bookshop he hauntes specializes in mystery books :)). 


I hope that helps you with what you're looking for here. And I do thank you for being such an enthusiastic fan of my Haunted Bookshop Mysteries. For anyone who would like to learn more about this second series that I write with my husband, under the name Alice Kimberly, click here and...

Read with joy!
~ Cleo/Alice 



March 14, 2011

Thank you!

I started reading this series when I needed a serious break from studying for the New York Bar exam a couple years back.

I spent days on end in cafes, loading up on coffee and reading law books/notes until my eyes burned. Needless to say, this series became the perfect guilty pleasure for me. As miserable as the studying process was, I have to thank you for making it bearable with your great books!


Cleo's reply:

You made my week. Thank you. :)





March 11, 2011

burr grinder

Mrs. Coyle

I picked up the first in your series of coffeehouse mysteries on sunday, since sunday i have read them all, I love the story line, I am a great coffe lover and my husband and I use to cruise about Chicago looking for new coffee shops on our days off. Since his death I have moved back to Texas and don't have the pleasure of the quaint little shops here, we only have Joe Muggs and Starbucks, and the coffee is not always good, usually more bitter than strong, what type of burr grinder do you recommend, I am going to have to order as it cannot be obtained in my town.


French Pressed:
A Coffeeouse Mystery

#1 bestselling paperback
Independent Mystery
Booksellers Association

Click book cover
to learn more >>>



Cleo's reply:

My apologies for taking so long to reply. I hope you see this! I am very touched by your extremely kind comments about my books. Thank you, and please feel free to comment again here anytime. I am also on Facebook (as "Cleo Coyle") and I hope you "friend" me if you are on there, as well. I post recipes, information on giveaways, and other links there, too.  

    I am happy to recommend a burr grinder with the warning that you are ultimately responsible for researching what works for you and what may not work for you. In other words, if you purchase this thing and you hate it, don't blame me! :-) Below is a photo of the grinder that my husband and I use. This conical "burr" grinder is a more expensive one than a "blade" grinder, but it's close to the kind a professional barista would use. The "blade" choppers are best used for grinding spices and nuts.

     (When you use a cheaper blade chopper to grind your coffee, the blade whirs so fast that it creates friction and heat, partially burning the beans. The chopping is also violent, which gives you pieces of coffee that, at the microscopic level, are not as uniform as a conical grinder, which means the water extraction of flavor from these pieces will be uneven, as well.)

     Many shops sell this Cuisinart Conical Burr Grinder, but for convenience sake, I can only link to one shop, so here you go...

To learn more
about this grinder,
CLICK HERE and jump to the Amazon.com product page... 

Once again, I must state, that I am not a sales person for this product. I can only tell you what my husband and I use and like. If you purchase this product and don't like it, take it up with Cuisinart! :)

    FYI - There are much more expensive grinders on the market, but my husband and I write fiction for a living, which means this is the highest price we can afford. We use it several times a day and, in our limited experience, it has stood up very well to our constant use. We are quite happy with it.

    I hope that helps you. Cheers and thanks again for leaving such a kind comment.

Java joy to you always,

~ Cleo


March 10, 2011

So Glad there will be another Haunted Bookshop Mystery


Right now I am reading The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion (almost finished) and have been wondering if there would be more. I really like this series. Love the main characters.

Nancy Bradford



 Cleo's reply:

Very happy to know that, Nancy. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to post that! Cheers to you and come on back anytime to my *virtual* coffeehouse.


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